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fishbath21 28th Oct 2012 20:44

Dear Av8whore,

As much as I tried not to link your name to the way you wrote on this forum, i couldn't. I'm not even sure you are a true pilot. I think you are just a outcast, whose being unprofessional.

I dare about everything you have wrote about QR. I even double dare you! But I want to discuss it. There is no such thing as random pilot sacking. Unless your unprepared all the time, bad on SOP, screw around with cabin crew! then you WILL be sacked. Stop spreading rumors about this. There are 2500 pilots in QR that have there families and life here in Qatar. All doing a good job and getting paid good for it.
As for the interview. It seem from your attitude, that's the way you applied. And couldn't make it from there:ugh:
I'm in QR for 2 yrs now. I don't complain but I call it a job. That pays good and takes care of my family. I do my job to the end and go home! Always showing professional attitude.


rsajlk 28th Oct 2012 21:55

Bravo Fishbath...Very well said..

ryanb5005 29th Oct 2012 02:42

So will they really fire you for dating cabin crew? I'm not talking about banging all of them... I'm just talking about dating one.

gcc_ 29th Oct 2012 02:55

I'm sure others will be able to give you better insight as I never did any of it, but I don't think it's as bad as you hear.
The CS on one of my flights earlier this month was dating another crew for 2 years.
Just got permission for marriage, and they're also moving In together.
A lot of my FOs get busy with crew on layovers and stuff.
I think it's a few UNLUCKY guys that get it bad, and everyone keeps remembering those stories.

Wrap up okay. :ok:

disagreeable 29th Oct 2012 07:31

Dating the cabin crew have come up alot lately and have to add to this:

YOU WILL GET SACKED, if you screw the crew.... simple.
YES YOU CAN screw the crew, yes you can DATE the crew, but you have to be VERY low down on the whole thing, especially around other cabin crew, as alot have a telling the upper management streak (aka spies).... yes unfortunately they are usually indian, but can be others.

Its not like any western society/airline where they dont care.

As to the pilot/cabin crew getting married..... yes that is true but they had to keep their relationship very quiet for most of two years first.... then I believe that one of them will quit, leave, get married then come back into the country..... I think thats how it works....... either way, its not as simple as rocking up with your flight attendant girlie/wife2be on your arm when you go to work.... I hope people find it weird that you have to GET PERMISSION to get married from the CEO...... hmmmmm :ugh:

apart from that, this place is a forum; those who shoot down others opinions of this place are being foolish.

QR is FULL of good AND Bad........ unfortunately more so of the later.
It is correct to say money is good here; But is it worth the frustration of dealing with incompetant staff on the backend, maybe not?..... half the time it wont effect you; but when it does its a pain to sort things out! that goes for Doha in general and for QR.

Money is not the only judge of if its good here though
.... and these issues have been said COUNTLESS times before in this thread..

I have many friends in Emirates, and to tell you the truth, it shites all over QR, for one simple fact..... EVERYTHING works! Its set up to be easy for the crew/pilots...... driven to work, everything is at your fingertips when you walk into dispatch building (laundry, mail services, banking), the staff/crew website is just a dream with ability to do things that QR need 15 logins/websites for!
Yeah yeah, for those fan boys about to say go there instead.....dont worry :ok:

I'm trying to give you an idea of the difference between QR and other airlines so you can see normally not see in hope that taints you to reality here! Expect none of the smoothness of emirates/western airlines.

Some of the problems you will face is that training, especially for widebody is almost at a holt..... actually its the same for 320 as well.... if you come as a S/O..... (fast track or not) expect at least 10months minimum to be trained.... and thats being nice to QR!!!! (so if your a starry eyed, jets are my life guy, then you better be a rich arab or have some $$$$$ behind you b4 you come).

Maybe the numbers will pick up closer to the NDIA opening.

There is NO communication on alot of things here. And if they add something different, they wont advise you of where, so if you break a rule, you can get disciplined very easily without have much of a recourse because "you should have known"! Believe me, even if the office screws up there is a good chance you will cop a disipled letter.

