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  1. Lufthansa: random medication tests for pilots
  2. AF B772, GPWS averts CFIT
  3. LAX landing minus left gear.
  4. MA60 overshot at Fuzhou Airport
  5. A400 crashed on departure from Seville
  6. Airline pilots 'buckling under unacceptable pressures'?
  7. Freighter on Fire in Yemen
  8. MAS dumps entire A380 fleet, slashes cargo ops
  9. Turkish A320 accident Istanbul
  10. Asiana runway excursion in Hiroshima
  11. Sky Regional ERJ-175 - Both pilots sick
  12. Turkish B777 enroute to Sao Paulo diverts to Casablanca after bomb threat
  13. Air Canada A320 accident at Halifax
  14. Airbus A320 crashed in Southern France
  15. Iced AoA sensors send A321 into deep dive
  16. King 90 down close to Punta del Este. 10 dead.
  17. Volcanic ash closes Costa Rica's Juan Santamaría International Airport
  18. MH370 new thread after previous one closed.
  19. SpiceJet Dash 8 overrun at Hubli
  20. Runway excursion by DL MD-80
  21. Turkish A330 incident, Kathmandu
  22. AAIB special bulletin ~ Loganair
  23. United Airlines warning letter to Pilots about safety
  24. Widerøe w/35 pax in nose dive,recovered at 82 feet, suppressed by airline for 4 years
  25. THY A321 slides of taxiway
  26. Paris Orly off piste
  27. Korean Air jet crashed into another plane at an airport but took off anyway
  28. Nose gear retracted landing - KIAH
  29. TransAsia in the water?
  30. FLYDUBAI Aircraft shot
  31. baggage handler ran guns on 17 Delta flights
  32. Jomo Kenyatta airport runway shut
  33. No wheels on my wagon !!
  34. Emergency landing at Belfast City Airport
  35. Lithium Batteries banned as Cargo on Passenger flights by Canadian Authorities
  36. AirAsia over run.
  37. Virgin landing gear incident LGW!
  38. Air Asia Indonesia Lost Contact from Surabaya to Singapore
  39. Southwest plane clips wing after colliding with American Airlines jet at LaGuardia
  40. Flybe Engine Fire
  41. AA280 diverted
  42. Near collision over Sweden
  43. Hot Water Attack
  44. Etihad Regional ATR loses Nose wheel
  45. Norwegian F16 and Russian aircraft nearmiss!
  46. HS 748 cargo down
  47. Bird strike out of Guernsey continues on one Engine to Birmingham
  48. DHC-8-4 in landing accident @ CYEG
  49. Virgin Galatic Spaceship Two down in the Mojave.
  50. Intercept by RAF Typhoons and escort to STN
  51. Drones threatening commercial a/c?
  52. Emergency on smog-diverted Chinese plane as two airports refuse landing
  53. Southwest Captain Reduced Power Before NYC Crash Landing
  54. Jet2 Controlled Engine Shut Down
  55. Thomas cook b757 incident, what a total mess
  56. Dublin: 2 x RYR in contact during taxi. Both damaged.
  57. Fender bender at JFK
  58. B747-400 at AMS in the grass.
  59. Pilot refuses boarding of terrorist suspects and authorities simply re route them !
  60. Four dead in Twin Otter crash- -Australian pilot
  61. JetBlue return, evac
  62. AA 757 loses 7500ft in turbulence encounter
  63. Rumours. You want rumours?
  64. U.S. military charter plane forced to land in Iran
  65. Jet2 Emergency Landing at East Midlands
  66. Jet Airways B777-300 descends 5000 feet uncontrolled.
  67. Ukrainan An-12 crash at Tamanrasset
  68. Work starts early on runway maintenance, a/c hits equipment!
  69. Klia shuts down air traffic for 2mins on august 22
  70. Geneva, right now
  71. Pilot's artificial arm 'became detached while landing plane'
  72. Florence-bound Vueling fire
  73. JetBlue engine fire before TO in Puerto Rico
  74. Airliner crash in Teheran
  75. FAA closes airspace at all altitudes over Iraq to US airlines
  76. Russia considering closing airspace
  77. United T7 Galley fire
  78. Airliner escorted by RAF into Manchester Airport
  79. Russia's LCC Dobrolet closes...the first victim of sanctions?
