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21-Lancer 6th Dec 2011 18:35

Very happy for all of you guys! :ok:
FogRunner, do you also have a start date? Type rated?
Could someone who's already type rated tell if the recruitment process tooks so long for A/C qualified and current guys too?
Once again, congratulations guys! :D Enjoy the moment!

av8tordude 6th Dec 2011 19:33

ITO...Thanks. I'm very excited about the opportunity http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif.

inner 7th Dec 2011 08:07

Do they still need fo's? With this rate of hiring i can imagine doors will be soon closed??

Iver 7th Dec 2011 14:56

Let say you get accepted and given A320 slot. What is likely progression? After 3 years as A320 FO, can you bid 777 FO slot or 787 FO slot? Are there bidding limitations? If Airbus are you limited to only Airbus types like A330 or eventual A350? Once able to bid off an aircraft type, what are the rules for bidding your next assignment?

gdukkoq 7th Dec 2011 15:04

To give you an exemple, a close friend of mine stated on the 320, after 3 years QR offered him an upgrade to Captain on 320 or right seat on 340 or 330. He chose 330. That was 6 months ago.

Iver 7th Dec 2011 15:11


Thanks for response. Again, if you are "offered" specific positions, I guess that means you can't bid a preferred aircraft? So, as example let's say you are from Brasil and you want to be able to fly to Brasil in the future. If you are currently flying the A320, what is possibility that you could bid over to the 777 so that you could visit home again? If you are only offered A320 and A330, then that would not be a possibility.

Just trying to understand what flexibility you could have with fleet bidding if you don't start with your first or preferred choice. I realise choice may be limited in this type of company (and country), but trying to understand flexibility.

victor75 7th Dec 2011 16:30

Anyone else from who got there interview the 3rd November?
Cause I still waiting for my answer and the more the time pass the more I beleive it's gonna be a negative answer!.. let me know++

pilotillo 7th Dec 2011 18:41

Victor, if I were you, I would call them.....
That is incredible....
After reading a lot of posts in this forum, normal time is:
Bad news...... One week
Good news.... From ten days to four-five weeks.


gdukkoq 7th Dec 2011 19:15

yes Victor of course u passed, just wait a little. I believe u'll get ure mail this sunday !

Nieks 7th Dec 2011 20:01

Hi Guys,

My selection date is the 12th of January. Anyone who has the same date?
PM me!!
What is the best preparation for the Sim grading? Besides the paperwork I've received from QR.

One9iner 7th Dec 2011 22:14

a320 destinations
Hi all,

Can someone point me to a list of Qatar Airways a320 destinations?


edit - mainline fleet

Tritzo 7th Dec 2011 22:59

if anyone from 3rd november got news, id be eager to know :)
good luck everyone!

maddog37 8th Dec 2011 00:12

Hi everyone! I was contacted few weeks ago and I am still waiting for the contract... but I have a question for those who are joinning the company as S/O fast track. Does QR give us a shared accomodation during the training??? I red different stories and I want to be sure on this before moving with my wife.
Thanks guys!

av8tordude 8th Dec 2011 03:02


The best way to prepare for the simulator assessment is...

1. Buy simulator time.
2. Chair-fly the profile.
3. Or use Microsoft Flight Simulator.

N89032 8th Dec 2011 06:37

First time to post on Pprune ! though read all the QR threads.. i'm wondering how long does it take for SO fast track to complete his training considering i'm currently flying A320 with more than 500 hrs on type !!
Still waiting my contract 7 weeks since the good news :*

gdukkoq 8th Dec 2011 06:55

Hello N89032 ! same here fast track waiting on the contract for 2 months... Guess fast track aren't on the top priority list.

To answer your question, a SO needs to complete 84sectors, SO fast track about 40, and 24 for a regular FO. On the 320 you fly close to 40 sectors a month. Cheers

pilotcpb 8th Dec 2011 10:18

Yo victor it took them 7 weeks to email me that my interview was successful. I called them and they said my application was still being processed and I also emailed alot of people. I had another offer so it was complicated for me but if you have not heard yet you will probably get offered a job.

B767PL 8th Dec 2011 14:31

What are the current requirements for fast-track SO?

On their website you click on flight deck crew, it says 1,500 on TP. But then you click "apply now" then fast-track SO, and it says 1,000TP, then other criterias, so which is it? I'm at 1,300TP. Anyone know?

danya 8th Dec 2011 16:57

Hi guys, I'm thinking of going to Qatar Open Day...but I have 2 questions hope you can help.
1- I am currently living in another country, is it a problem to go without being a local citizen?
2 - I am blond, blue eyes, fair skin, have experience in customer service, degree, experience living abroad....and 1.58m. Tried to reach 212cm and not really able to....although I have been practicing ways of "stretching" my body the most. ahahaha. Anyway, some people told me they do not accept people that cant reach. Other people told me that it is not the main point of what they are looking for so I should go.
So, what should I do?

gcc_ 8th Dec 2011 17:07


1.58m is not a problem with me :E

On a more serious note though, you're on the wrong section, try here:

Good Luck!

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