Leave can get cancelled at anytime here; or given to you with not generally much of a recourse. So if you plan a holiday and pay for it.... then whamo.... too bad so sad.... "sorry captain"..... and thats even if they reply to your email or answer the phone.
This happens a fair amount and IS NOT a rare thing. :mad:

YES they do sack people. Good reasons and BAD reasons as well. Simple.... there is no union, no protection. But if you are a good mannered person it should, generally not be a problem explaining yourself, but good luck with that anyways.

Constantly changing SOP's are a problem... and so are alot of the OM manuals; for the most part they are ingrained in how you do the job, but they, especially for the guys on the 320, change almost every week. Nobody proof reads it before it comes out, and just as they fix some issues, only for other mistakes to come up.... its a shame, and really think at the end of the day, an unsafe practice which you have to question the mental grasp of the people approving this.
If anything, they need to employ a Aviation Tech writer to review all materials and remove ambiguity and other nonsense added in to really make it an easier sops/OM to learn..... hint hint :ugh:

Yes the above guy is right..... But there is only just on 2000 pilots.... not 2500!
Attritionrate is HIGH..... almost at 8% by the change in joining numbers.
aka.... 40 777 F/O's went to a place across the water (is that making anyone think why???)
Many reasons for this; but mostly its a frustrating place to live if you need to get things done; the company can be frustrating, they generally dont communicate and its hard to get an answer for anything unless you go in and see somebody; and its kinda a boring place really..... in saying that, i dont mind it a little, but you always will be needing to get out of the place for a break!

Those on the hold file; I believe there is a thread for this as this is for people wanting to know about joining, not waiting.
But the good news for you is that yes, you prob will get called at some stage, expect those with alot of experience/typed to be called sooner (Jan-April '13) and those starry eyed jet job guys to be called later..... at least March '13 onwards.... If I were you, I would STAY in your current job until a firm offer came up or if another job that was good came up I would take that! Remeber, you may not even get called!
There is a good chance that it will take a LONG time between getting here and earning your $$$ so start saving as much as you can! your going to need at least 10k if your single and 20k if your married. Thats a good buffer against any unexpected costs which you DONT get told about at the interview.

ok, thats it for now.... remember, theres a good side, a bad side and the side that you dont expect!
Good luck!

sqn012 29th Oct 2012 07:54


OK you're not happy with QR. So please leave the company (if you are in), and let me take your seat ...

What would you do if you were jobless, not type rated, with 3 young children (6 months, 4 yrs and 8 yrs) ?...

I have been flying for the last 22 years, and being out of work today with the current economical situation in Europe is definitely not a good position !

QR is for me a fantastic opportunity to FLY !
but not only flying, flying big jets in a big company with various possibilities for my family (learn english, having some house keeping, big house, travelling, discovering the world).

OK, for me, it won't be a funny and relaxed party. But I don't mind. I am a professionnal pilot and I am able to cope with this undoubtedly. I had some hard times in the past with demanding instructors. If you work hard and show your professionalism, I am sure you get through. Or you are unlucky. But everybody knows that you need to be lucky in this job ... What do I risk ? loosing my future job ? I have no job today. So ...

Where are the good companies that pay well and are tolerant on your mistakes today ?... not that many. Because major companies from Europe and the US who used to be the good ones to be in, are now struggling to keep competitive. They do not recuit anymore like in the past.

The new companies are the ME and Asia ones. Simply because they have less taxes, cheaper fuel, lower salaries, and younger employees, eager to fly and not able to complaint. Is there any strikes in the ME ?!!! for sure not !
They used to be many in Europe or the USA, remember ...

interviewed beginning of Feb 2012 ...

disagreeable 29th Oct 2012 08:04


In your position I would come.

Generally, you can put up with the place (QR and Doha).

You sound mature and flexible, and you will need it here.

