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  1. International flights holding at gates after fire at Toronto’s Pearson airport
  2. Licence validation
  3. Sim Eval Practice
  4. Student Project
  5. Plane down near Buttonville Airport
  6. Skiplane Instruction in B.C. or Alberta
  7. Student
  8. Class D FFS hours.
  9. Degree, Diploma or Flight School?
  10. Air Canada Increases Key Financial Targets for 2019-2021
  11. Sexual Assault Law Suit against WestJet
  12. Reviews on Sky Quest Aviation, Blue Bird Aviation
  13. Searching for FAA CFII
  14. Air Canada drops Air Georgian
  15. New A-CDM (slot reservation) program for CYYZ
  16. Drunk WestJet passenger who caused plane to reroute ordered to pay $21,000 for fuel
  17. Ice flying near Sudbury ONT
  18. Canadian Pilots Flying in Canada, please advise.
  19. Seat Selection Fees,
  20. TC announces new drone regulations
  21. WestJet strands passengers in Cancun
  22. Temporary IFR Procedure at NTPL
  23. The Shepherd
  24. PPL-A Canada USA Germany cheapes/best
  25. A commercial drone is being used in Moosonee, Ontario for freight
  26. Flight Instructor Jobs Toronto (GTA)?
  27. Japanese looking for flight school in BC
  28. FAA or EASA
  29. AC and WJ upgrade time
  30. The Crossing
  31. pilot jobs canada ?
  32. Provincial Airlines Emergency Landing
  33. NavCanada to close Buttonville Tower
  34. Two killed in PA-28 crash at Brantford, Ontario
  35. November 11th Tribute to Bomber Command
  36. Flair Hiring
  37. 747 accident on landing at YHZ
  38. Midair Collision near Ottawa (Carp)
  39. Helicopter pilot fondly remembered
  40. Ottawa aviation services
  41. FAA/NCAA licensed pilot in GTA in need of advice from experienced pilots in Canada
  42. Landing minimas Canada
  43. Transport Canada CAR Exams for AME
  44. Canadian ATP
  45. CARS max airspeed 200kts 3000agl 10nm
  46. Serious light aircraft crash near Ottawa
  47. Let's go to Tim's - Tim Hottens that is
  48. Perimeter Aviation
  49. CARs and Standards
  50. The 64K Question..
  51. As Air Canada soars, WestJet takes a predictable nosedive
  52. 3 killed in Cessna 206 crash in N.W.T.