  80. Malaysia Airlines jet forced to abandon take-off to avoid collision
  81. Sunwing flight escorted back to Toronto
  82. Air Algerie loses contact with its plane leaving Ouagadougou
  83. aircraft over colchester followed by two fighter jets
  84. Transasia Airlines ATR-72 down in Taiwan
  85. Tel Aviv
  86. MH17 down near Donetsk
  87. Air India Birdstrike KEWR
  88. UA 777 diverts to Midway with fire
  89. TAP668 pressure lost and engine fire
  90. Airbus windowless patent
  91. Aerolineas Argentina A340 runway incursion BCN video
  92. Lufthansa lands on construction site at EPKT
  93. Heightened security at U.S airports (and overseas?)
  94. SYD-bound QANTAS A380 turns back to L.A. following burst water pipe
  95. Ryanair incident at Stanstead?
  96. Pitch-up Upsets due to ILS False Glide Slope
  97. Aircraft hit by gun fire before landing at Peshawar
  98. Aircraft engineer tries to gain FD access armed with screwdriver, aircraft diverts
  99. Spain sees the light, France next ?
  100. US Congress Moves to Block Norwegian Longhaul from US Expansion
  101. Southwest backs into JetBlue
  102. Karachi airport under attack
  103. Jet2 evacuation at Blackpool
  104. Ryanair EI-DLI seriously damaged in ground incident
  105. Bomber pilot helped land airliner after captain fell ill
  106. Ex-aeroflot Il-96 (RA-96010) burned down in SVO
  107. Darwin Airport closed flights cancelled
  108. JAL 787 hits fire truck in Tampa
  109. Aer Lingus A320 incident - AAIU report out
  110. Ryanair B738 at Mallorca on May 29th 2014, wheel well fire indication
  111. Singapore A380 whacks the aerobridge in SYD
  112. Allegiant Air142 Evacuation
  113. AN74 300 down in Laos
  114. Montego bay airport fire
  115. 737 goes walkabout
  116. LAX fire?
  117. IRS Airlines Fokker 100 accident
  118. Kabul - aircraft accident -
  119. Near miss SAS plane and Russian Iljusjin-20M
  120. AAL 331 Kingston final report
  121. BA460 heavy landing on March 12th
  122. Engine fire? Perth Australia 29/04/2014
  123. Asiana Crew in Trouble
  124. Bomb Threat on Norwegian ARN-OSL
  125. Virgin Hijack Apr 25th 14
  126. A small victory for free speech!
  127. Myanmar bingle.
  128. Crash near the Canary Islands
  129. Malindo Air plane catches fire..
  130. Aviation Investigation Report Out Boeing 737-210C Controlled flight into terrain
  131. THY lands on taxiway
  132. Delta aircraft loses a part of the wing
  133. US Air PHL
  134. Helicopter crash - 4 dead
  135. Malaysian Airlines MH370 contact lost
  136. Air Pilots honoured by the Queen
  137. Wasp incident on EY
  138. QF incident - LAX
  139. EY461 Toilet Fires
  140. Jet2 Tailstrike @ FNC
  141. Ethiopian Hijack?
  142. incident at east mids airport
  143. Nepal - DHC6 down near Pokhara, Nepal.
  144. SSJ-100 flew with open engine hood SVO-ODS
  145. Crash of Algerian Air Force plane kills 103
  146. Sochi: attempted hijack of Pegasus Airlines flight
  147. Air India Boeing 787 diverted after software glitch
  148. AF471 - Nov 16th 2011 - Final Report
  149. Looks like Lion Air bent another one.
  150. Air Greenland Dash 8 gear collapse
  151. Darwin incident at Charles de Gaulle airport.
  152. An-24 PskovAvia landed 230 m right of RWY at DME
  153. Near miss Delta landing in EZE
  154. Turkish Airlines Pilot
  155. Another problem is "Russian Skies"...
  156. Possible fast jet crash - Pembrokeshire
  157. Ambulance Helicopter crash in Oslo
  158. Citation jet crash in Germany
  159. WestJet 700 makes emergency descent after depressurisation
  160. Chopper crash Norfolk.
  161. Gatwick Airport plane (allegedly) lands without clearance
  162. Air India at Jaipur last night
  163. SQ A380 emergency landing in Baku due to low cabin pressure
  164. Crash in Madinah
  165. UA Pilot Incapacitated on Des Moines ,IA to Denver,CO
