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  1. Flight paths to be redrawn
  2. LOT buys CONDOR
  3. Debris on AKL Runway
  4. Ryanair in a trench at EGPK
  5. A350 engine shutdown incidents linked to cockpit drink spills
  6. Boeing Shelves NMA
  7. British Airways A350 Hard Landing at Tel Aviv
  8. Boeng Bashing
  9. 777X set for January 23rd first flight
  10. Boeing announces MAX production has been stopped
  11. Eco Fuel for Bizjets in ZRH
  12. CX2022 Wellcamp landing issue
  13. NYT: How Boeing’s Responsibility in a Deadly Crash ‘Got Buried’
  14. Delta Airlines nose wheel slides off taxiway at KCI
  15. RAF ops cause delay at Heathrow
  16. Bombardier profit warning, they may exit from joint Airbus venture
  17. If not birds then it's insects
  18. Delta emergency @ LAX, dumps fuel on school playground.
  19. Bloomberg Report: Boeing Mocked Lion Air Calls for More 737 Max Training Before Crash
  20. Close call + ATC link at JFK
  21. PS 752, We failed to protect our commercial aviation
  22. Passenger attacks flight attendant, police, CommutAir flight 4965
  23. FAA proposes to fine Southwest Airlines $3.9m
  24. Flybe in trouble ?
  25. Taal Volcano
  26. Iranian conflict with the US
  27. Lionair- the third pilot
  28. Nordwind severe hard landing Antalya
  29. DL148 declares emergency - diverts to Boston
  30. Treatment of ATPs after incident
  31. Boeing, and FAA oversight
  32. IAG - BA - Willie Walsh retiring.
  33. Blackout Bug: Boeing 737 cockpit screens go blank if pilots land on specific runways
  34. Ukrainian Aircraft down in Iran
  35. Boeing to Recommend Sim Training for MAX Pilots
  36. Team activated to support global airline safety as Middle East tensions rise
  37. Pegasus 737 Runway Excursion At Instanbul Sabiha
  38. What Boeing range SHOULD look like?
  39. Boeing and AA settlement?
  41. BA A320 FO Fumes event, FO incapacitated
  42. Halifax rwy excursion
  43. Air Canada Dash 8-300 lost a wheel at Montreal (video)
  44. Leonardo v. Boeing
  45. Volcano in Alaska briefly sends ash cloud 5 miles high
  46. Shut the Boeing thread
  47. Antonov An-12 accident.
  48. Why Bombardier selling spree?
  49. Telegraph: Airbus is largest aircraft manufacturer
  50. Moved BA Cabin Crew Accident Thread
  51. Boeing stays firmly on course... to the bottom
  52. Air Canada towing incident
  53. LCY Operations
  54. Even More Black Eye: Qatar Airways Flies Brand New Boeing 787-9’s Back To The US
  55. Plane crashes near Kazakhstan airport
  56. US airlines are set for a 10th year of profits
  57. "Ozone bubble" avoidance
  58. Why was 737NG developed?
  59. Atlas Air 3591 NTSB Public Docket Opened
  60. UK capacity and LHR both appear as Parliament opens
  61. King Air 200 stolen in Fresno by a 17-yo
  62. Accident Investigator Flying
  63. MAX’s Return Delayed by FAA Reevaluation of 737 Safety Procedures Mk II
  64. UAL2768 Emergency Diversion
  65. Safety is everyone's responsibility - de-icing
  66. Tax liable - all crews flying to the US?
  67. Jetstar A320 veers off runway at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila
