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Self loading bear 24th Nov 2018 15:36

A better pixel photo can also be found on Newcastle airport 80 years.
But that is hindsight.
That the trucks were typical brittish did not help me.


dook 24th Nov 2018 15:54

Someone must have the next.

chevvron 24th Nov 2018 16:49

Father Brown was 'formerly priest of Cobhole in Essex' so how about Great Sampford, Essex?

chevvron 24th Nov 2018 17:06

Akeman Street, Glos.
My great aunt lived in Akeman Street, but in Tring, Herts; right opposite the Rothschild Museum.
Edit to add OH!

JENKINS 24th Nov 2018 17:33

That's it Road ran close to the secret South Midland field in England where I once plied my trade, useful on a murky day.

OH called.

dook 24th Nov 2018 17:35

Something probably straightforward for a change.


jensdad 24th Nov 2018 17:37

Great photo of my local, dook. And possibly the first time in history that Northumberland has been mistaken for the Australian outback!

dook 24th Nov 2018 17:39

Yes - most unlike JENKINS, but I could see why he said it.

jensdad 24th Nov 2018 17:41

Originally Posted by JENKINS (Post 10319319)
And now, on reflection, I realise that the bowsers rest on what became my usual parking spot, hey-ho.

I detect a BA short haul person, JENKINS? :)

dook 24th Nov 2018 17:43

I was an English Electric short haul person !

chevvron 24th Nov 2018 17:44

Acklington or Ouston?
Short legged JPs but the closest one has a Mk 1 canopy and no tip tanks; could it be a Mk2?

dook 24th Nov 2018 17:48

I've got over 2000 hours on JPs and Strikemasters and the Mk2 was an interim version, and it's neither of those airfields.

JENKINS 24th Nov 2018 17:49

BA Short Haul
I regret not, simply low cost. Low cost, that is, in view of the pittance delivered by the company to its employees. Good fun though.

JENKINS 24th Nov 2018 18:03

On the toss of a coin, Syerston? Most of my time was T4 and T5, great fun. Of course, my time was taxed rather than the tax free life of some pilots.

dook 24th Nov 2018 18:20

It isn't Syerston either.

Are you referring to the fact that I flew the Strikemaster.

edit: to save you all pain, this is not an RAF flying training airfield.

JENKINS 24th Nov 2018 18:34

So that cuts out Hullavington. How about a formal handover at Luton? The Cranwell stripe on a machine has now got my mind dithering!

Strikies - a frequent moan was that in the Kingdom there was no UK tax, whereas Loan Service in Oman attracted the attention of the taxman. I may be wrong of course.

dook 24th Nov 2018 18:41

I think that was because loan service pilots were still RAF and tours were treated just like all overseas posts.

I was a civilian BAe company pilot.

Luton gets a :D

JENKINS 24th Nov 2018 19:46

Thought there were Loan Service in The Kingdom as well as Contract.

dook 24th Nov 2018 20:04

Yes - only two at a particular time. I can't remember the pay scale.

dook 24th Nov 2018 20:27

You do have the thread Jenks.

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