  166. 6 feared dead as Russian transport plane crashes in Siberia
  167. Virgin Atlantic VS98 damaged on landing by Christmas Eve flash flood in St Lucia?
  168. Westjet Christmas
  169. SQ B777 Engine destroyed during taxi
  170. Weird Ethiopian 767 Overun...
  171. Helos grounded
  172. a plane in england with crosswind problems
  173. Delta 767 runway excursion in MAD
  174. 747 off the runway at Abuja
  175. IBC Crash in Puerto Rico
  176. Ural Excursion
  177. Boeing amend 737 de-icing procedures & propose aircraft mods after near-stall inciden
  178. Dreamliner Icing...
  179. Boeing 747 Dreamlifter lands at wrong airport
  180. Russian B737 Crash at Kazan.
  181. Austral Lineas Aereas E-190 runway excursion EZE/SAEZ
  182. RDU-bound plane plummets in mid-air
  183. AF 747 hit severe weather between Rio and Paris
  184. Airbus 380 loses engine, goes 5000 miles
  185. Final report of near-miss (Bern) June 2011
  186. AA B763 slide deployment in flight
  187. Royal Air Maroc B763 evacuation at Montreal
  188. CIAS BN2 force landing
  189. Shots fired at LAX
  190. NTSB update on Asiana 214
  191. A Fokker 27 loses it's propeller at take-off in Paris (CDG)
  192. Airprox over Central Scotland
  193. Air Niuguini AT42, engine fire, RTO, overrun
  194. Spirit Airlines Emergency Return DFW
  195. Crash in Laos
  196. 787 lost panel in flight
  197. Air Namibia SAA on ground collision
  198. Tailwind Airlines B-737 in the Mud
  199. terrorist dry runs?
  200. Dealing with drunk passengers
  201. MAS Twin Otter lands short?
  202. Aircraft landed on opposite runway to that cleared for!
  203. 'Plane crash at Lagos, Nigeria
  204. Balloon-assisted lack of RVSM
  205. Ryanair to pay €10 million in French labour law case
  206. Some good news/bad news from the EU! EASA FTL rejected
  207. Alitalia A320 partial gear up in Fco!
  208. LOT Dreamliner Forced to Land in Iceland After ID System Fails
  210. Sky Airlines A319 thruster reverser deployed inflight
  211. Croatia Airlines Dash-8 nose gear up landing in Zurich
  212. CEO at the controls of media-packed demo flight
  214. FAA to permit electronic devices during all flight phases
  215. LOT B787 grounded over missing parts.
  216. 1.3 tonne of Cocaine found onboard an Air France aircraft in Paris...
  217. Houdini Ryanair threads?
  218. Final Report: Near-hit F15C vs F70 2012/04/19 Sylt
  219. PIA pilot suspended at LBA for violating rules!
  220. Avianca A332, Santa Cruz fuel leak, lost 17 tons!
  221. Europe wide ATC strike on 10 October
  222. Swiss A320 cabin pressure, "ATC refused descent request"
  223. Strange and quiet accident in VKO
  224. Passenger uses laser in cabin to burn seats etc.
  225. Thai A330 accident at BKK
  226. Southwest 737 cargo door incident
  227. “They’d all be walking, talking and alive if they went around”...
  228. Final report on CX780 accident published
  229. Orenair B738 at Rostov on Sep 3rd 2013, overran runway on landing
  230. BA faces lawsuit over pilot's behaviour
  231. Readers Digest
  232. "2010 JFK A380 go-around incident highlights need for change"
  233. CFG B757 Smoke in Cabin
  234. Iberia: A-321 210kts at 3.8nms ......
  235. Shenzhen Airlines evacuation...
  236. Helicopter down in the North Sea nr Sumberg
  237. Delta Emergency landing at Dublin
  238. USAF B1b Bomber Crash Montana
  239. Ryanair Lawsuits
  240. What Happened to the VOA Thread????
  241. Zest Air "Operations suspended for repeated safety violations"
  242. Ryanair sacks pilot for questioning safety
  243. ANA fire extinguisher wiring faults
  244. Another A32x engine cowling ?
  245. Ryanair secrets?
  246. 380 at SFO
  247. A300-600 in Sharm
  248. Cargo plane of weapons crashes on mogadishu runway
  249. Turkish pilots kidnapped in Beirut
  250. An12 fire at EDDP