  68. Qantas selects Airbus over Boeing
  69. C-FQYW B.C. Canada Crash 10.12.2019
  70. Wizz Air to start in Abu Dhabi
  71. Blocked aircraft following B787
  72. 787 Lightning strike issues v FAA
  73. Ethiopian Q400 runway excursion Juba
  74. Chilean AF C130 missing over S Atlantic
  75. Sim recurrent training : In uniform or not ?
  76. Electric powered commercial aircraft -- here we go!
  77. Is the industry practice of factoring flying hours silently killing us!
  78. United Airlines passenger stung by scorpion during flight
  79. Faulty B737 Slat Tracks: FAA Proposal to Fine Boeing $US 3.7m
  80. 79 year old FA fired by Delta
  81. Malindo 737 pressure fail
  82. Cargo Jet makes a 360 at 100’
  83. SIA Cargo 747 freighter involved in engine pod strike
  84. Evacuation Slide Falls From B767 Over BOS Suburb
  85. Delta 405 loses overwing slide on descent to BOS
  86. South African Airways going under?
  87. Cancellation of EI631
  88. Boeing 777X fail at 99+% Ultimate Load
  89. BA 83 engine trouble
  90. Flydubai crash at RVI final report out
  91. Turkish airline AtlasGlobal temporarily suspends all operations!
  92. Washington DC airspace violation
  94. Another type for Southwest Airlines?
  95. BA A320. Onion bahjis smell.
  96. VS76 Diverts to BOS
  97. Can-Tan Tug-O-War
  98. PAL777 engine fire
  99. Orange2fly A320 Alpha floor on approach to Muscat
  100. How Boeing lost their way
  101. Catch me if you can...and they did.
  102. Cat in a bag or how to fly for free
  103. SpaceX Starship Explodes
  104. Turkish nose gear collapse in Odessa, Ukraine
  105. BA hit by systems failure again
  106. Airbus deliveries halted due to manuals
  107. Spanish court rules charging for cabin baggage breaks EU law
  108. Aircraft to fly in formation 1.8 nm apart to save fuel like geese do
  109. Airbus wins $30bn of orders
  110. ERJ-190 APU Explosion at LGA with Clinton Onboard
  111. Two heavies got into a fender bender at FRA
  112. 2 Cessna Citations mount each other San Antonio TX
  113. A320 misses runway
  114. United Pilot Paid $300K after Indecent Exposure Arrest
  115. Malaysia relegated...
  116. ERJ 145 off piste at O’ Hare
  117. BA Whistleblower Reveals Tankering of Fuel - BBC
  118. Ukrainian B737 catches fire shortly after parking at Egypt’s Sharm el Sheikh
  119. Ground collision at Memmingen
  120. easyJet acquires Thomas Cook slots at Gatwick and Bristol
  121. US Congress raises new 'serious' concerns with 787 and 737 Max
  122. Olympus Airways - Greece
  123. Severe trim runaway E175 Republic Airways 11/6/19 Atlanta
  124. Spicejet cellotape cracked passenger inner window.
  125. Amsterdam Schiphol - security 'event' on airplane
  126. GA aircraft to be equipped with autoland
  127. Emergency return to LAX for Air Canada today?
  128. B787 O2 supply
  129. Loss of communication over Austria
  130. Air Guilin pilot grounded for allowing a passenger to visit the FD during the flight.
  131. IAG buys Air Europa
  132. El Al LY1747 drawing a B747
  133. Air Columbia
  134. ‘Data Driven’ or good judgement.
