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  1. FAA alert requires remedy to wiring/fuel risk
  2. Do we have too many SLF/Pax on this forum now??
  3. EDV5002 heading deviation
  4. HF Radio issues the last couple days?
  5. US Senate passes sweeping aviation safety, consumer bill
  6. Ual-SWA Jumpseat Incident
  7. BA Bomb threats
  8. "Tech Deep Dive" Boeing 787 fuselage shimming issues
  9. Russians playing games with their jammers (believed)
  10. Delta 767 Return to JFK After Slide Separates in Flight
  11. Cloud-seeding, Dubai.
  12. C-54 Skymaster Crash
  13. A380 5hr circling
  14. Guernsey Runway Excursion
  15. United A320 returns to ORD due to a message on a lavatory mirror
  16. FAA ATC fatigue report-April 2024.
  17. UAL unauthorized MLB cockpit visitor...
  18. Flying over Iran
  19. Alaska Airlines Ground Stop
  20. Birmingham Airport suspends flights over security incident
  21. Dubai airport flooded
  22. Dutch ATC outage Monday evening (April 15th)
  23. How to get into DXB, AUH or DOH from Europe...???
  24. Qantas redirects Perth-London flights to avoid Iran airspace
  25. Latest Boeing News
  26. Spirit Deferral
  27. Current ATR Spares Supply Issues
  28. United asks pilots to take voluntary unpaid leave amid delivery delays of Boeing plan
  29. Pilots of United Boeing 737 report striking drone on takeoff from San Francisco
  30. Eric Moody - BA 747 Glider pilot died
  31. Airbus wins jet orders from two Asian customers of rival Boeing
  32. United Airlines Growth Halted By The FAA: No New Planes, Regulator Presence In Daily
  33. US inteference in foreign flights?
  34. BA pilot grounded over undisclosed anger
  35. UA 433 loses part of exterior panel SFO-MFR
  36. Qatar prepares "big" order - 110% confident in Boeing planes safety
  37. Student Pilot Attempts to Access ASA Flight Deck - 3/3/24
  38. United we fail - Midair leak reported as pressure mounts on Boeing
  39. Boeing whistleblower found dead in US
  40. Latam B788 injures 50 SYD-AKL 11Mar.
  41. 'stuck' rudder pedal during landing roll out; Boeing 737 MAX 8
  42. False ATC instructions
  43. Helicoptor down
  44. When you come across the title "Is Airbus hiding an evolution?"
  45. Immigration scam run by BA desk operative at LHR
  46. Lynx Air Shutdown
  47. Thai ditches Rolls engines and goes with GE
  48. The EMTRASUR Jumbo jet Saga came to an end...
  49. Ramp to cockpit, meaning she wants to see more baggage handlers become airline pilot
  50. Cargolux MIA-AMS diversion to SNN and evacuation
  51. Avion Express A320 off-piste at Vilnius
  52. United 737 lands in Atlanta; single engine
  53. Amelia Earhart Wreckage Located..?
  54. EASA Partners with IATA to Counter Safety Threat from GNSS Spoofing & Jamming
  55. Aeromexico passenger opens overwing door
  56. Ex Qatar chairman sentenced to 20 years
  57. Virgin flight from Manchester to New York cancelled moments before take off
  58. United captain arrested at Edinburgh
  59. Boeing at X-Roads?
  60. Robert Taylor RIP
  61. Passenger opens door on boarding Air Canada flight
  62. Refusal to stamp Logbook
  63. BA pilot beaten/robbed in ZA
  64. JFK ATC exchange
  65. Such a shame.....
  66. US Pilots Reluctant To Use Mayday in Emergencies
  67. SK short Madeira visit
  68. 737 Max 9 Alaska Airlines fleet grounded
  69. Japan runway crash marks test of how new carbon jets cope in a disaster
  70. China seeks European approval of C919
  71. Maleth MLT330P MAN-LGW 9H-EFS
  72. QR crew stuck in a lift for 3 hours
  73. CAE simulator center Austria
  74. 737 Max: Loose Rudder-Control Fastener Issue.
