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20th Dec 2017, 03:41
FL500, please see volcanic ash advisory. (sorry cannot link, haven't enough posts).
I was watching Dutchsinse (you tube) and he flagged it. Dutch is getting over an 80% success forcasting earthquakes. Unorthodox but amazingly accurate.

20th Dec 2017, 06:20

20th Dec 2017, 06:47
And the winds ... ?

Less Hair
20th Dec 2017, 08:19
Many volcanoes around the globe. So we are talking about Kamchatka.

20th Dec 2017, 13:10
Wvra31 rupk 200920 uhpp sigmet 9 valid 200921/201420 uhpp-uhpp petropavlovsk-kamchatsky fir/uir

va eruption mt bezymianny psn n5558 e16036
va cld obs at 0820z wi n5602 e16038 - n5627 e16026 -n5814 e16247 - n5855 e16604 - n5825 e16559 - n5716 e16414 - n5654 e16243 - n5558 e16243 - n5551 e16200 - n5602 e16038 sfc/fl500

fcst at 1420z wi n6154 e17054 - n5738 e16648 - n5632 e16237 - n5718 e16043 - n6200 e16657 - n6154 e17054=

SIGMET areas are north of the West Pacific Tracks