View Full Version : THY overrun June 22nd

24th Jun 2017, 11:17
A321 overran Bucharest's 26R (2.237m )

Incident: THY A321 at Bucharest on Jun 22nd 2017, overran runway on landing (http://avherald.com/h?article=4aaaebfe&opt=0)

24th Jun 2017, 14:44
Why did they not take 26L? That one is not shortened an offers a bit more safety at 3500m of length.

And of course, the question is, did they calculate their landing distance and stick to their landing performance (speeds, brake setting etc)?

24th Jun 2017, 15:04
Maybe and I say maybe, they were not aware of the shortening....

Doug E Style
24th Jun 2017, 16:28
Temporary charts for LROP valid from 22-JUN-2017 UFN show 26R closed beyond taxiway W with 2237m available.

24th Jun 2017, 16:41
It is on the ATIS, it is on the temporary chart, it has been going on a while. And usually you get asked by the controller as well if you can accept the shortened distance.

24th Jun 2017, 17:13
Is there an AAIB in Turkey?
Can't find it on the web.

fox niner
24th Jun 2017, 17:49
That is because Turkey does not publish reports. Never.

Rwy in Sight
24th Jun 2017, 18:08
Fortunately this will be handled by Romanian AAIB.