  53. Max number of passengers 703 helicopter
  54. Ben SMITH (AC’s number two) to join Air France KLM group
  55. Floatplane flips over near Kingston, Ontario: no serious injuries
  56. Piper/Diamond Rental in Toronto
  57. Brand New uflymike + QC15
  58. Clunkdriver
  59. OAS vs. Air Richelieu
  60. Fatal crash at Buttonville
  61. Looking for B787 TRE
  62. Some of the Best Flying Academy's name of Canada
  63. 737 DEC opportunities
  64. Foreign pilot, job market in Canada
  65. After 60-hour delay, WestJet passengers might get $1,800 each in compensation
  66. Norwegian starting operations in Canada
  67. PA-18 crash near Sault St. Marie. Ontario
  68. Converting an ICAO CPL/ATPL to Canadian Equivelant.
  69. Georgian/Sky Regional
  70. Flight School - Canada vs. US
  71. Canadian VNC and VTA charts
  72. PPL Examiner Recommendations
  73. Winnipeg Aviation or Brandon Flying Club
  74. Canadian ATPL req
  75. Swoop flying to be done by WJ pilots
  76. WestJet CEO's plea to pilots during labour dispute after >90% strike vote. - flying
  77. airplane ownership
  78. AC crew life
  79. Pilot shortage - How are airlines coping?
  80. Re-validation ICAO to Canadian ATPL
  81. Buying my first plane. Looking for advice with the cost build up.
  82. FD Valid time and For-Use
  83. Raccoon delays Air Canada flight
  84. TSB flight recorder recommendations
  85. A320 training and rating
  86. WJ: Here we Go (Out)
  87. EASA ATPL to Canadian ATPL
  88. Snowbirds tribute to Humboldt Broncos
  89. Beech craft forced landing
  90. FAA testing centers in Canada
  91. 172/PA28 rental in Toronto area
  92. Brampton Flight Centre vs Moncton Flight College, Which is better for training?
  93. Canadian Starfighter pilots
  94. Calling all freelance flight instructors in Toronto
  95. The Grim Reaper strikes again
  96. Boeing/US Government versus Bombardier C Series...
  97. Oversight is Tightening Up
  98. Canadian pilot required to file and pay US taxes while flying in US?
  99. Air Canada system-wide IT failure
  100. 4 airlines cited by Transport Canada for safety non-compliance
  101. Porter Q400 emergency landing in Fredericton
  102. Greg Saretsky Immediate Retirement
  103. Viking Air in pact with Mahindra Aerospace to market Twin Otter in India
  104. 108,000 Feet over CYWG
  105. Canadians @ US Regionals
  106. It's Slippery Out There!
  107. I need some serious help!
  108. DHC6 training manual
  109. A320 Simulators in Canada
  110. Drunken behaviour on Canadian VIP trip
  111. 2 minor injuries on Air Canada flight due to turbulence
  112. 100LL Avgas quarantine
  113. Hard landing damages nose gear at YTZ
  114. Nolinor
  115. Controversy over sale of Bell 412s to Philippines
  116. Turbulence in CYYT
  117. Jobs in Canada
  118. A320 Type Rating Requirement
  119. Swoop
  120. CBC News article on instructor shortage
  121. N246W MU-2B-60 crash Iles-de-la-Magdalin Airport March 29 2016
  122. can foreign flight instructors work in canada through working permit visa
  123. Air Georgian
  124. Type rating abroad
  125. Type rating abroad
  126. Air Canada: Our Home
  127. The Shepherd-Frederick Forsyth read by Alan Maitland
  128. WestJet once again gives passengers 'erroneous information' about why it cancelled fl
  129. Good job, RCMP
  130. Dellen Millard, Carl's grandson, found guilty of first degree murder by jury
  131. Question regarding licensing. Please help if you have info.
  132. Air Transat Strikes again
  133. EVA Air's 777 hits pole during taxi at Toronto
  134. Ethoneal Fuel
  135. Canada or USA as an international
  136. Is post-secondary education really worth it?
  137. Flight School Help - Vancouver Area
  138. Air Canada
  140. Cargojet
  141. Jet Pilot
  143. Is there any boeing 737 ng type rating schools in canada
  144. AC1620 YYZ Nov 9
  145. BAE 146 RJ100
  146. Transport Canada might leave all pilot proficiency checks up to the airline..
  147. Dellen Millard, Carl's grandson, second murder trial
  148. 80 Years of T.C.A/Air Canada
  149. Quebec man seeks permission to sue Sunwing over ‘champagne service’
  150. WestJet questioned about termination of employees on long-term disability
  151. Had to happen sooner or later
  152. Good GTA Flight Schools and Post-CPL Prospects
  153. US slaps huge duty on C Series
  154. Commercial airline pilot training sponsorships
