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Airclues 4th Aug 2011 19:13

Which Aerodrome Mk III
I believe that twochai has the floor.


twochai 4th Aug 2011 21:24

Sorry for the delay, I'll be back as soon as I locate a suitable challenge. However, if anybody has anything ready to go - OPEN HOUSE!

RegDep 5th Aug 2011 09:22

Here is a permalink to Which Aerodrome Mk II http://www.pprune.org/aviation-histo...ml#post6618531

…and here to the original Which Aerodrome ? (Mk I) http://www.pprune.org/aviation-histo...ml#post4909881

Just to help following up…...

evansb 5th Aug 2011 20:58

Okay, here is a mystery locale:

Airclues 6th Aug 2011 16:49

OK....I'll start......North America?


evansb 6th Aug 2011 18:47

No. A careful look at the architecture may assist in determining the locale.

Corsairoz 6th Aug 2011 18:54

I think it might be Germany. Anywhere near Freidrichshafen?


RegDep 6th Aug 2011 20:21

Aveiro Aerodrome

Established in 1917 as a French Hydroplane Base with Portuguese support the Military facility of São Jacinto, Portugal. Judging from GiggleEarth, most of the buildings are still there. 40° 39' 30" N 08° 44' 00 W

evansb 6th Aug 2011 22:26

RegDep is correct. San Jacinto, Portugal it is! Yes, several structures still stand. Well done. Your turn.

RegDep 7th Aug 2011 09:47

Thanks Brian!

A bit more recent aviation activity here


Airclues 7th Aug 2011 10:02

No idea where it is, but I don't like the look of that crosswind!


RegDep 7th Aug 2011 10:12

They themselves described it: "Although, again this year, we had the Weather Gods not necessarily sympathetic, at least it was mostly dry."

950 aircraft movements, nevertheless, they say. But I don't know if the A380 fly-by counts in or not…..

sycamore 7th Aug 2011 10:27

Must be `im Deutschland`..?

sabredog 7th Aug 2011 10:33

Tannkosh Fly-In 2008 (Tannheim)

RegDep 7th Aug 2011 10:43

Correct sabredog, Tannheim Airport, Tankosh Fly-in (but I think 2010, the weather was bad again)

Over to you :ok:

sabredog 7th Aug 2011 10:54

Thank you,Regdep.
The next challenge;

Flap40 9th Aug 2011 08:24

Is this "Which Aerodrome" or "Which housing development"?

Airclues 9th Aug 2011 08:49

Is this "Which Aerodrome" or "Which housing development"?
I can see three (ex) runways there. Not a clue where it is though.


sabredog 9th Aug 2011 18:10

Not wishing to inadvertently stall this thread,and as it now transpires that there is some doubt over the exact name/location of the Airpark, I shall withdraw this challenge and declare;
"Open House".
With apologies.

spook 9th Aug 2011 19:59

...but roughly where did you think it was? It's a very intriguing challenge!

sabredog 9th Aug 2011 20:24

Thank you for your interest,Spook.
Originally, it was captioned as an Airpark near San Luis Obispo,California. On further investigation to provide clues ,I could not find it under that designation, only the Regional airport. Rather than cause a further delay and possible controversy, I thought the best course of action would be to declare it void and start again. Still reseaching it though!

RegDep 9th Aug 2011 20:24

How about "Silver Springs", but probably not in Nevada or Arizona? Or what do you think sabredog?

sabredog 9th Aug 2011 20:52

Silver Springs is a strong contender,Regdep. But the odd shaped hardstandings/pans/dispersals appear to be missing, but everything else appears to fit.
On that assumption,Regdep. You have control.

RegDep 9th Aug 2011 21:16

Well, it has to be OH. I thought the "hardstandings" in the picture were, in fact, cul-de-sacs of the streets that had been pre-paved before the housing construction starts…..

sycamore 9th Aug 2011 22:05

Thought it more likely to be a heliport...

Duckbutt 11th Aug 2011 09:00

If its OH then, what about this:


descol 11th Aug 2011 14:13

Scotland ?

sabredog 11th Aug 2011 14:24

Tresco Sea Plane Base.

Duckbutt 11th Aug 2011 14:46

Sabredog has it and control.

sabredog 11th Aug 2011 16:48

Thank you,DB.
Open House.

jindabyne 11th Aug 2011 17:54

My first if I may ---


RegDep 11th Aug 2011 18:35

Hot or cold climate?

sabredog 11th Aug 2011 18:38

Wadi Ayn airstrip,Aden.

jindabyne 11th Aug 2011 18:53

Good detection sabre - you have the stone

sabredog 11th Aug 2011 18:57

Thank you,Jindabyne. A very good first contribution to the thread.
Open House.

Noyade 11th Aug 2011 23:07

Not sure if the camouflage was unique to this Base, but here goes...


sabredog 12th Aug 2011 09:07

Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base?

Noyade 12th Aug 2011 10:38

'Tis Korat sabredog. :ok:

Your control.


sabredog 12th Aug 2011 10:47

Thank you,Noyade. The squadron codes were a good clue!
Open House.

descol 12th Aug 2011 15:09

Try this one


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