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  1. TAP Portugal jet intercepted over Ems estuary
  2. USA House passes aviation safety bill
  3. Are we facing a safety issue?
  4. BA Airbus "buffet" on approach to Oslo
  5. S7 Airlines pilot charged with attempted FUI
  6. Lufthansa MD-11 Mexico City
  7. the reason to de-ice
  8. Malaysian B737-4 main gear collapse
  9. Pilots protest over flying hours
  10. JAT Airways B737 overrun at Istanbul 4 Oct 2009
  11. Air India pilots, crew slug it out at 30,000 ft
  12. Shanwick ATC 'down'
  13. bird strike into both engines
  14. The End is Near ...
  15. A380 engine failure (SQ)
  16. AC TRUCE at Swanwick
  17. Bagdhad FIC
  18. AF447 News & Rumours
  19. SA Airlink Accident at Durban
  20. Will 9/11 Security rules kill pilots in an accident?
  21. EU to lift liquids ban in 2012......
  22. AF Asks DL to Assess Safety Issues
  23. PBS Frontline
  24. Fokker 100 gear-up landing at Stuttgart
  25. New Blues Song - "Whatís EASA Got to Do with It?"
  26. Pilot handling skills under threat, says Airbus
  27. Jet Airways Pilots Strike
  28. 747 catches fire on runway!
