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Asturias56 3rd Dec 2018 11:55

Mandalay International Airport at Tada-U??

if so a remarkable lack of flying fishes....................

dook 3rd Dec 2018 11:59

Bingo. :D...……..

Asturias56 3rd Dec 2018 12:04

"It was admired by Kipling's contemporaries, though some of them objected to its muddled geography" - you can say that again......

here's another minor non-tropical airport located by the sea side and where they speak two languages one of them Spanish - tho the name comes from culture which is NOT commonly spoken locally


dook 3rd Dec 2018 12:45

Good grief - one I've actually been to.

Florida Venice I think, but I have doubts.

Asturias56 3rd Dec 2018 13:30

In one!! - 41 minutes......................

This is clearly a major league game on here.

dook 3rd Dec 2018 14:42

Let's do an easier one then.


Imagegear 3rd Dec 2018 17:36

Italian Macchi C202, in the foreground I think. Castel Benito now Tripoli, Libya ??

Best guess


nvubu 3rd Dec 2018 18:03

I don't think it is Castel Benito, the hangars & control tower do not look right.

dook 3rd Dec 2018 18:24

nvubu is correct - it's not Libya.

nvubu 3rd Dec 2018 19:27

How about Ciampino?

JENKINS 3rd Dec 2018 19:36

Or maybe Catania?

dook 3rd Dec 2018 19:44

Well, how about Catania !

Jenkins to bowl next.

JENKINS 3rd Dec 2018 19:59

Thanks, I think I have been there. Found a photograph with part of your detail and a couple of 'diggers.'

Now this. Never been there, interesting history reflected in one of my recent readings.https://cimg3.ibsrv.net/gimg/pprune....7388dc083f.jpg

dook 3rd Dec 2018 20:23

Looks very military.

It appears that if you land on 05 you will have to backtrack.

sycamore 3rd Dec 2018 20:27


JENKINS 3rd Dec 2018 20:43

Not military, backtrack as envisaged is necessary, not Aleutians.

dook 3rd Dec 2018 20:50

Alaska ?...…..

JENKINS 3rd Dec 2018 21:14

Nor Alaska, but there is a tenuous link which may be established by continuing eastwards along the South coast of that state. I repeat, tenuous, and deep into history.

sycamore 3rd Dec 2018 21:23

Is that an AN-24 or ATR on the pan..?

JENKINS 3rd Dec 2018 21:28

And exploration, of course.

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