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Airclues 4th Aug 2011 19:13

Which Aerodrome Mk III
I believe that twochai has the floor.


twochai 4th Aug 2011 21:24

Sorry for the delay, I'll be back as soon as I locate a suitable challenge. However, if anybody has anything ready to go - OPEN HOUSE!

RegDep 5th Aug 2011 09:22

Here is a permalink to Which Aerodrome Mk II http://www.pprune.org/aviation-histo...ml#post6618531

…and here to the original Which Aerodrome ? (Mk I) http://www.pprune.org/aviation-histo...ml#post4909881

Just to help following up…...

evansb 5th Aug 2011 20:58

Okay, here is a mystery locale:

Airclues 6th Aug 2011 16:49

OK....I'll start......North America?


evansb 6th Aug 2011 18:47

No. A careful look at the architecture may assist in determining the locale.

Corsairoz 6th Aug 2011 18:54

I think it might be Germany. Anywhere near Freidrichshafen?


RegDep 6th Aug 2011 20:21

Aveiro Aerodrome

Established in 1917 as a French Hydroplane Base with Portuguese support the Military facility of São Jacinto, Portugal. Judging from GiggleEarth, most of the buildings are still there. 40° 39' 30" N 08° 44' 00 W

evansb 6th Aug 2011 22:26

RegDep is correct. San Jacinto, Portugal it is! Yes, several structures still stand. Well done. Your turn.

RegDep 7th Aug 2011 09:47

Thanks Brian!

A bit more recent aviation activity here


Airclues 7th Aug 2011 10:02

No idea where it is, but I don't like the look of that crosswind!


RegDep 7th Aug 2011 10:12

They themselves described it: "Although, again this year, we had the Weather Gods not necessarily sympathetic, at least it was mostly dry."

950 aircraft movements, nevertheless, they say. But I don't know if the A380 fly-by counts in or not…..

sycamore 7th Aug 2011 10:27

Must be `im Deutschland`..?

sabredog 7th Aug 2011 10:33

Tannkosh Fly-In 2008 (Tannheim)

RegDep 7th Aug 2011 10:43

Correct sabredog, Tannheim Airport, Tankosh Fly-in (but I think 2010, the weather was bad again)

Over to you :ok:

sabredog 7th Aug 2011 10:54

Thank you,Regdep.
The next challenge;

Flap40 9th Aug 2011 08:24

Is this "Which Aerodrome" or "Which housing development"?

Airclues 9th Aug 2011 08:49

Is this "Which Aerodrome" or "Which housing development"?
I can see three (ex) runways there. Not a clue where it is though.


sabredog 9th Aug 2011 18:10

Not wishing to inadvertently stall this thread,and as it now transpires that there is some doubt over the exact name/location of the Airpark, I shall withdraw this challenge and declare;
"Open House".
With apologies.

spook 9th Aug 2011 19:59

...but roughly where did you think it was? It's a very intriguing challenge!

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