  29. JetBlue emergency evac in Bahamas
  30. Whistleblower Organizations
  31. Air France interception over Amritsir (India)
  32. Air France Safety report
  33. Jet Republic Uncertain Future
  34. SATA brand new A320 ; hard landing in Lisbon
  35. AA MD83? & tug argument at LAX
  36. FAA Head Concerned With Cockpit Experience
  37. Near collision at EDDF/Frankfurt
  38. BA 777 crash skipper to take redundancy
  39. Saha Air 707 loses 2 on climb out
  40. Continental flight forced down by turbulence
  41. Pilots Urge FAA Top Aviation MD Investigation
  42. Amsterdam Airlines off taxitrack at EHBK
  43. "Anomaly in airspeed data display" in an AF A320
  44. BA867 BUD-LHR emergency landing
  45. Virgin Blue in MEL
  46. Lufthanasa scraping wing, Hamburg 3/2008
  47. Aria IL-62M landing accident, Mashad (Iran)
  48. Flybe Dash emergency at LGW?
  49. AF Emergency Landing in BOS
  50. Global downturn and the job market
  51. UA From LHR Emergency landing?
  52. Lufthansa pilots
  53. United GRU-ORD Divert to MIA to Offload Purser
  54. Emirates A345 Tail Strike Captain breaks his silence
  55. Southwest 737 lands at Yeager Airport after hole in fuselage
  56. CAB AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT REPORT SA-372 File No 1-0006 Released June 4, 1965
  57. KE 773 landing incident at NRT
  58. BALPA BA Ballot 94% In Favour
  59. BA288 Emergency at Phoenix
  60. Kalitta B747 209F overrun EBBR 2505 2008
  61. NASA's Weather Watch development
  62. AA flight from FLL to DFW smoke in cabin
  63. Body found in aircraft at Gatwick
  64. Yemeni airliner down?
  65. FAA starts 'expedited review' of pilot rest rules
  66. Near Misses at Ben Gurion, again
  67. Qantas A330-300 Turbulence Incident Over Borneo
  68. 737-200C Down in Congo
  69. Runway incursion at BOS
  70. Ryanair Captain dismissed for promoting unions
  71. Atlas Jet KK4203
  72. Continental 61 Captain dies en route
  73. Air India Capt suspended.
  74. A318 sabotaged at DUS?
  75. BA seeks volunteers for unpaid leave/work
  76. Jetstar A330 Emergency landing
  77. AAL new york- zurich emergency landing in Halifax, NS
  78. IberWorld engine fire/emergency landing (birdstrike??), Grand Canaria
  79. Aerlingus lightning strike DUB 8-6-09
  80. Administration threat for Thomas Cook owner
  81. Air France A330-200 missing
  82. One-Two-Go crash report released
  83. Handmade Bomb found on Iranian Plane
  84. Florida's pilot factory
  85. Pilot caught smelling of alcohol at LHR
  86. Fatigue & journo asking for info
  87. Q400 Bombardier loses wheel on landing
  88. Southwest Airlines jet catches fire after landing in Houston
  89. BA056 JNB-LHR Incident.
  90. Airlines To Routinely Monitor Cockpit Voice Recordings?
  91. BBC TV segment on US Regional airlines safety
  92. Catania runway closure due to damaged aircraft
  93. Delta Airlines B763 near Bangor on May 4th 2009, air data computer failure, lost most
  94. Balpa to challenge ID cards
  95. "To err is human": differing attitudes to mistakes in EK and Turkish accidents
  96. EK MEL story
  97. Take-off data calculations whilst Taxiing
  98. AIRCRAFT DIVERSION Due To Flu.......
  99. Reaction to TCAS RA
  100. Boeing 777 emergency landing at Sea-Tac
  101. B-737 crash in Congo
  102. MagniCharter Incident MMGL
  103. Commercial Pressure on Engineering
  104. Air Canada Captain arrested on suspicion of alcohol offence CLEARED
  105. RAM hard landing in JFK
  106. Observation to mods
  107. LHR new security dictat
  108. Hijack situation in Jamaica
  109. TAP flight off course on approach to CPH
  110. Toxic cabin air is more poisonous than reckoned
  111. Jade Cargo Runway Excursion ICN 33R
  112. Air Canada A320 loss of control in flight: 14/4/09
  113. Focus on wing clearance led London City RJs to bump tails: inquiry
  114. ryr Landed In a taxyway by mistake in CAG
  115. Cockpit fire (on ground, no "swooping" or "terrified" pax)
  116. A sign of the times
  117. Europe and Asian airlines grow whilst standards fall
  118. Indonesian BAe146 crash
  119. Turkish Airlines lands at wrong airport
  120. MD11 wingstrike on landing at EMA
  121. The dawn of the 100 mile final?
  122. ASA Grounds regional jets
  123. Chopper down in North Sea
  124. Jail and 10-year ban for Thomson pilot!
  125. FAA proposes to keep bird strike data secret
  126. Arrow Air DC-10 loses part of engine on t/o Manaus
  127. UA pilot falls foul of idiotically low UK alcohol law
  128. USAF C-17 down in Texas
  129. Pilots Palermo ATR Crash received 10-year sentences
  130. Ukrainian Plane Skids Off Runway in Istanbul
  131. CNN Reports FEDEX crash in Tokyo
  132. EK407 Tailstrike @ ML
  133. B744F incident @ EHBK
  134. A330 Airone with smoke in cockpit and cabin.
  135. SQ and JAL expat pilot sackings?
  136. AA MD-80 drops engine parts on NYC
  137. Pablo Mason (Spelled M.A.S.O.N) Tribunal
  138. Time for a professionals-only forum?
  139. Sky Air World
  140. bird injestion Austin texas
  141. Lion Air MD-90 off runway at JKT
  142. Ilyushin Freighter crashed into Lake Victoria
  143. U S A .... N. T. S. B. Press Release Regarding Fatigue
  144. Belgian Jetairfly lined up for taxiway landing at CAS
  145. Qantas problems: "no interference"
  146. Turkish Pilot skills crash in AMS case
  147. London Terminal Control TRUCE
  148. Perimeter Metro does belly landing in CYWG
  149. Airbus GROUND CRASH AT toulose
  150. Emergency landing at Athens International
  151. Hudson survivors considering sueing!
  152. CRJ goes of the runway in Savannah
  153. Plane lands without gear down in Romania
  154. 2 FDX airplanes damaged in YMX this morning?
