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  1. Air China loses power to cabin, comms, navigation, and RADAR?
  2. B738 Fuelling, 100+Pax & connecting a bat. operated wheelchair in FWD Galley
  3. HIV+ man cannot become commercial pilot
  4. Lion Air pilot arrested for alleged drug use
  5. Air NZ 787 RR engine issues
  6. Air Baltic skids off runway at SVO
  7. SIA 422 incident at Mumbai
  8. EVA Air's 777, continues to destination with injured PAX after turbulence encounter!
  9. American Airlines Pilots ALL Get Christmas Off
  10. Mount Agung Indonesia eruption
  11. High Radioactivity over the Urals
  12. Attempted take off from access road in Nice at night
  13. Vnukovo "emergency" landings
  14. LET 410 crash in Russia
  15. 757 Hacked by DHS Experts
  16. Air France crew detained after passenger complains “not receiving her upgrade”
  17. Airspace? What airspace?
  18. SA Airlink RJ85 near Johannesburg on Nov 8th 2017, uncontained engine failure takes o
  19. If you need slots, just threaten a country..
  20. Delta Airlines Hits UFO ..ok here we go
  21. LHR 3rd runway
  22. Manchester runway shortened for car parking
  23. 13.10.17 UT588 KRR-VKO
  24. Air Canada non go-around at SFO
  25. Unconfirmed report that Bombardier has sold the Q400 program
  26. Did Aer Lingus use all runway - and/or grass?
  27. Air Asia returns to Perth
  28. Plane crash reported off Ivory Coast
  29. Cebu Pacific Flight 461
  30. Pilotless Aircraft?
  31. Ryanair uses all the runway.
  32. Malaysia airlines a380 engine failure?
  33. Poor reporting or poor judgement?
  34. American Airline plane catches fire on runway at Chek Lap Kok
  35. AC-66 has to repeatly declare MAYDAY to ATC before given clearance
  36. A380 extreme crosswind landing
  37. Sonic Boom over Suffolk / Norfolk? 0830BST
  38. Tu-22 overrun after above V1 reject
  39. Runway excursion AB6880 after landing at EDXW
  40. US Dept of Commerce slaps 220% tax on Bombardier c series
  41. Another Wrong Turn at HKG..?
  42. Jordan 737 RWY excursion...
  43. Aurigny Incident?
  44. C-FWGH 738 slow take off BFS : AAIB
  45. Ataturk Airport Crash
  46. Spicejet 703 off Rwy 27 in BOM
  47. Ryanair B738 loses nosewheel
  48. Electronic cigarette fire onboard Wizzair out of KEF
  49. Broken/missing turbine blades
  50. Hurricane? THIS is a hurricane.
  51. Air India Express plane veers off taxiway in Kochi, Kerala
  52. KIAH and KHOU closed due to Hurricane Harvey
  53. Jet2 flight shadowed by French jet
  54. Pax sue Boeing in DBX crash
  55. fire in a Southend hangar
  56. Polar Cargo B748 at Tokyo 15 Jul, overran runway on takeoff
  57. Spice Jet. Pilot fails booze test 3rd time, grounded
  58. UBS Comments on Pilotless Planes
  59. Easyjet pilot flies high
  60. Worker electrocuted during TS activity
  61. Would-be airliner bomber makes a second attempt
  62. Child Flies ATR
  63. AUS police foil plot on aircraft
  64. Massive hailstorm in Istanbul 27.07.2017
  65. Scat and Turkish collision at Ataturk
  66. Boy, it's noisy in here!
  67. F/O fails breathalyzer test at AMS
  68. Pilot praised after avoiding mid-air collision with world's biggest passenger jet
  69. Thomas cook B753 Emergency Hurghada
  70. Smartwings flight runway excursion in Burgas
  71. Air Canada Rouge B-767 air return to LGW
  72. Korean 777 interception and diversion
  73. Idiot trolls Ryanair and loses
  74. AF emerg diversion into Glasgow, fire reported
  75. Tourist dies after jet blast fall at St Maarten's Princess Juliana airport
  76. Mississippi crash: Sixteen dead in Marines Corps plane incident
  77. Near miss with 5 airliners waiting for T/O on taxiway "C" in SFO!
  78. Delta Airlines educating employees on Gulf carrier subsidies
  79. UA5869 Engine fire at landing
  80. Bird Strike
  81. Pilot says to passengers to pray...
  82. 3 point turn in a 757
  83. THY overrun June 22nd
  84. Luckily the dead engine wasn't dead after all.
  85. SAS A319 cabin smoke
