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  1. Lufthansa do not want to pay.
  2. Unfit through drink
  3. Hong Kong airport closed
  4. Norwegian 787 blows a donk in FCO
  5. Pax Allegedly Plants Camera in United and Emirates Lavatories
  6. 2x BRA BAE146 engine issues simultaneously
  7. 52 years later his son brings him home
  8. Powercut in UK
  9. Indonesian LCC Airline will open new route to Frankfurt, Germany
  10. Manchester Airport: Plane kept on tarmac after passenger falls ill
  11. Fly-Be flight in quarantine at EGCC
  12. S7 Close one at Domodedovo
  13. Climate crisis may be increasing jet stream turbulence, study finds
  14. Raging waters for Aigle Azur
  15. A Boeing Code Leak Exposes Security Flaws Deep in a 787's Guts
  16. Ryanair UK pilots vote for strike
  17. WANTED - Commercial Pilots to attend Emergency Training For Air Traffic Controllers
  18. Yet more IT problems at BA
  19. SAA flight (SA209) Emergency Landing in Accra
  20. Biz Jet holding (Possibly DET VOR) gear down
  21. Whoops...
  22. Dross within a useless thread
  23. Classic Cathay
  24. Ouch
  25. EZY LGW GIB divert to Bordeaux - depressurisation?
  26. BA422 smoke incident Valencia
  27. Sad news - Cape - Cairo organsers
  28. Suspected drink drivers again - surely not?-
  29. Student jumps to their death
  30. BA Lose in Appeal Court
  31. Delta pilot suspected of drinking arrested at MSP
  32. Add This to Things You Can’t Take on a Plane: Missile Launcher
  33. Plane Hits Light Pole
  34. Ryanair downsizing
  35. Another masterpiece of Journalism
  36. UK ATC issues today?
  37. London City Standstill?
  39. We have lift off..
  40. JFK Thunderstorms
  41. Fueling Problem at Schiphol
  42. Land or missed, what's the right call in this situation?
  43. Here we call it Tuesday....
  44. Planespotting Live on BBC Four
  45. South Korea v Russia
  46. KLM Another Social Media Shocker
  47. British Airways Suspends Cairo Flights for Seven Days
  48. Apollo 11
  49. Attempted Hitchhiking from on the Wing
  50. Father of the CVR/FDR
  51. Possible CellPhone Interference back in the news
  52. Airbus Bird of Prey unveiled
  53. Flydubai A320?
  54. DGCA grounds over 20 pilots
  55. Disruptive Jet2 passenger getting a big bill
  56. A321neo Pitch Warning
  57. Vistara UK944 lands with 200kg fuel
  58. AF447 - French prosecutors sends AF to court for negligence
  59. Air Saguenay DHC-2 Beaver crashes in Labrador: 4 dead, 3 missing
  60. BA almost hits the wall!
  61. In case you didn't get enough flying in from London
  62. Duchess of Cornwall's helicopter involved in two airproxes in one day
  63. Ryanair “re-branding” their 737 MAX
  64. GALILEO down since pm Fri 12/7/19
  65. Airbus 50th anniv book pulled
  66. Project Lufthansa Ocean
  67. ATR Runway Excursion in Kathmandu KTM
  68. MH370 - French magistrates obtain new confidential data
  69. The return of WOW Air
  70. A330.900 NEO with cabin odor problems
  71. Qatar Airways flight QR1340 DOH to NBO diverted to SLL A350-900 reported left engine
  72. AirCanada Diversion into HNL
  73. Calls for more accent on handling skills. Same old - same old
  74. Bjørn Kjos steps down at Norwegian
  75. Apprentice Technician killed in Spicejet D8 gear doors
  76. KLM B747 loses flap on approach to Harare
  77. London Gatwick flights suspended over air traffic control issue
  78. A340 Rotation Problems
  79. eviation alice test flight
  80. VistaJet (VJT868) Causing Chaos in SEA!
  81. Spinner loose inside regional jet engine mid flight.
  82. Swiss Aerobatic team interrupts yodeling festival
  83. Delta Airlines Flight DL-1425 ATL-BWI, MD-88, diverted to RDU due to engine failure
  84. Korean Air defends pilot who tried to drink alcohol during flight
  85. AI pilot 'sees' runway and lands automatically
  86. Drunk pax - again
  87. SLF experience: Brutal braking, A380 landing 04R JFK
  88. A380 wing cracks
  89. Easyjet A320 and KLM B737 collide at Schiphol
  90. Rumoured BA Pilot Industrial Action this Summer
  91. Old B747SP incident in Buenos Aries
  92. Goodwood Accident - AAIB - unmanned aerial vehicle