  155. Pound (or Euro)to spend a penny. Ryanair thinking of charging you for toilet use
  156. Turkish airliner crashes at Schiphol
  157. "Hero" pilot's pay cut, pension stopped
  158. A320 'severely damaged' at IST
  159. IATA to kick out several members for failing safety audits
  160. Northwest Turbulence Incident - Tokyo
  161. Attention drawn to icing....again.
  162. UAL refusing to takeoff at Logan due to ship
  163. Helicopter Ditching - North Sea
  164. Swiss Air crew "not licensed" incident at TLV
  165. pilots captured in somalia october 2008
  166. Flights at risk as pilots refuse to accept 'demeaning' ID cards
  167. BA jet landing incident at LCY
  168. 2 Dash 8 emergency landings in Skopje, Macedonia
  169. Continental TurboProp crash inbound for Buffalo
  170. Southwest Engine Fire
  171. Thomas Cook cracked Windshield A320 - Full emergency at BRS 9/2/09
  172. FAA Whistleblower Office Proposed in House Bill
  173. Two "light" aircraft down in Wales?
  174. Korean Air intercepted by German Fighters
  175. Amazon Air Taxi Crash
  176. EASA FTL study already neglected by politicians
  177. Airlinair ATR72 makes emergency landing in Clermont-Fd (Fr) after lightning strike
  178. United 757 Bird Strike DIA Turn Back
  179. El Al flight nearly crashed in Jerusalem hills
  180. Boeing's final word/RR-Trents
  181. Plane skids off runway at LHR 2 Feb 2009
  182. Cabin crew face trial after speaking up about icing on the wing
  183. Speedbird 85 Diverting To Kano Last Saturday
  184. THY Aircraft lands safely after a possible bird-strike
  185. Concern over jet-lagged pilots
  186. A message to pilots flying into Heathrow and Gatwick
  187. Ryanair Emergency Diversion To Edinburgh
  188. Two Russian Il-76 planes collide, 4 dead
  189. Plane Down in Hudson River - NYC
  190. De-Iceing in KIAH
  191. Easyjet B737 pitch-down incident 12 January
  192. Daallo Antonov incident @ Bossaso
  193. Armavia A320 turbulence at cruise, A380 wake
  194. Andes MD82 navigation breakdown,
  195. Virgin Emergency at SNN
  196. Breaking news plane overshoots aklan runway
  197. New SID RT Procedures -12 March 09
  198. Kestrel MAYDAY
  199. KCMH Pax Accuse WN Pilot of Alcohol on Breath
  200. Runway at BRS was unsafe.
  201. QR022 CDG on 6th Jan
  202. Flybe at EDDS
  203. Falsification of Flight Crew Duty Hours
  204. Another Qantas ADIRU mishap
  205. E170 Lost nose wheel after takeoff
  206. Emergency at SEA?
  207. Passenger safety compromised at TAP
  208. Whats with BCN approach??
  209. Another pilot arrested for being over the limit
  210. Continental 737 Off Runway at DEN
  211. Even more Dash 8 antics
  212. Another 777 uncommanded engine rollback
  213. A little Non-standard, but way more fun
  214. DC9 Tug crew depart aircraft with covered up fuselage damage.
  215. Flybe BQ400 captain's red face!
  216. Pay-to-fly wannabee damages Thomas Cook Airbus
  217. Aircraft missing
  218. Industry Command Upgrade Requirments Data
  219. Norwegian pilot over alcohol limit caught in AMS
  220. STN Security declares war on pilots
  221. study about frequency of ACAS warnings
  222. Seeking Data re Mandatory Retirement Ages
  223. NWA Captain's Account of the Oberoi (Mumbai) Terrorist Take Over
  224. Seniority (Last in First Out)
  225. The merged Delta/NWA list is out.
  226. Being discussed on the BBC Jeremy Vine show but not pprune???
  227. BA announce job cuts at Gatwick
  228. Three airlines drop self-reporting safety program
  229. Does MPL threaten operational safety?
  230. Shootings at Delhi airport (India)
  231. Emirates A380 pilots find aircraft 'too quiet' to sleep
  232. Wizz Air emergency landind/bird strike
  233. European Air Charter
  234. Ryanair bid for Aer lingus
  235. A330 hard landing in September
  236. Airport Security again...
  237. Awake for 20 hours? - you're good to fly !
  238. Acass Snafu!!!
  239. Qantas A330 In-Flight Engine Shut Down
  240. 757 with 307pax gear collapse?
  241. Qf72. Do Airbus Must Stop Their A330/a340 Fleet.
  242. Dhl 727 Gets Attacked Trying To Land In Kandahar
  243. Travis Barker blames pilots, equipment for crash
  244. 21st Century Aircrew Trade Union
  245. BMI engine failure DUB ?
  246. Mentally unstable co-pilot removed from flight deck by force
  247. Stewardess demoted to First Officer
  248. Is the age 65 Law unconstitutional per the US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit hearing?
  249. Impact forces turnaround in Sweden
  250. 7 Dead in Pacific Coastal Airlines Crash