View Full Version : Smartwings flight runway excursion in Burgas

18th Jul 2017, 07:09
A greek A-320 reg. SX-ORG operating a Smartwings flight QS 1482 Brno-Burgas had a runway excursion on landing. Burgas is closed for the aircraft blocking the runway, diversions to VAR, PDV and SOF.

18th Jul 2017, 08:37
Local website claims a/c lost all hydrolics during landing. Unconfirmed.

18th Jul 2017, 08:56
Airframe history

18th Jul 2017, 09:45
Aircraft towed back to the runway, the airport is open again.

18th Jul 2017, 10:33

18th Jul 2017, 11:11
Photos of passengers walking back to the terminal show wet runway.
Met wxr indicated very heavy rainfall, possible 1in/hr (2in over 6 hrs forecast)
Is the runway concrete as suggested by sat pictures?
Is the runway surface grooved?
Heavy rubber deposits shown on several sat pictures.

Aircraft off the side of the runway opposed to overrunning the end?

nosmo king
18th Jul 2017, 11:19
The runway is rough, concrete and 10500ft long.

No sign of significant rubber deposits when I was there yesterday.