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1st Feb 2017, 14:43
Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737 (PK-GNK) skidded off the runway at Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport (JOG), passengers from flight GA258 could get out via the stairs. The airport is currently closed.

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737 skids off runway - Luchtzak.be (http://www.luchtzak.be/airlines/garuda-indonesia/garuda-indonesia-boeing-737-skids-off-runway/)

1st Feb 2017, 14:47

1st Feb 2017, 15:31
I flew out of JOG in December.....It's an airport operating at the limit with regular extended inbound holds due to limited ramp space. There is also a busy military flying school sharing the runway. On the day I was there the place also closed due to storms in the area.

1st Feb 2017, 17:27
could well be weather related. Several aircraft were circling at the time.

2017-02-01 Garuda Boeing 737-800 off runway at Yogyakarta JACDEC (http://www.jacdec.de/2017/02/01/2017-02-01-garuda-boeing-737-800-off-runway-at-yogyakarta/)

2nd Feb 2017, 06:28
looks like the van is having issues as well in that pic :}

2nd Feb 2017, 08:50
Getting a bit of deja-vu, here.

2nd Feb 2017, 11:02
You know it has to be Indonesia when another commercial airliner skids off the runway, closing the airport, and everyone kind of goes, "Meh".

2nd Feb 2017, 12:46
The VP of corporate communications of Garuda Indonesia commented on the removal of the Boeing 737, with a picture of the damaged 737 included:

2nd Feb 2017, 13:59
Ten years ago...
NTSC Final Report (https://web.archive.org/web/20110928004626/http://www.dephub.go.id/knkt/ntsc_aviation/baru/Final%20report%20PK-GZC%20Release.pdf), Garuda B737-497 overrun PK–GZC, ADI SUCIPTO AIRPORT, YOGYAKARTA, INDONESIA, 7 MARCH 2007

4th Feb 2017, 11:31
You know it has to be Indonesia when another commercial airliner skids off the runway, closing the airport, and everyone kind of goes, "Meh".

No doubt there will always be more of these types of accidents in that part of the world particularly as there seems to be a local culture of "real men don't go around."

Bug Smasher Smasher
4th Feb 2017, 22:17
No, but they do enjoy making animal noises on guard.

5th Feb 2017, 00:48
Are the runways grooved in Indonesia? I seem to remember reading somewhere they don't do that there for some dumb reason.

southern duel
5th Feb 2017, 03:03
Grooved runways are all well and good if you have the means to carry out rubber removal on a planned maintenance regime and I cant imagine some airports in Asia would be able to afford the kit to do it. It takes more then a high pressure hose that's for sure and if you don't carry out rubber removal the braking coefficient is worse on a grooved runway with rubber build up then those that are not grooved.

5th Feb 2017, 08:16
Was on a Sempati flight in 1995 into JOG during a thunderstorm, fortunately the crew executed a go around. I hold a PPL and have been in a couple of precautionary landings and a wheels up in a float plane into Abu Dhabi International (all as a passenger) but that JOG flight is the only time I've been concerned for my well being. The 2007 accident at JOG made me realise how my flight might have ended.

6th Feb 2017, 00:42
Is there a week that goes by without a runway overrun in Indonesia? Probably safer to swim island to island over there!

6th Feb 2017, 03:41
.........probably safer to swim island to island over there!
No it's not. And the other options are worse.

If you use the old adage about the flight being safer than the drive to the airport and transpose that into Indonesia it takes on an order of magnitude that is hard to imagine, until you've been there.

Try to be a bit selective and, as with any travel, hope that it doesn't happen to you.

6th Feb 2017, 06:39
No it's not. And the other options are worse.I lived in Indonesia for a while and still visit regularly - WingNut is right, the options are worse.
The train might be safer but not practical for inter-island travel, the other options are definitely worse. :eek:
At least when you fly you're only scared for an hour or two - long distance bus, auto, and boat rides keep you in terror for much longer. :rolleyes:

6th Feb 2017, 16:10
That doesn't mean that the flying record is not atrocious in that country. It is.