  86. Interesting Air France A340 - Bogota Incident
  87. China Eastern in heavy turbulence
  88. Uncontained engine failure at YSSY
  89. Easy emergency landing in CGN for security risk
  90. EU to tackle unfair airline competition
  91. Burma military plane carrying 116 goes missing
  92. Trump to Privatize ATC
  93. Air China CA428 Near-Miss CFIT at take-off in HK
  94. Plane forced to turn back after passenger tries to enter cockpit
  95. Pax beat up pilot, airline has to pay compensation for delay
  96. 25 percent of Russian pilots may lose licenses
  98. Wifi hotspot named "Jihadi London" spooks Thomson Flight
  99. TigerAir Taiwan Co-pilot rats out others.
  100. Arsonist on Sharm el-Sheikh flight has sentence doubled
  101. EWR closed after UA engine fire
  102. Military robot "lands" B737
  103. United cockpit access information may have leaked out
  104. Allegiant Air flies unairworthy aircraft over 200 times
  105. Boeing Damages Air Force One
  106. Westjet in LGA
  107. Boeing halts 737Max testing - engine issues
  108. fuel problem at Lisbon
  109. Spirit Airlines Chaos
  110. PIA pilot suspended after having long nap
  111. Brawl before take off
  112. AirAisia X flight hit by severe turbulence. 5 injured
  113. UPS contract plane off runway - KCRW
  114. Aeroflot 777 hit by severe turbulence
  115. Report says Pilot struck female passenger
  116. Cuban airliner disappeared from the radar.
  117. Primera Air 737-800 off runway BIKF
  118. Delta A330 Engine fire out of Beijing
  119. Anyone missing a gun?
  120. Air France high speed RTO due to missing baggage
  121. Air Canada A330 loses a wheel. YUL-LHR
  122. Twin Otter Mishap Orchid Island 13 April 17
  123. USA Today: UA forcibly remove random pax from flight
  124. MH 2718 skidded off runway at Sibu.
  125. 737 cargo shift - cooking oil puts tail on the runway
  126. Ford taxiway event - no action
  127. A388 peels open a B788 on the ground at Changi
  128. Peruvian B733 accident, runway excursion, all gear collapsed, aircraft caught fire
  129. Accident report: HiFly A332 at Cologne on Sep 18th 2016, touched down short of runway
  130. Indian MP beats Air India employee with sandal
  131. Ural A-320 runway excursion in Simferopol (to avoid collision with another Ural a/c?)
  132. Sunwing Pilot Pleads Guilty
  133. Lap top and tablet ban
  134. South Sudan Fokker 50 crash - 44 feared dead
  135. Titan cabin depressurisation
  136. Challenger inverted by wake turbulence from A380.
  137. Propellor falls off Rex Saab 340 in NSW Australia
  138. Coastguard Helicopter Missing off Ireland
  139. AS 737 "tips over" de-ice truck in BOS?
  140. Helicopter crashes on outskirts of Istanbul; 7 killed
  141. So WestJet almost puts one of their 737 in the water while landing at St-Maarten...
  142. BA pilot enlists as cabin crew
  143. A380 destroys CL604
  144. Jet2 East midlands
  145. AAIB investigation to Hawker Hunter T7 G-BXFI 22 August 2015
  146. Viable pipe bomb found by UK security
  147. KLM flight diverted to St. John's after pilot falls ill
  148. Standing room only
  149. Fired MANPAD found near Cairo airport
  150. Air Canada plane from Halifax slides off runway in foggy Toronto
  151. Flybe Incident at Amsterdam
  152. Citywing incident Isle of Man
  153. Melbourne crash
  154. Passenger plane almost crashed into mountain
  155. VIM Airlines Boeing 737 skids off runway at Riga Airport
  156. CRJ7 struck deer during takeoff CLT
  157. Norwegian 787 hit by ground vehicle at gate in Logan.
  158. Captain UA455 removed from flight for "emotional meltdown"
  159. Airprox between 2 a/c inbound to Dublin
  160. GoAir A320 engine fire
  161. A330 Engine failure in JFK
  162. PIA escorted into STN
  163. Oops! BA804 LHR>BLL slight mishap taxying in this morning ...
  164. Garuda Indonesia skids off the runway at JOG
  165. Delta problem clitch
  166. Ukrainian military transport Il-76 is missing
  167. ANA DASH-400
  168. UNITED AIRLINES Plane Backs into fuel truck at LaGuardia
