View Full Version : King Air crash in Brazil kills Minister of the Brazilian Supreme Federal Court

19th Jan 2017, 19:49
News in Brazil is reporting the death of Teori Zavascki the minister of Brazil's supreme federal court, and famously the minister that reported Brazil's latest corruption scandal that could potentially impeach Brazil's Interim President Michel Temer.

The report is showing that the aircraft stoofed in to the sea 2 kms short of the threashold in Paraty, Brasil after a 2 hour flight from São Paulo, pictures are showing good VFR conditions at the time of the accident. Brazil has "stopped" for now and the general public are very suspicious of the news as this is the second senior minister that we have lost in about 18 months due to an accident.

Relator da Lava Jato no STF, Teori Zavascki morre aos 68 anos após queda de avião em Paraty, diz filho | Política | G1 (http://g1.globo.com/politica/noticia/relator-da-lava-jato-no-stf-teori-morre-aos-68-anos-apos-queda-de-aviao-em-paraty.ghtml)

ATC Watcher
19th Jan 2017, 19:58
Beech 90C, privately own , belonging to an hotel according the article.

19th Jan 2017, 20:03

I'll translate further articles when we have more information

Broomstick Flier
22nd Jan 2017, 15:30
Conspiracy theories are just that, theories.

What is known for a fact:
- The destination airport operates only under VFR/VMC
- Weather was well below VFR minima
- For all accounts, a 'napkin GPS approach chart' was used for performing an IFR approach to mentioned airport
- Loss of situational awareness at low altitude, trying to duck under the cloud layer lead to impacting the water surface in a descending turn.

Pending investigation will shed some light, but the facts are clear.

Was not the first, will not be the last one

Safe flights


22nd Jan 2017, 16:05
Good answer

This is exactly what I am trying to explain to my non-aviation friends here.

Apparently the weather became somewhat shocking at the time, heavy rain reducing viz to near zero.

On the other hand, I can understand why the conspiracy theories abound, the timing of Teori's death does rightly open some questions.

"Napkin approaches" seem to be common here, about a year ago an ATR from Passaredo (a once big, now small, regional carrier) managed to make a touch and go on a farmer's soy field about a mile short of the runway in Rondonopolis trying to land at a VFR only airfield in IMC, at night with a homemade approach procedure.... Looking at the damage there, the aircraft must have been cms from disaster

Avião da Passaredo que ‘errou a pista’ teve danos na fuselagem e hélice; veja fotos exclusivas :: Notícias de MT | Olhar Direto (http://www.olhardireto.com.br/noticias/exibir.asp?id=413679&noticia=aviao-da-passaredo-que-errou-a-pista-teve-danos-na-fuselagem-e-helice-veja-fotos-exclusivas-)




After the "touch and go" the aircraft somehow made it back to the airfield.

Fuel exhaustion has been rife here in South America recently too, Obviously the Lamia, and a little before that a Navaro carrying a well known celebrity and his family made a forced landing due to insufficient fuel.

And, when talking airmanship.... Let's nt forget this gem from Brazil.... the pilot of a Baron, flying solo, leaving the autopilot on and going in to the back of the aircraft to film a video for youtube of te aircraft flying with no pilot at the controls.


I know too many good and responsible pilots here in Brazil to say that all of the behaviours I have mentioned here are normal for the country. But, some of the accident and incident reports we have here are so totally avoidable that frankly, nothing surprises me anymore!