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Stick35 25th Sep 2012 16:34

The HR strategy of QR is for me very bizar. 500 ppl in the pool and still interviewing people? I simply dont get it. I hope that for some people it will ring a bell and not to put all their eggs in the QR basket. If you get another job offer, take it and dont decline it because you might get a phonecall of QR!

jeanpaul172 25th Sep 2012 21:08

From what Ive heard QR needs 700 pilots a year, for the coming years.
Hence the reason 500 in the pool and still recruiting. The only thing Im worried about is the possible preference that will be given to tunesian residents.. Theyre recruiting there right now just as happened with spanair..

disagreeable 28th Sep 2012 07:19

I dont get it. I interviewed in March, got good news 1.5 weeks later.
2 weeks after that I got the contract for FO A320. Than placed in the pool.
Why is there a big time diffrence from people to people. Some waited months for good news and contract and others a couple of weeks.
Any ideas on what QR base this on?
Happy Flying,
Welcome to the randomness that is Qatar Airways.
Qatar Airways have an organised chaos principle. It works by selecting the candidates that actually are close to the top of the pile or who require minimum training first then if you are lucky in the ocean of chaos, then you will get called.

My advice. DONT wait for the golden goose to lay its magic egg that will fix all your career dreams and jet fantasies.

Apply for many jobs, if one offers you the position before QR then TAKE it or give serious consideration too it.

QR training is average at best. Poor in alot of area's. (read previous posts) and you may NOT even pass your training!

People, stop dreaming $$$$$ and live your live. The QR fantasy is not what it seems (can be good, but is certainly balanced with ALOT of bad).

MTT 28th Sep 2012 08:41

I got the OK in May. From what I can see the recruitment was bassed on 2 new 787's a month from July and the continuing deliveries of 320's.

The 787's are not there yet and those internal transfers who have been 787 type rated are now back on their old fleets. That combined with Spanair and now, apparently, Nouvelair rated and experienced people coming in ahead of us non rated chaps - logical really but not what my bank manager wants to hear - means its all slowed down dramatically.

Back to flipping burgers for a while::hmm:

clintsta 28th Sep 2012 11:26

More pool info....
Hi folks,
Was interviewed in May, waited for ages for a reply and heard just last month that I was in. Been flying the 777 as an S/O (a fully rated one though not a cruise pilot) for 4000 with a carrier that has almost no movement. I was hoping to be in Doha by now but my email of 'congrats' said I'd hear more at the end of November.
Judging by what other pilots here have said I am a little confused. If there are 500 in the pool and even if they could recruit 70 a month and I was near the bottom of that pool and some guys had decided to go elsewhere......it would be 6 months from now (end of March) by the time I got started. But somebody mentioned that people being interviewed NOW would likely get a start EARLY next year. The numbers don't seem to support that.
Any other speculators out there (preferably people that work with QR already or know a very talkative friend who works there)?

casablanca 29th Sep 2012 15:49

Does anyone know which engine is on the Qatar 787s? I saw that investigators found cracks in another of the GE engines. Just wondering if that will further delay the launch.

flyforfood1 29th Sep 2012 16:11

Last I heard was 78's now not due until Nov/Dec. Those that have been type rated are returning to their original fleets until further notice. Possibly waiting for 2 a/c to arrive at the same time - which would limit positioning crews around etc.

Apparently imperfections in the cabin (after Farnbrough) and wi-fi/ife install on A7-BCB plus I think the engine issues may have also helped push delivery back.

A7-BCL flew its first flight on Wednesday 26th.

fishbath21 2nd Oct 2012 18:42

friend....I think you should keep your negative comments and ideas to yourself. Nothing is like you describe. The airline is expanding rapidly and the network as well.....so look at any other airline hiring and paying there pilots salary on time! The pool is a great idea till they get the rest of the new joiners done with there line and then start hiring again. I have been here in the airline for a year now! Im happy. if you have any questions or clarification I would be very happy to answer it.

upwhereIbelong 3rd Oct 2012 11:02

Good Afternoon,

I guess most People here are in this Pool .
One must understand the Timeline most of the Fellow Aviators experience.
I would like to know ,how was it 1 year ago ?
how was the communication ,like pass emails ...Letter sent ..DOJ Distribution and timeline.#+
How many Pools are there???

Personally my biggest Issue I have, is the uncertain "factor", which I always have to keep in mind .Despite I have a letter signed ,despite Im told all good ..its always this little man in my head telling me " and what u do when they stop hiring ,change plans only to typerated guys " .

Im quite certain that in a few months I willlook back and think ,"youre soo unpatient and why didnt u enjoy your off time !"--but this attitude I will have to learn ...start today !!!!(maybe)


Flyingmachine01 3rd Oct 2012 12:43

Good evening,

I guess i have a very long way to go..
I got interviewed 3 weeks ago in doha and still waiting results..
I am not expecting to hear anything for a while..
I hope it's all good news...:bored:

Airmann 3rd Oct 2012 13:06

upwhereibelong....to answer your concerns, its very simple. If you are afraid after getting the pass email that QR will not call you with a start date, ask one simple question: Has anyone passed the interview, got a success email, and NOT joined eventually. It takes ages maybe up to 1 year to join but I know of only one case on this thread where someone has been rejected after being told that they passed, and that was because he was a SO and passed a certain age limit while waiting. However, I have not heard of anyone not been given a joining date eventually.

freddi16 3rd Oct 2012 13:14

Hi everybody,actually the interwiew are suspended right? I've heard that they'll start again at the beginning Of january any info about that?


Saam-85 3rd Oct 2012 14:32

@ freddi16
It has not been suspended yet. They are still interviewing but in a slower rate.

ADY 3rd Oct 2012 15:04

flyingmachine01 have you noticed any change to the interview procedure or it was as it is described on the site?

freddi16 3rd Oct 2012 18:41

Hi saam,i've checked on the qr carrers website,there isn't any application form for pilots!

Phil Squares 3rd Oct 2012 19:15

Does anyone know what's going on with the SFI positions at QR. I have an interview in short term. Would like to know what is happening.

Also I have the T&C from several months ago. Any changes?


F14 3rd Oct 2012 19:28

From interview to getting on-line will take about a year.

Interview-Good News-Contract-Start Date confirmation-Notice-Join.


Induction-RP-Medical-Ground Course-wait-wait-Type Rating-Company Sims-Line Training

Airport is delayed according to the news. So are the new planes. This may have an effect on the numbers joining and the numbers in the talent pool.

I made the right move and enjoy it here. But I guess this opinion is based on where you came from and your motivation for joining.

Tritzo 3rd Oct 2012 20:42

it already took a year (almost) from good news - contract so far ... :(

SkullFlyer 4th Oct 2012 01:10

Thks gyus !

SkullFlyer 4th Oct 2012 01:11

Thkx Flyforfood1 I have applied for the big 3s !!

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