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2nd Mar 2018, 19:37
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, everyone barfed on a flight out of Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C. earlier today. Even the pilots were on the brink of puking.

The storm that’s bringing near-record flooding to Boston and heavy rain and snow from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast has also been an aviation nightmare. Flights have been canceled and delayed across the U.S. Passengers aboard a Canadair Regional Jet (a CRJ2 for my aviationheads) landing in Dulles probably wished their flight had been canceled, too. Assuming the plane was full, that’s 40-50 puking passengers and one disgusting cabin in need of a deep clean.

Justin Fenton, a crime reporter at the Baltimore Sun first called attention to the nauseating flight report filed to NOAA’s Aviation Weather Center. It notes that moderate to severe turbulence around 7:38 a.m. on Friday morning caused the basically entire cabin to lose its breakfast. Thankfully the cockpit stayed vomit-free and the flight safely landed.

https://twitter.com/justin_fenton/status/969619079794446336/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fearther.com%2Fajax%2Finset%2Fiframe%3F id%3Dtwitter-969619079794446336%26autosize%3D1

Carbon Bootprint
2nd Mar 2018, 21:20
I was on a conference call this morning to Sterling VA (not far from Dulles). The participants there said the wind was absolutely howling, with power knocked out to thousands in the area. It sounded like pretty serious stuff. I'm sure the pax were happy to reach their destination safely, but I can imagine some might have preferred a cancellation or diversion. Who's going to pay for all that dry cleaning? :yuk:

Thanks for posting the Justin Fenton twitter thread re the NOAA report. Some of the comments are pretty funny, with of course many gravitating to the classic "Airplane" clips. :ok:

2nd Mar 2018, 22:39
Looks pretty gusty at LGA as well:


Carbon Bootprint
2nd Mar 2018, 23:15
Looks pretty gusty at LGA as well:
Ouch. Looks like Mother Nature's own FOD machine. It helps to understand why something like 1500 flights were cancelled in the three NYC airports today.

3rd Mar 2018, 01:17
I was in a Jet Blue flight from NYC to San Juan. The previous flight down and hit the tail of a hurricane.The FA told me ever single barf bag on the plane was used and they needed more.
Can't imaging what it smelled like.

3rd Mar 2018, 16:39
Pulled from a story: The 1:20 pm ASOS (March 2) from Dulles: NW46G60. 12:50 pm ASOS from KDCA: NW44G58.

Apparently the main tower at IAD was evacuated for a half hour at some point. A video is circulating of an interesting go-around at DCA, and there's another from Richmond Va (RDU). I rarely post here so I can't add a url, but searching for WNCN and "jet makes rough landing at rdu during high winds" oughta do it. Several corrections on the way down but the payoff is abrupt main-gear touchdown (after which the aircraft immediately is obscured behind buildings).

AN2 Driver
4th Mar 2018, 06:00

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Jet makes rough landing at RDU during high winds (http://wncn.com/2018/03/02/caught-on-video-jet-makes-rough-landing-at-rdu-during-high-winds/)

4th Mar 2018, 13:56
Thanks AN2. I see Check Airman started a thread currently right above this one with the same video.

There's a spot called Gravelly Point just north of the DCA runway that must have been quite the spot to watch hairy landings and takeoffs. Not counting ducking 70-mph debris (one of the videos circulating, a go-around, must have been shot from there).