If you just want to come and earn money thats great. but you will be waiting for a while possibly..... either way you have no choice but to take the first job that comes up.
If you are a DEC or F/O the training cycle will be more tolerable because of the cash, but schooling costs etc will smash your funds until you get them back from payroll.....
Oh and a villa, will also drain your funds initially as well.

Come for the ride and see the other side.... hopefully to findout first hand the guys being negative are speaking alot of truth but also you can find the positive as well!

Now the question is you have to get a start date first!


flying apple 29th Oct 2012 09:06

does anyone have an idea about the timeframe of the order of business if you do the typerating outside of doha?
and would they provida accomodation or do you have to do it yourself?

i'm expecting you first have to go to doha for a few weeks but what do you do somewhere else? is it only the sims or both the sim and groundcourse?

spanner the cat 30th Oct 2012 09:49

Ahem, av8whore, if you check the published rosters you'll find that we have people in the training sausage machine with staff numbers in the 48-49000 range who don't yet get a mention on the seniority list. Agree with most of what you wrote but do take issue with the ball waving bit. This is a family forum :O

fishbath21 30th Oct 2012 15:03

Dear Av8whore,

This post makes much more sense then your first one! I DO agree on some things you have said in this post, also take the fact that I haven't been in here as much as you have.

Everything u said in ur second post, has a different attitude then before! Therefore I would like to apologize to you for calling you "unprofessional Pilot".

I understand the issues you mentioned but i have HIGH hopes that it will be solved.

Safe landings always

Black Pudding 30th Oct 2012 23:59

Rule number 1

What the rules are today may not be the rules tomorrow

Rule number 2

Take it for what it is, a job.

Rule number 3

It's their train set

Rule number 4

Chill out and try to relax

spanner the cat 31st Oct 2012 07:35

Not splitting hairs at all there av8whore. You made an obnoxious start to what I thought was otherwise a good post. If you are going into come across as over-bearing and dismissive you'd best get your figures sorted first. You'd had a good enough handle on the list to know what it's currently showing. ;)

Leavers seem to get removed pretty quickly btw.

Live the dream.

Black Pudding 31st Oct 2012 09:27

Rule number 5

If you don't like it, you can hand your notice in and leave after 90 days

Rule number 6

Don't complain about the place to others working here, most are not interested. Get on with it or leave, don' t waste your time complaining, Some are happy to be here for a job.

Rule number 7

Don't let anyone's dislike of the company or country grind you down.

FL123 31st Oct 2012 10:32

@black pudding
well said about the rules--- pretty straight and clear!!

Chuck Noris 1st Nov 2012 06:54

Black Pudding

Not sure about your rule number 6

Rule number 6

Don't complain about the place to others working here, most are not interested. Get on with it or leave, don' t waste your time complaining, Some are happy to be here for a job.

If everyone was like you we would still be eating with our hands and be living in caves. When things don't work, a take it or leave it "moto" don't make you go very far. However bitching for no reason also :O

spanner the cat 1st Nov 2012 10:33

Av8whore. :}

gcc_ 1st Nov 2012 12:18

Chuck Noris,

I still eat with my hands.
My house is more or less a cave.
Problem? :E

spearomic 1st Nov 2012 17:16

Chuck Norris, maybe people were more happy back then, eating with bare hands seems rather easy, caves are warm and cheap rent, and other fun advantages like knoking your lady partner and drag her to your cave by the hair. Ah freedom!

Chuck Noris 2nd Nov 2012 05:19


disagreeable 2nd Nov 2012 08:20

interesting read about Qatar via the cables....
US embassy cable - 09DOHA205
but one thing I had to laugh at was this paragrapgh:

Qatar will seek to become a "mega-brand" by marketing itself as an international destination of "global" quality.
Qatar however lacks the services and supplies to sustain its ambitions to become a global "brand name." The poor quality of labor (born in part of a disenfranchised labor force) and sparseness of services may cause major bottle-necks in its infrastructure......with an ill-trained native workforce.
LOL.... really does sum it up.... but i guess you have to be here to really enjoy that slap in the face! Truth is always funnier :-)

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