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7th Feb 2017, 14:52
Apparently happening now, RAF escorting a PIA aircraft into STN/EGSS. No other details yet.

Ambient Sheep
7th Feb 2017, 14:58
According to the BBC News Channel at 15:38 & 15:42, it was a flight from Lahore to Heathrow which has been safely escorted and has already landed at Stansted at 14:50, and it's currently being held at a remote stand.

"Planes were launched to intercept an unidentified aircraft because the aircraft could not be identified by any other means. The matter has been handed over to the police and the airport is open as usual."

7th Feb 2017, 15:00
PIA757 (A330) it would seem. Already got a FPL filed to LHR.

Ambient Sheep
7th Feb 2017, 15:02
Link now available: RAF escorts Pakistan plane to Stansted - BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38899472)

Essex Police said the diversion was due to reports of a disruptive passenger on board and was "not believed to be a hijack situation or terror matter".

7th Feb 2017, 15:04
Ahh good ol' BBC reporting with accuracy. Shame they don't know the difference between a 747 and an A330.

7th Feb 2017, 15:11
Why would you land at Stansted instead of Heathrow with a disruptive passenger? I assume the infrastructure for arrest is far better in LHR.

electric traction
7th Feb 2017, 15:17
Its the designated uk airport for this type of incidence.

7th Feb 2017, 15:29
The crew clearly felt the threat was real enough to request "assistance".

7th Feb 2017, 20:30
Now we know the real reason for the divert according to the DM.

Pakistani plane escorted to Stansted by fighter jets | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4200300/Pakistani-plane-escorted-Stansted-fighter-jets.html)

Oh minus the usual adjectives.

7th Feb 2017, 20:32
For the general public interested in these things:

Stansted was used as there is less traffic than Heathrow with more space for escorting military aircraft. No more no less.

pax britanica
7th Feb 2017, 20:46
If I recall corrextly STN has use of the old small apron from way back on the other side of the runway and airfield than the terminals-a nice out of the way place to park and manage whatever problem arises. Cannot do that at LHR or LGW

7th Feb 2017, 22:22
I know all the hush hush and you ain't seen me right ?
its an undercover mission stuff
I bet the passengers have obeyed the flight crew and turned off all electronic devices
that would show live TV

But the BBC got a great view if the flight deck and front steps

8th Feb 2017, 00:03
Pakistani plane escorted to Stansted by fighter jets | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4200300/Pakistani-plane-escorted-Stansted-fighter-jets.html)

The Metropolitan Police confirmed a 'wanted' 52-year-old man who was due to be arrested upon arrival at Heathrow was instead detained at Stansted on suspicion of fraud offences.
PIA said the flight was diverted due to an 'anonymous phone call' to UK authorities containing a 'vague security threat'.

8th Feb 2017, 15:08
Military jets scrambled for this? Surely not, unless it was incorporated with a training exercise. Many of the reports say it was a disruptive passenger; then they say he was calm when arrested. There was a claim it was an unidentified a/c. So much mis-information from so many sources. I hope his travel insurance is up to it: but then again it could have been self-inflicted. The defence would say it was a hammer to crack a nut, diverting.
Let's move on.