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Super VC-10
13th Oct 2017, 18:09
Cebu Pacific Flight 461 overran the runway on landing at Iloilo International Airport, Philippines. Apparently all 180 on board safely evacuated.

180 passengers evacuated from Cebu Pacific plane at Iloilo airport | Inquirer News (http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/937818/breaking-philippine-news-updates-airplane-accidents-cebu-pacific-cebu-pacific-flight-5j-461-the-iloilo-international-airport)

13th Oct 2017, 18:23

Article suggests it was a lateral excursion rather than an overrun:


14th Oct 2017, 06:10
CEBU PACIFIC ADVISORY #2 As of 1:30AM, Oct 14, 2017

All 180 passengers and six crew members of Flight 5J 461 (Manila-Iloilo) are safe and accounted for. Initial reports indicated that the aircraft veered to the side of runway after landing earlier at the Iloilo International Airport. The Captain then initiated an evacuation.

Cebu Pacific is working with the authorities to investigate the incident and expedite the re-opening of the airport runway.

We will continue to provide updates as soon as possible.
Cebu have also posted advisories on cancellations and alternate flights.

14th Oct 2017, 09:53
The story cited by the OP quotes the airline: "The crew initiated emergency evacuation", and Av Herald (http://www.avherald.com/h?article=4afa6a04) says "emergency evacution" too. But in the photo, no slides in sight and overwing exits closed. That doesn't look like emergency. Perhaps in reality they got off calmly via steps?

14th Oct 2017, 10:07
You can clearly see the legs of someone on an escape slide at the extreme right of the picture - underneath the black umbrella.

14th Oct 2017, 10:57
From the Rappler article (which is actually several articles, with a mention of engine trouble):
https://scontent-frx5-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/p843x403/22384225_1508230779245537_5756606081434923610_o.jpg?oh=4517a 8fc810b7cc99674c934450af0d4&oe=5A7E2113

14th Oct 2017, 15:33
Ah, thanks, Groundloop. I hadn't made out what those legs were doing there!

Thanks, too, Musician. Looks like a nice gentle slide evac - responders at the end of the slide, perhaps less panic than seems to be usual.

15th Oct 2017, 10:05
By the look of it the crew actually used common sense in this case (nose low/tail high, no immediate fire hazard) and decided that an orderly evacuation using front doors only will have a beter outcome than a mad rush to all exits.

15th Oct 2017, 13:57
https://www.cebupacificair.com/pages/travel-advisories - 13 Oct 2017 CEBU PACIFIC ADVISORY - Iloilo Runway Closure
As of 10:00AM, Oct. 15, 2017

Efforts to remove the damaged Airbus A320 aircraft of Cebu Pacific continue at the Iloilo International Airport. Technical experts from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines and the Manila International Airport Authority have joined the Cebu Pacific team onsite. However, their efforts are hampered by unfavorable weather conditions in Iloilo.

Meanwhile, all 180 passengers aboard Cebu Pacific Flight 5J 461 have been contacted and their baggage is being delivered to them. Cebu Pacific mounted a total of nine additional flights since yesterday morning to help disrupted passengers.This advisory is continuously being updated, and has lots of information on cancelled flights and replacement flights (and the information I quoted earlier).