  155. Need help to start career as a professional pilot
  156. Avro Arrow test models found
  157. Pearson airport (CYYZ) suffers another close call on a runway
  158. Looking for block time to build PIC for CPL in the GTA
  159. Hamilton airport more than doubles its passenger count
  160. Man tries to board flight in Winnipeg with semi-automatic pistol
  161. Questions about Seneca College Aviation Programs
  162. Best Flying Club near Toronto
  163. Small aircraft hits wires northwest of Toronto but no serious injuries
  164. Grande Prairie Deal
  165. 2 aircraft clip wings at YYZ
  166. Unruly passenger arrested after Air Canada flight returns to Toronto
  167. Air Transat passengers stuck on planes call 911
  168. WestJet flight delayed 8 hours after emergency slide accidentally deployed
  169. Air Creebec HS748 damaged in a storm?
  170. Norwegian returns to OAK on one engine after IFSD near YYC
  171. Future Rouge Fleet
  172. TC FCLV
  173. B757 converting from EASA to TC
  174. AC Pilot Forum
  175. Is finding a job easier in Canada now than it was 10-15 years ago?
  176. Canadian North Airlines
  177. new immigration rules info
  178. Two badly hurt in floatplane crash near Orillia, Ontario
  179. Help me Please
  180. Air Canada shares hit 10-year high on bullish Q2 outlook
  181. Canada DCT routings
  182. Best airlines to work for ?
  183. Access to Canadian approach charts
  184. Bison blocking airstrip, among other things, in N.W.T.
  185. Search reduced for missing PA-28 in B.C.
  186. A Question for Air Canada Pilots
  187. Minor collision of EVA Air with fuel truck at YYZ
  188. Two dead in plane crash in Muskoka, Ontario
  189. Flair Air - Mexican Game
  190. WestJet cutting back on service to LGW because of problems with 767s
  191. keratoconus
  192. Bombardier in talks with Comac for potential Chinese investment
  193. Full Moon?
  194. BZ Westjet
  195. global damaged in cyhu
  196. Pilot killed in light plane crash southwest of London, Ontario
  197. China ban on Canadians
  198. Polar bear gets helicopter ride in Newfoundland
  199. Bombardier board under assault from Que. financiers
  200. help please!
  201. WestJet buying up to 20 Boeing Dreamliners
  202. Possible fatal crash in northern Quebec
  203. WestJet ULCC
  204. Boeing seeks U.S. anti-dumping probe vs. Bombardier
  205. Swainson's hawk YHX to YXE Help Wanted
  206. Air Carrier Certificate for foreign nationals
  207. A happy ending: dog placed on wrong WJ flight found
  208. Runway incursion during United flight #UA211 takeoff at Toronto Pearson airp
  209. Not Important?
  210. Mock IED causes serious delay at YYZ
  211. Emergency landing today of Air Canada's B787 in CYUL...
  212. C Series at EGLC
  213. Ontario Basler DC-3, crew OK.
  214. C-172 crash in northern Ontario: plane found but pilot missing
  215. One pilot dead after mid-air collision near Montreal
  216. Nolinor
  217. CargoJet
  218. So WestJet almost puts one in while on approach at St-Maarten...
  219. Bombardier execs arested
  220. Falling ice crashes through roof of home
  221. CAE canada
  222. New to EC120b
  223. Air Canada Receives Award for Best Corporate Sustainability Report
  224. FAA Conversion
  225. 2 killed in C-185 crash near Winnipeg
  226. Pilot training in Canada
  227. Back in the Saddle
  228. Bombardier gets another handout...
  229. ATPL after CPL .pilot training
  230. Instructor Course in Canada
  231. AC hiring?
  232. Les Maike
  233. Canadian visa
  234. Porter completely grounded due to system outage
  235. Aviation Career/Job fair day at Harv's Air near Winnipeg, MB
  236. Sunwing pilot's 'misunderstanding' caused bomb scare near Pearson
  237. F/A Sues Airline for 'Scary Flight'
  238. Rouge and the MAX
  239. 'Christmas miracle' as plane makes emergency landing at Fort McMurray airport
  240. Pilot arrested in Calgary, charged with being impaired before takeoff Sunwing plane
  241. Medicine Hat, Alberta
  242. Cessna 208 crash lands at Fort McMurray
  243. Calgary new terminal
  244. The Shepherd
  245. Perhaps Air Canada should do their maintenance in Canada...
  246. Perhaps Air Canada should do their maintenance in Canada...
  247. C-295 to replace the Buffalo
  248. Looking for some advices for my training
  249. Grumman American crash near Quebec City
  250. A case study in how to manage fuel