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30th Jan 2023, 07:47
Saw this text on Flyr’s website, that doesn’t good at all.Information to guests: Today's flights operating as scheduledFlyr informed Oslo Børs on Monday morning that the company has not been successful with its new financing plan. The company is thus in a serious financial situation, and the board will assess whether there are alternatives for continued operation.

Monday's flights to Malaga, Alicante and Las Palmas are operating as normal. The company has no scheduled flights on Tuesday and information about future flights will be shared as soon as possible on www.flyr.com .

We fully understand that this situation creates uncertainty among travellers. We ask everyone who has booked flights with us to visit www.flyr.com.

Updated: Monday 30.01.2023 08:30 CET

30th Jan 2023, 19:23
alledgedly they have signed acmi out to european carrier .
Does anyone know the airline ?

31st Jan 2023, 06:26
The problem is that the acmi deal mentioned was dependent on their financial injection coming through. It really looks bleak for this carrier, I hope it works out - both for all crew as well as passagers

31st Jan 2023, 06:29
do you know the airline then . `?

31st Jan 2023, 07:07
I know of the airline, yes. This is not inside info however, it was in the local media yesterday.

31st Jan 2023, 07:44
dont have access to the local medis , but we are talking about the other NORWEGIAN airline , arent we :-)

31st Jan 2023, 17:06
Totally missread your question, I thought that you asked if I knew of Flyr. Unfortunately I have no idea which airline they claim to have had discussions with regarding wetlease ops.

Not that it matters now - they filed for bankruptcy a couple of minutes ago.

I hope all their crews will find new positions soon.

1st Feb 2023, 16:11
alledgedly they have signed acmi out to european carrier .
Does anyone know the airline ?

If its maintenance you where asking about it was Lufthansa Technics. Announced a week or two ago. Not that it matters now.
Strangely enough the day before they announced the collapse they moved one of their aircraft abroad to be parked cheaply awaiting a check in Mars.

1st Feb 2023, 16:37
Getting maintenance is difficult, but do they need to go that far?

2nd Feb 2023, 05:29
no , they were talking about wet lease to an undsclosed carrier , but nobody know who that was

2nd Feb 2023, 06:36
It was SAS for S23…

2nd Feb 2023, 09:13

Another one bust! Feeling sad for the employees and stranded pax!

Liffy 1M
3rd Feb 2023, 16:32
Three of the Flyr 737s are to be ferried Oslo-Shannon this evening for parking.

5th Feb 2023, 08:51
Sad of course for the workers, but they tried to capitalize on Norwegian's demise on inferior terms & conditions.

A back-pack and white sneakers for the uniform.... guess I am old-fashioned anyway :O