  93. Virgin flight diverts due to cabin fire
  94. BA cabin crew enjoying themselves
  95. VNA 320 NEO Dual Flameout Danang
  96. US Complaiing about EU Subsidy to Airbus
  97. Flying into Stromboli ash cloud
  98. Norwegian Fuel Dump on Landing at MCO
  99. Loss of Control In-Flight - Flight Crew training
  100. Boeing offers to pay $100M to victims families.
  101. India First week of monsoon
  102. Electra wheels up in Canada
  103. A380 engine piece found in Groenland after 9 months
  104. 737 emergency landing at Ben Gurion Airport
  105. Indian Air Force pilot jettisons fuel tanks after bird strike
  106. Stowaway Falls
  107. Smooth reporting from Mangalore
  108. $9 Per Hour Code in Boeing Jets
  109. Lionair passenger tries to open exit door
  110. Newark airport emergency
  111. The EU, USA, Air Italy and Qatar
  112. Load check on Air France
  113. Boeing falsified records for 787 jet sold to Air Canada. It developed a fuel leak
  114. A330 Neo apparently causing nausea inflight.
  115. Bizarre ICD-10 Diagnosis Code
  116. Angara Airlines An-24 landing accident at Nizhneangarsk
  117. AIC191 turnround and DIV into STN
  118. BA658 diverted to ZAG last night
  119. Adria Airways Collapse Looking More Likely By The Day
  120. Class Action Suit Against Boeing
  121. Women pilots told ‘terminate your pregnancy or employment’
  122. Mister Airbus dies at 97
  123. How to squeeze in more pax, make them stand
  124. Oops: Brussels Airlines’ Nine Hour Flight To Nowhere
  125. Facial Recognition Coming To Delta Gates At MSP
  126. BA bomb threat
  127. Aviation Emissions. An argument unfairly made.
  128. MAX Facts
  129. Another Disruptive Passenger
  130. Boeing folding wing tips?
  131. Sleeping Air Canada passenger left on plane
  132. The Mail & Duty Hours
  133. King Air down in Oahu
  134. Possible close encounter at LEMG 21/6/19
  135. Volcanic eruption in Kuriles, photo from space
  136. Boeing vs. Airbus sales at the 2019 airshow.
  137. UFO's above KC tonight.
  138. Persian Gulf
  139. AIR CHINA ... woops
  140. 50 Airbus A321XLR for AA
  141. MH17 suspects
  142. BA Management
  143. IAG LOI for 200 737 MAX
  144. Airbus pitches pilotless jets -- at Le Bourget
  145. KC 46 tanker landing at Paris Airshow
  146. Another milestone - Hybrid plane makes its maiden flight
  147. Shorten a big plane ,rather than stretch a smaller one
  148. Boeing seeking to reduce scope, duration of some physical tests for new aircraft
  149. German pilot killed in Polish air show
  150. UAL 757 incident at EWR
  151. Pilots reveal safety fears over Boeing’s fleet of Dreamliners
  152. A330 sunk in Turkey for diving.
  153. Life Sentence for Hijack Threat
  154. PIA Manchester "Should have gone to Specsavers"
  155. How we do border security in Canada
  156. Mystery AN12BP
  157. Transponder/GPS issues today
  158. Ukraine YANAIR has AOC suspended due very weird Incident at Chisinau (Moldova)...
  159. BA 479 08 June over Surrey. Any info
  160. Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Builiding $150 Million Blimp
  161. Virgin America, then end of the era...
  162. Canada and Cannabis
  163. Don’t make a wrong turn in PEK!
  164. FAA mandates changes to Boeing 787 Dreamliner
  165. Bombardier in talks to sell CRJ to Mitsubishi, exit commercial jet business
  166. Vegas-bound stag party who abused crew and exposed themselves on plane, jailed
  167. Two aircon systems down?
  168. IcelandAir fires Boeing 737 Max Pilots
  169. KLM and Delft University to Create New Flying V Airplane with Passengers in Wings
  170. XL Flight 888
  171. Boeing notifies FAA that parts in Max and other 737s may be ‘susceptible to premature
  172. Balloon overhead for the last week?
  173. Stratolaunch with Massive Airplane in Development Closing Down Operations
  174. Parts Falling off Hong Kong Airlines Aircraft!
  175. Extinction Rebellion are threatening to shut down Heathrow Airport with drones
  176. Man sues Delta Air Lines after fellow passenger's emotional support dog mauls him
  177. runway incursion EDI.
