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1st Feb 2018, 07:23
31/01/2018 SU1182 Sheremetyevo-Volgograd A320 VQ-BPU AEROFLOT TIME 16.58 MSK. PAX.153.

After parking and switching off the engines cabin crew was alerted by passengers about fire in the cabin. Fire was extinguished by cabin crew but passengers managed to open evacuation exits and deploy slides. Source of fire seems to be powerbank plugged into the a/c charger outlet.

1st Feb 2018, 08:52
That looks like it could have become nasty. Full marks to the cabin crew.

1st Feb 2018, 09:08
According to local news reports (SWMBO is in Moscow at the moment), passengers next to the fire (which was an overheated charger) threw bottled water on it while shouting for extinguishers. The fire slightly diminished but the pax ran out of water and it flared up again. As the extinguisher wasn't there and no more water was to hand, the over wing exits were opened by pax, some of whom evacuated on to the wing. By this time more bottled water had been passed down to pax and CC arrived with the extinguisher. The fire was put out by pax and crew and everyone else left normally.

1st Feb 2018, 09:54
If the power bank was the reason for the fire, I can see why some airlines are now prohibiting the use of power banks on board.

Well handled it seems!

1st Feb 2018, 17:13
I suspect the problem wasn’t the power bank, it was some retard deciding to plug their :mad: cheap usb charger into the aircraft’s mains power socket. :ugh:

2nd Feb 2018, 08:50
Officially confirmed (https://aviaforum.ru/threads/melkie-proisshestvija.17797/page-499#post-2158756) that it was a powerbank today in "Additional information on incident" issued by Rosaviation.

"...after a/c parking, while PAX left a/c through boarding steps, at place 26E fire starts on passenger's additional accu for mobile phone, which was mistaken by other paxes as a/c fire... ...fire was extinguished by owner of the device and cabin crew..."