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Asturias56 2nd Mar 2021 07:47

Ahh - someone thinking outside the box!

If Bear wrote down the reasons he started looking in "Guyana, Sierra Leone, Liberia Nigeria and Cameroon" and examined them carefully it might lead to a different set of parameters for the search.................

There are a couple of other forums on here where I'd expect it to have lasted about 3 minutes.

India Four Two 2nd Mar 2021 08:03

Bahamas or Caribbean?

Max Tow 2nd Mar 2021 08:13

Searching for the required historic link, are we nearer to Sheffield?

Self loading bear 2nd Mar 2021 10:45

I was originally looking for native English countries.
I think Baja California equidistant to Cameroon and Australia.

but not much time to search.

Asturias56 2nd Mar 2021 14:15

It's a long way from Sheffield as well but there is a historic link


BSD 2nd Mar 2021 15:48

Could it be the Falklands?

Asturias56 2nd Mar 2021 16:31

It could............................. uncropped picture


BSD 2nd Mar 2021 17:04

I'm betting Its Sea Lion Lodge landing strip.

How's that?

Max Tow 2nd Mar 2021 19:40

An historical link...a long way from home.
H.M.S. Sheffield Memorial, Sea Lion Island

Self loading bear 2nd Mar 2021 20:29

How much beaches I have been ploughing the last two days.
And only to find the most sand was already between my ears....

Nice challenge
and a wonderful spot to spend a holiday week.

Max Tow 2nd Mar 2021 22:12

"...and a wonderful spot to spend a holiday week." SLB - I think you'd find most of your week spent in getting there & back.
Pending Asturias' adjudication, those of you interested in Falklands airports may find the following of interest - the DC4 hijack to the Stanley Racecourse is quite amusing!


Asturias56 3rd Mar 2021 08:14

I shall show discipline - come back at 17:49! :ok:

getting to the Fi sin't too hard in normal times- (but it isn't cheap) - the RAF one-stop runs a couple of times a week and is effectively an overnighter. The LAN Chile flight can get you from Madrid via Santiago but that requires an overnight each way (and a horribly early departure on a Saturday) in Santiago - which is a nice spot.

The "second flight" which is/was going to be TAM from Sao Paulo via Argentina was due to start when CV-19 stopped all that - I think that was going to be a mid week flight but never saw the timetable .

OUAQUKGF Ops 3rd Mar 2021 09:02

Thanks Max Tow for that very interesting Falklands Link.

Max Tow 3rd Mar 2021 09:17

Originally Posted by OUAQUKGF Ops (Post 11000903)
Thanks Max Tow for that very interesting Falklands Link.

Thanks for that - The "DC4 racecourse" in Stanley seems to be little changed from the 1966 photos in the link.
As others have remarked before, these explorations tend to throw up all sorts of interesting diversions!

By the way, I've P.M.'d Asturias as I wonder whether the Mods really do require him to impose a 24hr freeze after a correct guess (esp as he started the challenge back in Feb), or perhaps the intention might just have been to set a minimum of 24hrs from the original challenge post to declaration of a correct answer, in order to allow us Transatlantic & Antipodean types a look in (which seems to be working fine). Is that correct?

It does look a bit like a control tower...

Asturias56 3rd Mar 2021 10:07

That was the aim - but the way its been enforced 9and I mean that) - the posts have been somewhat contradictory - the original rule only referred to "24 hours after the post to confirm" whereas a more recent edict refereed to "is not named until 24 hours after the original post" . Which I would take to be the original challenge.

Having been wrapped on the knuckles before I'm not taking the risk...... it took me two years to get back on "Rumours & news"

Sideshow Bob 3rd Mar 2021 12:28

Having been there several times (abait briefly and in the 1990s) you'd of thought I'd of got that one. Got to say that my trips were free though and not exactly by choice.

BSD 3rd Mar 2021 13:09

The next challenge is ready and waiting for Asturias56 to fire the starting gun...

Not one I can se on the list of previous and hopefully compliant with the spirit and rules of this contest.

A photo I took myself, but I'd be amazed (and delighted) if the super-sleuths on here didn't crack it in double quick time.

The link to the DC-4 made for interesting reading. Never been to the FI myself but used to fly with one of the original FIGAS pilots, whose obituary in the Telegraph in 2005 told of a "mercy" flight he'd undertaken for a sick child in a Beaver IIRC. A marvelous piece of flying.

nvubu 3rd Mar 2021 17:00

Originally Posted by OUAQUKGF Ops (Post 11000903)
Thanks Max Tow for that very interesting Falklands Link.

I'm with OUAQUKGF and others on this - really interesting read, thanks for the link

Asturias56 - it's 24 hours after the challenge has been set.

Asturias56 3rd Mar 2021 17:29

It is indeed Sea Lion Island - a spot I'd recommend to anyone. The accommodation is not luxurious but fit for purpose and the food and people are wonderful. I have to apologise to Bear - I hadn't realised until he started hacking through the undergrowth in W Africa just how like a red soil strip it looked! By then all I could do was to ask him to check his assumptions.......


BSD 3rd Mar 2021 18:04


Not sure how long this will last, but have fun.


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