  75. Airbus Atlantic: 700 staff sick after Christmas dinner
  76. EASA 737 TR and cost
  77. A340 grounded in France due to suspected trafficking
  78. Deliveries to Kabul via Iran
  79. The MAX at Lufthansa Group
  80. Take off from Ukraine airport
  81. solar storm on 14 December
  82. Stowaway flies from Denmark to LA with no ticket or passport
  83. Uncontained RR Trent fan blade failure
  84. UK aviation shaping its own destiny as airport slot reform consultation launched
  85. Alaska Airlines buys Hawaiian
  86. Air Traffic Controllers Pushed to the Brink
  87. Drug bust at Weston Airport Dublin - Cessna seized (due to crazy paint)
  88. Too many sumo wrestlers
  89. Emirates tells Rolls-Royce: Go back to basics...
  90. Missed Abuja by just a little!
  91. Reading to Coventry Drone Superhighway
  92. Thai Lion Air Boeing 737 Returns To Bangkok Following Engine Flames
  93. BA Pilots communicate
  94. Abort Phraseology
  95. Heathrow delays making the news
  96. Rocket off the French Coast 18/11/23
  97. Runway pavement detaches during take-off roll GOL Linhas Aereas Boeing 737-800
  98. Too close for comfort - easyJet lands with 18m fuel
  99. EVTOL news and progress - do we need a new dedicated section?
  100. Iceland Volcanic Activity
  101. Lufty at SFO
  102. Hamburg hostage situation.
  103. Want to be on TV? ISO of 737 & MD-11 Check Airman
  104. FO Threatens Capt. With Gun
  105. Rioters took Russian Airport..!
  106. Lies, damned lies, and medical renewals
  107. Jump seat pilot tries to shut down engines in-flight?
  108. Rolls-Royce to cut up to 2,500 jobs
  109. Titan A321 loses windows
  110. Scoot Bomb Threat
  111. Emergency at Cape Town (FACT) ?.
  112. KQ100 diverted to STN
  113. AC Pilot Stood Down
  114. Tel Aviv and back
  115. Ural Airlines Is Preparing To Fly An Airbus A320 Out Of A Field
  116. West Atlantic Route Changes
  117. SPONSORED: Crew Maldives Holidays
  118. BA pilot sacked for snorting coke from, err, well...and then trying to fly home.
  119. Airway UM688 Iraq: Fake GPS signals causing nav failure over Iraq
  120. Rumour of Base closure at STN
  121. CAA owning shares in companies they regulate
  122. 9/11 5th Aircraft UAL23
  123. PIA Pakistan shutting down on next Friday..!!??
  124. 600 to 700 A320 NEO Pratt and Whitney GTFs engines grounded for quality checks
  125. Zero bags!
  126. Air China flight CA403 declares emergency
  127. Another US ATC stuff up
  128. Titan Airways UK & Malta
  129. Just How Badly Can You Treat Passengers - And Get Away With It?
  130. Schiphol capacity to be decimated???
  131. First Air India aircraft painted in new livery
  132. Delta engine failure-Prague
  133. UK company suspected of distributing unapproved part
  134. 11 people taken to hospital after Delta flight hits severe turbulence Story by Chanta
  135. Nearly 5,000 Commercial Pilots Are Under Investigation For Hiding Health Problems
  136. U.K. NATS Systems Failure
  137. BA and JET2 secret meeting in Leeds
  138. why cannot preghozin crash have seperate thread?
