View Full Version : Question for Air France/KLM crew

31st Jan 2023, 02:44
Hello guys and gals.

Looking to hear if anyone's heard any rumours in the last month of a purchase involving a Canadian airline?

If so, shoot me a message, really appreciate it.


2nd Feb 2023, 20:16
Have not heard a thing. As far as I know there are limits to foreign ownership of airlines in Canada. One foreign entity can not own more than 25%. And if say Delta wanted to get involved it could only add up to 49%. I would assume your rumour would involve Westjet. At most I would think it might involve a strategic investment to tie them more tightly into the grouping. But also have not heard anything about that. Is Westjet having financial difficulties?

Commander Taco
3rd Feb 2023, 03:03
WestJet Retrenches (https://www.routesonline.com/news/29/breaking-news/298857/westjet-refocuses-on-calgary-hub-adds-terrace-route/)

India Four Two
3rd Feb 2023, 03:11
A view from the CBC:

"WestJet in the west, Air Canada in the east: Why Canada's airlines are becoming more regional"