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Airmann 6th May 2020 14:26

Originally Posted by tonker (Post 10774124)
700 days before the World Cup, and with more 787s arriving this month letís hope not.

The World Cup is in November 2022. That's more than 2 years away. A lot more than 700 days away closer to 900.

FlyHigher 6th May 2020 16:33

Qatar Airways is all mixed flying cargo and passengers. On both fleets, B777 and A330.

FlyingAce77 6th May 2020 20:11

Originally Posted by Count von Altibar (Post 10774249)
So new news for the pilots as yet? I must say QR seemed to be the most airborne airline anytime I've looked at flightradar24 in recent weeks, they seemed to be coping better than others at drumming up continued business.

A330 & A380 is surely being grounded- I donít know how will they even accommodate all of the deck crew on other fleetsĒ worst outcome is laying off...

Mach E Avelli 9th May 2020 23:34

Mods, better pull above post for protection of the person named in the letter.
Terminated without notice but still liable and responsible to the company?
Only in the most morally bankrupt part of the planet.

QNH1013 10th May 2020 00:13

Thoughtful of you to think of preserving her identity in the letter, but the image has come from herself which she posted to Twitter in public, protesting to the government to look in to the matter

FlyingAce77 10th May 2020 00:17

I do agree, though no one is immune- that too a local being made redundant..

QNH1013 10th May 2020 00:29

I would say this is an isolated redundancy if that even makes sense, there will have most definitely been other issues that resulted in her termination rather than at random. Officially, cabin crew have been announced to be made redundant, as well as staff from other departments. Pilots are relatively safe (for now) however you can be told to leave at any time and for any reason(s) management see fit. Such is life around these parts. To get back to the spirit of this thread, recruitment will definitely be on hold for a while though.

FlyingAce77 10th May 2020 00:33

Cabin Crews are going in numbers” even those who are stuck outstation, I see Pilot redundancies coming unfortunately... No department is immune to this downsizing- It will be all of a sudden.

737user 10th May 2020 10:15

no employee has been terminated? Are you serious? Maybe you just ment no pilot has been yet terminated...

FlyingAce77 10th May 2020 10:17

over 800 from Technical, Cabin Crew going in numbers, Outstation staff terminated and all in the name of redundancy- I’m scratching my head right now 😔

Aircrafter1 10th May 2020 13:58

There is more to this story and I am not going to divulge it on a public forum. They are well within their rights to do this. Needless to say it seems an isolated case as I know of no pilot redundancies here.

Black Pudding 10th May 2020 14:12

Anyway, back to the main subject. I doubt there will be any recruitment for the foreseeable future. Hopefully we will be back busy flying again and the recruitment pages will be advertising for pilots. I don’t see that happening for a while.

dirk85 10th May 2020 15:24

I don't mean to defend the company at all, but it would appear that the person to whom that letter was sent to had finished the whole CPL/IR training, type rating as well, but never started line training by her own decision cause she got married, her husband didnít want her to fly, she asked for an office job but was declined, and she never flew a single line sector in her life.
All of this after being sponsored by the company.

Not entirely surprised they are asking for the training money back. Actually surprised they didn't do it sooner than 6,5 years.

Airbubba 12th May 2020 00:22


A report on the cabin crew redundancies:

How many crew Qatar Airways is laying off While this is still subject to change, it’s my understanding that Qatar Airways will lay off over 5,000 of their 13,000+ cabin crew, including:
  • 350 Cabin Service Directors
  • 650 Cabin Seniors
  • 2,000 First & Business Class Crew
  • 2,200 Economy Class Crew
Those are some massive layoffs, and makes you wonder what exactly Qatar Airways’ fleet plans are, given what a modern fleet they have. It’s not like they have that many old planes to retire.How Qatar Airways is going about layoffs At airlines with unions there’s typically a straightforward process for layoffs, as it’s ordinarily based on seniority. How is Qatar Airways handling layoffs, as a non-unionized airline?

As of now the plan is apparently to lay off the following:
  • New crew that haven’t yet completed training
  • Crew that have been at the airline for less than six months
  • Crew that are currently outside of Qatar due to entry restrictions
  • Crew that have been at the airline for 15+ years


Obviously, without a union (and even with one under the British system) pilots may be laid off out of seniority order e.g. by seat and fleet and more expensive senior pilots may be the first to go in some cases.

FlyingAce77 13th May 2020 19:36

AAB says 20% of Employees will be laid off out of 45000 which is 9000 and 50 Aircrafts will retire giving an Interview to BBC World.

gearlever 14th May 2020 15:18

Is this true?

You are no longer required, hereís a £130,000 bill

Airbubba 14th May 2020 16:56

It seems to be. She's trying to pull a runner after taking years to complete the training and then deciding that she doesn't want to be a pilot. Most places in the Middle East will come after you for a training bond if you don't complete the obligated service from what I've seen over the years.

As a local and a female she will argue that she's a protected species and can't be sacked for cause. She's appealed to the media for leverage and the Emir for wasta. I'd say the Emir has bigger fish to fry right now with the possible coup attempt earlier this week.

737user 15th May 2020 09:17


any idea how pilots will be effected?

Airmann 15th May 2020 09:43

Her message in Arabic from her post doesn't indicate that she chose to quite. Says that she was asked to leave without any warning or hearing. From what she wrote it seems she didn't want to leave.

From Google Translate

I am a Qatari citizen, an employee of Qatar Airways. Today, Thursday 7/5/2020, a procedure was completed to terminate my services without stating disciplinary or similar reasons. I ask you to investigate the matter.

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