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26th Feb 2018, 20:38

26th Feb 2018, 20:41
Video of engine catching fire:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwBnvEI_OZs

26th Feb 2018, 20:50
Doesn't look like a fire to me. Looks more like a series of compressor stalls.

26th Feb 2018, 21:11
"Airport spokeswoman Nancy Volmer confirmed that an engine caught fire."

26th Feb 2018, 21:16
Or we could trust an eyewitness who reported

hearing “loud popping noises” from overhead

26th Feb 2018, 22:51
Most of the press (and general public) have no idea what an engine surge is, while everyone knows what a fire is.
Factual reporting that says an engine surged and then explains what a surge is would require actual effort on the part of the media.

27th Feb 2018, 04:13
Confirmed the engine did not trigger the fire bell and the flames were due to a series of compressor stalls.

27th Feb 2018, 05:27
One of the many reasons why we are paid the big bucks - taking something that looks horrific and death defying , and turning it into a standard return to departure airport. The fact that the " earth people " haven`t a clue as to what is happening is almost irrelevant , as long as they sit tight , buckle up , review their safety features card , follow the cabin crew`s instructions , and let the professionals get on with it. I could care less what the folks in the back think - the reason they`re getting home safe is because I want to get home safe. That said , well done crew.

27th Feb 2018, 10:04
Salt Tribune reports SWA made an emergency landing return to Slat Lake City. SWA airlines reports that one of its a/c made an uneventful return landing to Salt Lake city.

I suppose the perspectives of the two spokespersons is different.

Of interest, does anyone know how long between the event and the return landing? When I have the info I'll let you know why I'm curious.

27th Feb 2018, 13:29
The video shows classic compressor stalls. Nothing more or less. A jet engine is always on fire. A compressor stall simply blows a bit of the fire out the tailpipe each time it stalls.

27th Feb 2018, 16:16
Well said there tdracer ! There's nothing like a good old fashioned compressor surge to get the media outlets chattering [mostly garbage]

I suspect the answer is for an airline or two to sue the local media for product disparagement .. "we did NOT have an engine fire, we had a compressor stall, as a result of the false information published we lost xxx million dollars in revenue, for which we now seek compensation" ...

That's probably the only way you are ever going to improve reporting standards.

27th Feb 2018, 17:51
The press......they are here to report the story.....not the facts :)

27th Feb 2018, 22:37
The press......they are here to report the story.....not the facts :)


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