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dook 26th Nov 2018 09:35

I have been looking for posts by Brakedwell.

edit: got something possibly better.

dook 26th Nov 2018 10:08

Near Bengaluru ?

JENKINS 26th Nov 2018 10:25

In terms of 'near' in that amazing landmass, yes. My father spoke with admiration of the beer in WW2 Bangalore. Keep looking, I had never heard of this place until sent there.

dook 26th Nov 2018 10:43

Is your image orientated to north ?

dook 26th Nov 2018 10:46

Tirupati I think.

JENKINS 26th Nov 2018 13:55

Tirupati, looking North. The RAF squadrons clue referred to the status of 'Hyderabad' squadrons, receiving benificence from the Nizam of that Princely state, and drawing attention down towards that area. My first Squadron was a 'Uganda' outfit, though I doubt that Idi Amin knew much about it.

To you.

dook 26th Nov 2018 14:03

Good challenge. SpiceJet led the way.


Asturias56 26th Nov 2018 15:54

Western England?

dook 26th Nov 2018 16:28

No - eastern....

sycamore 26th Nov 2018 16:47

Southern UK...?

dook 26th Nov 2018 17:13


JENKINS 26th Nov 2018 18:03

There is a photograph on the Interweb of a line of shiny bare-metal 'Maggies' on an apron at Woodley, albeit at a different angle. Buildings unconvincing, but worth a shout.

R2G2 26th Nov 2018 18:11

I'll go for Redhill. OH if correct.

dook 26th Nov 2018 18:22

Redhill it is R2G2.

OH is called.

PM very shortly for JENKINS.

R2G2 26th Nov 2018 18:35

I've flown out of it at least once and around that area several more times. Although that was 40 years ago there was something familiar about it. I suspect the photograph was pre-June 1940 as, I believe, flying training ceased then as the skies around that area became quite crowded.

dook 26th Nov 2018 18:40

Late '39 or early '40.

Polish training - Fairey Battles.

JENKINS 26th Nov 2018 20:02

Redhil, interesting. Never been https://cimg1.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune....b57b48768a.jpg
there. Have been relatively close to this next field which has not featured for some time.

JENKINS 26th Nov 2018 21:57

A parting shot at bedtime. Field in existence for a long time, 3 runways in WW2, and I cannot see any Sign of 'The Goat.'

dook 27th Nov 2018 08:56

Good morning.

Italy ?

JENKINS 27th Nov 2018 09:06

Grey morning. Not Italy I fear. USAAF units apparently used the field, B17 the machines, and the two units are extant if Wiki. is to be believed.

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