  135. IndiGo to replace P&W engines on its fleet Airbus A320neo planes
  136. Engine failure in Tyumen
  137. Grumman OV-1 Crash at Stuart Airshow
  138. Airport security
  139. Runway Statis Lights -RWSL
  140. Another SFO incident for AC (#3)?
  141. Sun Class Airlines! Welcome to the world!
  142. Just as we thought we knew all about the problems MAX!
  143. Fly Nordica gone
  144. Southwest Airlines B-738 'Secret Lavatory Cameras' Lawsuit
  145. AOC Process within EU
  146. Software link suspected in Airbus A220 engine blowouts
  147. Airbus stuck under bridge
  148. Registration of UK drone operators expanded in scope.
  149. Boeing to cut 787 output from 14 to 12 monthly from late 2020
  150. Thai Airways Boeing 777 Suffers Uncontained Engine Failure In Bangkok
  151. JFK Question
  152. AA729 Divert to Dublin due Chemical Spill
  153. Asiana LAX-Bound A380 Catches on Fire in Seoul
  154. Current situation for Thomas Cook pilots ?
  155. Pen Air Saab Overrun Unilaska with Injuries
  156. Turbulent Royal flight
  157. Air India faces multiple threats of being grounded
  158. Our kids — future Career
  159. All SWISS A220 grounded
  160. F50 off the runway at HKNW
  161. B777 doesn't like tow truck
  162. DY7077 suffering Norwegian curse
  163. No ATPL theory anymore...
  164. Icelandair Maxes ferried to Spain with flaps 1?
  165. Boeing examines GEnx-powered 767-X for cargo and passenger roles
  166. UK Govt proposal for failed airlines to keep going short term
  167. Could Aviation be part of the climate change solution?
  168. Antonov An-74 makes belly landing
  169. EASA name changed
  170. 'Activist' Glues Himself to BA Jet
  171. Arrested Development
  172. Hays Travel Buys Thomas Cook Shops
  173. Undercover at Ryanair and Eurowings
  174. New in-flight service on Virgin Atlantic
  175. BA 320 diverts to BSL
  176. Filming on short final
  177. On board medications for emergencies
  178. Drunken Passenger Jailed for “Vile” Behaviour
  179. Antanov crash near Lviv
  180. BAW and NY approach at it
  181. Unmarked Gulfstream II crash in Belize
  182. WTO rules A380 unfairly subsidised
  183. Just enough fuel?
  184. Hero saves Regional Jet at ORD
  185. MH37O - Progress in unravelling the mystery
  186. XL Airways
  187. Aigle Azur has collapsed.
  188. FAA urges ICAO to address erosion of 'manual' piloting skills
  189. Alaska 411 JFK-LAX Divert to MCI after Pax Threats
  190. US Airlines facing huge pilot shortage
  191. Next up : Adria Airways?
  192. Is there a future for aviation?
  193. Thomas Cook Gone
  194. New York Times Article
  195. Greek police make arrest in 1985 hijacking of TWA Flight 847
  196. CNN Hysteria
  197. Smoking next to an aircraft being refuelled.
  198. Vietnam 787 No gear down
  199. Atlas Crash - Pilot's Family Files Lawsuit
  200. Thomas Cook, it doesn't look good!
  201. FedEx Pilot 'Detained' in Guangzhou for 'Non-metallic Pellet Ammunition'
  202. A sting in Calcutta
  203. Poisoned by cabin air documentary
  204. Thomas Cook issues
  205. Boeing Board to Call for Safety Changes After 737 Max Crashes
  206. More woes at SFO - transposing runway numbers leaves little room for error
  207. Ryanair 'major systems failure'
  208. Air Force finds another problem with Boeing’s KC-46 tanker
  209. Easyjet FO anxiety attack
  210. Has everyone suddenly forgotten how to build airplanes?
  211. Condor diversion to SNN in February 2019
  212. Convair 440 crash on approach to Toledo-Express airport
  213. 51 Years since AF 1611 Caravelle crashed near Nice-still secret
  214. Atlas Air 767 accident 23 Feb 2019 - any news?
  215. EWR Terminal evacuated Monday by Alaskan FA
  216. Max Air Accident
  217. Door blows out during ground test on Boeing 777X jet
  218. American Airlines mechanic in Miami charged with sabotaging plane. It aborted takeoff
  219. clive
  220. a good commercial...
  221. Holidaymaker flies aircraft to his holiday destination.
  222. French jail sentence for former airline CEO
  223. Problems at EGKK
  224. Cathay Pacific’s Empty Oxygen Bottles
  225. Hard times for Norwegian
  226. Cathay messy in SFO
  227. Ever seen a TAF like this? Freeport Bahamas...
  228. G8-338 VT-GOS DEl to BOM Inccident on A 320
  229. The Three Musketeers.
  230. Robo Pilot
  231. RIP Capt. Al Haynes.
  232. Incident: Ethiopian B738 at Addis Ababa on Aug 26th 2019, runway excursion on landing
  233. Air China A330 suspected cargo fire - Beijing
  234. British Airways Centenary Becomes A PR Nightmare
  235. Citation XLS VT-AVV landing accident at Aligarh India
  236. Easyjet pilot grounded for whatsapp message to friends
  237. Jet2 plane diverted to Porto after pilot falls ill at the controls
  238. C-130 down in Santa Barbara
  239. A380 Dropped during "A" Check
  240. 5 dead in mid air collision in Mallorca
  241. Smartwings B738 over Aegean Sea on Aug 22nd 2019
  242. Hawaiian Air A321 Smoke in Cabin Emergency
  243. Swiss 220 blows a donk in CDG
  244. Ethiopian B738 at Entebbe on Jan 3rd 2019, overran runway on landing
  245. Delta 757 hard landing this morning at Azores PDL
  246. Respect Convective Weather!
  247. 767 fire at Shannon
  248. Russia - Plane crash lands in field after bird strike
  249. How not to fly when aerial firefighting
  250. TUi the next TCG