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Duckbutt 16th Aug 2011 11:09

Thanks Reg. Next:


Duckbutt 17th Aug 2011 19:25

A few years before the above photo, the pilot of a flight departing from here achieved an aviation first. This did not receive as much publicity as it might have done because the attention of the world's press was diverted elsewhere at the time.

RegDep 17th Aug 2011 20:19

Are these guys doing break-dancing to the audience :ooh:?

It's the Whitfield Aerodrome, Dover.

And the first event you are talking about is the first flight from England to Germany, which took off from Whitfield on 18th April 1913. Flown by Gustav Hamel with a passanger in an 80hp Bleriot monoplane, he did the 245 mile journey non stop, in 258 minutes, through rain and hail storms, landing in Cologne.

Or, maybe: Harriet Quimby, the first woman to fly the Channel (1912), using Gustav Hamel's biplane, see above.

Duckbutt 18th Aug 2011 08:05

Whitfield, Dover it is Reg. I was refering to Harriet Quimby's flight which was pushed off the front pages by the sinking of the Titanic two days earlier.

You have it.

RegDep 18th Aug 2011 08:52

Thanks Duckbutt!

Should have understood from the date of her flight :uhoh:

Here's your next


Kieron Kirk 18th Aug 2011 10:13

Switzerland ?


RegDep 18th Aug 2011 10:21

Switzerland ?
So far so good, Ciarain :)

chevvron 18th Aug 2011 10:25

Looks like an arrestor barrier at the end of the runway, so military?

RegDep 18th Aug 2011 10:34

Yes, military. Current use GA (maybe still both).

And the question could be which ones of the areas in the picture are (were) military….

Duckbutt 18th Aug 2011 11:12

Ambri nr Airolo?

RegDep 18th Aug 2011 11:16

Ambri nr Airolo
Correct Duckbutt.

No longer military, just a short part mid-runway is used. I think the barriers are just temporary.


Over to you :ok:

Duckbutt 18th Aug 2011 11:22

Thanks Reg.


India Four Two 19th Aug 2011 05:47

British Columbia?

Duckbutt 19th Aug 2011 08:55

Not Canada

Duckbutt 19th Aug 2011 14:24

This is the view from the south. Unsurprisingly all take offs and landings have to be over the lake:


evansb 19th Aug 2011 16:41

Gravelly Valley Airport, Lake Pillsbury, California ?

Duckbutt 19th Aug 2011 16:57

You've got it evansb, all yours.

evansb 19th Aug 2011 17:53

Thanks Db. That was an excellent challenge. You had me looking in Tasmania for a bit. Here is the next mystery aerodrome:

sabredog 19th Aug 2011 18:25

No. 39 SFTS Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

evansb 19th Aug 2011 20:32

Sabredog is correct:ok: Swift Current, Sask. AKA "Speedy Creek". (CYYN). Your turn.

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