  178. Cessna 560 rolled off Alicante Runway
  179. Runway material 'liberates' during take off roll, severely damages aircraft
  180. ADAPT tests now available to purchase online
  181. UTAir B735 trim runaway
  182. China Southern A380 -- Hail damage to radome, cockpit windows, leading edge surfaces
  183. UPS pilot arrested in EDDK?
  184. Embraer to be known as Boeing Brazil
  185. PR Firm strategy needed to regain the public trust?
  186. EK413 divert
  187. MAX’s Return Delayed by FAA Reevaluation of 737 Safety Procedures
  188. Stanstead
  189. 40 Years Ago This weekend - American 191 at O’Hare
  190. Some Airlines in China start claiming from boeing
  191. Drone avoidance
  192. WestJet pilot injured by green laser, placed on medical leave
  193. Is it feasible for a civilian drone to reach 9000'?
  194. Perhaps aviation biggest challenge....
  195. NAS + EZY + VIR = ♡?
  196. Another Taquan Air DHC Crash in Alaska This Week
  197. Fuel Issue at Manchester
  198. Another SSJ100 issue
  199. Boeing admits flaw in 737 Max flight simulator
  200. US warns airliners flying over Gulf of 'misidentification'
  201. Anybody missing something?
  202. Two Smartwings 737 collide in Prague
  203. Pilot couldn't land without autopliot?
  204. QF72 the aftermath
  205. Dubai aircraft crash: Three Britons and one South African killed
  206. A big dent created by....snow
  207. US administration blames foreign pilots for 737 Max crashes
  208. Note: April 5th! Additional Software Problem Found In Boeing 737 Max Control System:
  209. Symbiotics give away mental wellbeing assessments to Airline Pilots in support of Men
  210. Boeing Resisted Pilots Calls for Steps On MAX
  211. Revalidating a JAR rating on an EASA License
  212. Floatplanes Collide in Alaska
  213. Ethiopian MAX Crash Simulator Scenario Stuns Pilots
  214. WestJet purchased by Onex Corp
  215. 737 Trim
  216. Myanmar Airlines plane lands on its nose
  217. QF26 shutdown diversion
  218. Daily Mail makes up the story
  219. New EoR separation standard at YYC
  220. Delta and unions
  221. Air Canada DH3 hit by fuel truck at CYYZ
  222. 737 MAX future
  223. Scrapping of A380
  224. Air France A340 makes emergency landing in Iran
  225. Easy on British TV 9th May odd event.
  226. Luft takeover bid for Condor
  227. Aer Lingus pax 'disembark' onto wings
  228. Joon/AF218 vanished from FR over Iran
  229. Bangladesh airline crash landing in yangon
  230. Passenger offloaded from Air NZ flight for ignoring safety briefing
  231. Sywell Hangar Fire
  232. Challenger 600 series down in Mexico
  233. Finnair plane diverts to Oslo as man nearly dies on board
  234. Sheremetyevo Superjet 100 in flames
  235. Aerial Paint Spraying (?)
  236. Lion Air in the news again
  237. Pax Jet in water at NAS Jacksonville, all OK
  238. Buffalo Airways DC-3 forced landing.
  239. Stobart EMB fleet
  240. UAV flying wth blown-air flight controls
  241. Bombardier to sell off Belfast site
  242. MCAS Deconstructed by PPRUNE Members??!!
  243. Oh dear...ground incident at Leicestershire
  244. Glasgow Airport
  245. Red Wings A321
  246. 1st Flight of Airbus A319neo with Pratt & Whitney GTF engines
  247. return of pay2fly programs?
  248. Controller's Views on the ATM System of the Future
  249. Another ez emergency into man
  250. CNN: Boeing whistleblowers called FAA after Ethopian crash