  139. Yevgeny Prigozhin plane crash
  140. American Airlines' Pilots Ratify Contract With Big Pay Boost would boost wages
  141. Understaffed US ATC accident waiting to happen: NYT
  142. LATAM 787 Pilot Dies in Flight
  143. German foreign minister abandons Pacific tour : A 340 had two failures in 24 hours.
  144. Thai returning to Istanbul after 25 year hiatus
  145. WestJet 737 collides with parked CC130H at Comox - 9 Aug 2023
  146. A380 Birmingham(UK) to Dubai with 618 Passengers August 07 2023
  147. Airspace closure - Niger
  148. Virgin Atlantic pilots consider strike over fatigue
  149. United A320 flies seven sectors after tail strike
  150. I'm Stuck
  151. Brit pilots working in the USA
  152. Six Months ONE Fatal World wide accident
  153. United Airlines pilot sentenced to one year's suspension of flying permit at Roissy
  154. Marabu 320 NEO engine fire damage
  155. No one wants to be a Captain.
  156. Best (and worst) EASA Authority
  157. Amazing Nigels
  158. Electric air service next year.
  159. UAL B767 escape slide falls into Chicago back yard
  160. Lagos RWY lighting system stolen...
  161. Drunk Cabin Crew delay flight - arrested?!?
  162. New volcanic eruption in Reyjanes peninsula, Iceland
  163. 737MAX-9 engine issue
  164. Classy KLM Captain
  165. BA pax stabbed with broken bottle during flight to LGW
  166. TAP extra long landing
  167. United CEO Apologizes for Flying Private While Customers Were Stranded
  168. Jet2 MPL Scheme? Is it coming?
  169. Airline Ground Crew Employee Dies At San Antonio Airport
  170. Hyundaiís Hydrogen System Will Power Aussie Startupís Electric Plane Trials
  171. India-Indigo
  172. Second cockpit barrier
  173. Ryanair chief pilot fired
  174. smoke over New York
  175. EVA and Thai jets collided on ground at RJTT
  176. First ever all female Hajj flight makes history
  177. EasyJet secures slots at Dublin
  178. Air India 777 DEL-SFO diverts to Russia
  179. EASA SIB on Possible Risks Emerging During Summer 2023
  180. DC Sonic Boom/Citation Down in VA
  181. TransAtlantic Balloon crossing
  182. China's C919 maiden commercial flight
  183. More U.K. flight chaos as eGates go down
  184. Reuters: Asiana passenger reportedly opens A321 emergency exit during approach
  185. FAA Spends $100 Million to Help Prevent Runway Accidents
  186. FAA order grounding all Air Canada and Rouge flights in U.S. lifted
  187. WIZZ at Madeira
  188. Ryanair order 737 MAX 10
  189. Aircraft movements at LHR during Coronation Concert
  190. Flightradar24
  191. India GOAir (GoFirst) grounded...
  192. Russian flight safety deteriorating
  193. Are Ryanair pilots leaving in big amounts?
  194. Flight Deck Jumpseat
  195. Hajj 2023: Which airlines operate?
  196. Air India - questionable behaviour
  197. FAA Administrator Departs...
  198. Boeing, Spirit Act II Scene 1
  199. Gold Heist at Toronto Pearson airport
  200. No TCAS, no flight
  201. Air Canada gear Malfunction
  202. Canada to hand over the seized AN124 to Ukraine
  203. Aeroflot sending A330s to Iran for Servicing
  204. B787 has a case of the drip
  205. Delta pilot room raided on overnight in BOS
  206. Snakes on a Plane - No, really...
  207. Doncaster Airport lease offered to the council.
  208. Lockheed and Boeing to merge?
  209. KL677 Amsterdam-Calgary agressive passenger
  210. Jet2 at London Gatwick - will they move in permanently?
  211. Cubans powered hanglider to Florida
  212. Ethiopian back to Pakistan after 18 years
  213. Interceptions on the rise
  214. Azur Air incident Phuket
  215. Anyone used to work for Astraeus?
  216. First 787's scrapped
  217. Are Airlines Concealing UFO Risk from Insurers?
  218. What really happened here..!!!????
  219. Passengers dies Jet2 flight from Antalya to Glasgow
  220. Jet Blue blocked from Spirit acquisition by US Dept of Justice
  221. Southwest plane makes emergency landing in Cuba after bird strike
  222. E3 Association Launches New Aviation Division
  223. Rules about pilots leaving the flight deck?
  224. Communication Interference by Military Warships in the Pacific Region
  225. Strong space-wx : really ??
  226. British Airways lost and found
  227. Diversions after fire in JFK terminal
  228. Air India Aircraft Purchase
  229. BA captain successfully sues BA at industrial tribunal
  230. Complete LH group meltdown
  231. Passenger jets, radar retuning and 'objects'?
  232. Life expectancy among Pilots/cabin crew
  233. Same AF 787 Has Emergency Return to CDG on Successive Days
  234. Is Qatar Airways protected by PPRUNE?
  235. Delta 767 Diverts to Prestwick
  236. FAA proposes to fine United
  237. Hill challenges Shoreham crash inquest finding.
  238. Sochi
  239. Chinese Spy Balloon loitering over continental US
  240. British Airways made an emergency landing in Halifax
  241. British Airways Cabin Crew and Pilots Banned From Posting Photos of Themselves
  242. Question for Air France/KLM crew
  243. A320 loses half of the left elevator on take-off
  244. Flyr in trouble?
  245. BA CC failed a breathalyser test
  246. Flybe again
  247. Rolls -Royce - "a burning platform" - new Boss
  248. January 20, 2023 737MAX stab trim fail AA
  249. Virgin Atlantic fined by the FAA for overflying Iraq
  250. Three reports in one month FAA/NTSB/BEA Pilot Error