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chevvron 28th Nov 2018 17:13


ea200 28th Nov 2018 17:16

Somewhere on the Sub-Continent I suppose. Wapitis were in what is now Pakistan I think, but it's not Risalpur. Is the river the Indus?

JENKINS 28th Nov 2018 17:22

Pure luck by starting off in the right place, oil and gas helped. Kamloops BC?

dook 28th Nov 2018 17:56

Well spotted Jenks.

New balls please.

JENKINS 28th Nov 2018 18:11

Thanks. Judwin's best gave the 'elk' clue and so Canada, with the tank complex sending me after oil and gas therein, really lucky.

So this one, a single visit, just like Judwin. Machine was here for routine servicing.

dook 28th Nov 2018 18:46

Wheressa pic....?

JENKINS 28th Nov 2018 19:17

Oops, bit high on round-out? Sorry.

dook 28th Nov 2018 19:33

Looks like a fairly big airfield and I can't see any passenger-handling buildings so I imagine maintenance only.

Australia ?

JENKINS 28th Nov 2018 19:43

General Aviation, Training, Maintenance, and so on. A War of Independence in its past. My own visit allowed me a easy afternoon before my continued odyssey the next day. Hotac in nearby city, bit of a raffle as to which I chose, bit better than the night before.

dook 28th Nov 2018 19:49

That makes me think of the USA.

JENKINS 28th Nov 2018 19:59

A little known War, not American. One clue missed, but keep lookng. Amy and Jason visited, Kate and Val came later.

dook 28th Nov 2018 20:17

Turkey or possibly Mexico.

dook 28th Nov 2018 20:22

Hang on - I'm thinking aircraft and I've already asked about Australia.

JENKINS 28th Nov 2018 20:33

Yes to aircraft-thinking, bit far out on locations even if in-between two.

chevvron 28th Nov 2018 20:36

Originally Posted by JENKINS (Post 10323003)
A little known War, not American. One clue missed, but keep lookng. Amy and Jason visited, Kate and Val came later.

Amy Johnson flying in 'Jason'

dook 28th Nov 2018 20:39

That's why I suggested Australia.

The other two are WW2 Japanese aircraft.

dook 28th Nov 2018 20:47

Amy had several refuelling stops in Indonesia.

sycamore 28th Nov 2018 20:48

Another couple of Judwin`s finest operated here,until one retired gracefully......! and I got a weeks OO...amongst other things....

JENKINS 28th Nov 2018 20:49

Pretty good, little bit of refinement and you will be there. There are others of this parish who should be more familiar.

JENKINS 28th Nov 2018 20:51

Have just seen the Sycamore response, so come on old bean, tell us and I can go to bed. Be quick, because dook is closing in.

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