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JENKINS 24th Nov 2018 20:29

Thanks, working at it. Luton time restricted to an airline which failed in 1999. Another episode of fun though.

OH while I think!

dook 24th Nov 2018 20:31

I can't post because the last one was mine.

JENKINS 24th Nov 2018 20:36

Here's one. At this field flew one of my favourite sportsmen, gave a succinct definition of 'stress.' Soon be bedtime, I used to sleep near here at one stage of my varied airline career.https://cimg4.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune....c0e5b0fd62.jpg

JENKINS 24th Nov 2018 20:46

On reflection, pressure rather than stress was defined.

dook 24th Nov 2018 21:05


dook 25th Nov 2018 08:46

I've been trying to find this to no avail.

It looks to be UK.

Was it used for model flying ?

JENKINS 25th Nov 2018 09:45

Believe no gliding, no knowledge of model flying. Former colleague, back-seater Sea Vixen, flew his own machine there, and I believe another colleague, WIWOL and back-seater Sea Venom, may have visited on occasion.

Noel Coward was mistaken.

paddyboy 25th Nov 2018 09:49

Great Massingham. OH.

JENKINS 25th Nov 2018 09:55

That's it. Keith Miller, fine cricketer, flew there and later discussed pressure in relation to Test Match cricket.

OH declared. Paddyboy knows his North Norfolk fields!

3wheels 25th Nov 2018 09:57

Somewhere in Essex?

Discorde 25th Nov 2018 10:42


dook 25th Nov 2018 10:54

Not unlike Church Fenton.

Discorde 25th Nov 2018 10:57

Exactly like Church Fenton! I removed the YUAS clue from the hangar on the right but you didn't need it anyway!

dook 25th Nov 2018 11:06

Takes me back a bit - I last flew out of there in 1967!! We are the same age.


sycamore 25th Nov 2018 11:14

Church Fenton...OH if correct

Too late....!!

#10103 looks like a graveyard for S-Vixens...N-Irn...?

dook 25th Nov 2018 11:34

Too late....!!
Catch up number four. ;)

They are not Sea Vixens.

Discorde 25th Nov 2018 11:39

Dook - were you in Leeds UAS?

dook 25th Nov 2018 11:52

No. I was holding at the air experience flight flying Chipmunks after my Valley course on the Gnat, before moving to Chivenor on the Hunter course.

sycamore 25th Nov 2018 12:26

Could be `Floggers fins` on an airfield in the M-East,or dhows on a river....
PS ,I was always #4(the Tanker) in the `Green Barrows` Formation Team....(C130)...

dook 25th Nov 2018 12:28

I think they may be Floggers but it's not in the Middle East.

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