  169. King Air crash in Brazil kills Minister of the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court
  170. LATAM Airlines finds bullet hole in B767
  171. Lufthansa A-320neo taxiway excursion CDG
  172. Easy Jet diversion after severe turbulence
  173. BA57 LHR - JNB Jan 14
  174. Turkish Airlines cargo 747 crashes in Kyrgyzstan
  175. Bird strikes soar in NYC area
  176. Air France/ Egypt Air air prox incident
  177. EasyJet A319
  178. Canada Rouge at Montego Bay
  179. Long haul from Barcelona IAG
  180. Shooting at FLL Terminal 2
  181. Confirmed drone collision with aircraft
  182. B52 loses engine.
  183. Tu-154 of Alrosa returns to Mirniy (MJZ) with one engine inop
  184. No injuries after 2 planes collide at Pearson airport gates
  185. A321 Aeroflot from Moscow overrun in Kaliningrad
  186. EZY LGW-AMS pushed back onto grass
  187. Sunwing pilot pulled off YYC flight due to intoxication
  188. Now that's a real simulator...
  189. Indonesian Citylink Pilot
  190. Jet 737 aborts takeoff, leaves runway - Goa
  191. Russia Grounds Sukhoi Superjet 100 Over Safety Concerns
  192. TU154 out of Sochi is missing.
  193. Delta Airlines Sports Charter Slides Off Runway
  194. Hijacked Afriqiyah A320 land in Malta
  195. El Al Mayday - Possible Engine Fire. Returns to YYZ
  196. Puerto Carreno cargo 722 crash
  197. EVA B777 close call departing LAX
  198. Another super hard 737 landing
  199. LH441 IAH-FRA diverted to New York-JFK due to a threat against the aircraft
  200. Delta jet slides into grass at snowy Detroit airport
  201. Pakistani PK-661 reported missing near Havelian (07 Dec 2016)
  202. United Express Nose Gear Collapse
  203. Asiana A380 crew punch-up?
  204. M28 Skytruck loses contact with Singapore ATC
  205. Heart Attack during taxi
  206. LanChile 787s scrape wings during taxi
  207. Woman jumps out of moving plane at Houston airport after opening emergency exit
  208. Incident: Swiss A321 at Zurich on Nov 28th 2016, engine problem
  209. Jet goes down on its way to Medellin, Colombia
  210. Mayday incident Easyjet
  211. Crews Above Flight Level.....
  212. Near Repeat Of Tenerife Disaster In Adelaide.
  213. Cathay diverts to Novosibirsk
  214. Incident
  215. Drone near miss
  216. Croatia Airlines VP fltops suspended over leaving the F/O alone in the cockpit
  217. Greenland DH8B near Narsarsuaq, finds and guides private plane to safety
  218. Storks encounter
  219. China Southern A380 Prang LAX
  220. Aviation Regulator clamps down on pilots in India
  221. Mumbai Airports unsafe
  222. Crew ignored TCAS RA
  223. BA's in-flight safety chief warns about toxic cabin fumes
  224. Two crashes off Timika (Papua)
  225. BA Pilot suspended for flying wearing stockings
  226. FedEx MD-10 on fire at Fort Lauderdale airport
  227. American 763 takeoff incident, ORD
  228. Lost Coms at Prestwick
  229. Husband and wife prohibited to share cockpit
  230. Belarusian airliner forced down by Ukraine
  231. SkyWest Airlines pilot arrested for suspected drunkenness
  232. TP1971 hard landing closes Lisbon Humberto
  233. Bob Hoover RIP
  234. British Airways flight diverted to YVR after passengers suffer smoke inhalation
  235. Metroliner crash after T/O in Malta
  236. Delta MD-88 Compressor Issue on Takeoff
  237. AVIANCA B787 Intercepted by Venezuelan Sukhois
  238. LCY closed due to "chemical incident"
  239. BA 320/19 incident at MAN 19/10/16
  240. another Queen ends its reign
  241. Don't rock the plane!
  242. Almost a repeat of Tenerife at Shanghai!
  243. Watertanker hits A380 at Zurich
  244. LH E195 took off without clearance at BRU
  245. Aer Lingus flight, EI120 Fire in luggage hold
  246. Air Vanuatu Twin Otter elevator cable snap
  247. Airport ambulance driver launching suit after 'Ryanair plane almost struck her'
  248. Pegasus offers its whole 74 aircraft fleet for wet-lease
  249. Jet airways v low after takeoff at LHR
  250. Belfast airport closed - incident involving freight plane