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karioca 6th Nov 2012 14:02

Thank you for reply and your time jeanpaul172!

Tritzo 6th Nov 2012 14:33

Hey Karioca, also from my side congratulations.

If you are asking whether to go to Doha or to stay in Moscow, I can only speak for myself. I would go to Doha.

Qatar Airways might sure be a good horse to bet on. The other side might be Doha to live with. And the local culture(s). And the climate. And the everyday aspects which might not be logical than rather much more random.

But once you learn to live with it, you even might start to like it. The middle east is very different from any other kind of place on earth. It can be a very good choice, and it can also be the least favourable place you want to be, depending on what you make of it (if you have a family that has different opinions about your decisions for instance, or if you cant cope with the climate/culture/lifestyle whatever...)

Good luck with your decisions and I hope to meet you soon in Doha :)

Iver 6th Nov 2012 14:44


Congrats on getting your DOJ - that is good news. I am not a QR pilot, but I agree it is a personal choice that has many pros/cons to consider. Some questions that I would be asking myself:

- Do you wish to continue flying VIPs or would you be happy flying airline passengers? The lifestyles are very different.

- Would you be happier living in Russia or in the Middle East? Very different weather, cultures, daily flight destinations, etc.

- Does your current job provide job security or upward mobility? Or will you continue to sit in your CRJ for the forseeable future? No airline these days provides much job security - but Qatar's economy appears to be growing.

- Do you have family support for a move to the Middle East? If you have family who would accompany you, I would get their buy-in as well because they will remain there while you are flying around the region.

- Lastly, as an A320 pilot at QR, the flying schedule appears to be quite rigorous (actually on all fleets). Are you OK with that amount of work per month? See previous threads talking about the typical hours flown per month - very rigorous to say the least - and that should be a consideration.

With the 787s and A350s coming in the next few years, there should be great upward mobility at QR. Starting on the A320 fleet does not mean you will stay there - you could easily find yourself in a 787 or A330 or even an A350 in a few years. If you are a fan of technology, QR certainly will provide the most advanced equipment in the industry. Certainly more high tech than the CRJ you are currently flying. That said, QOL, family support and the desire to live in a different culture should be your overarching considerations.

Good luck!

from BG2CT 6th Nov 2012 14:46

Hello Karioca.. Depends what kind of lifestyle you prefer to lead and how much free time means to you, but i personally would go for Doha :)
Soon you will have people on this forum telling you why you shouldn't go but remember it is ONLY your decision so make it wisely.
I hope this means that other people , mostly those in the talent pool will start getting DOJ gradually..
Hope to see you one sunny day in Doha

FL123 6th Nov 2012 14:59

As expected ... things will be on flow by December mid-end, IA!

jafarc 6th Nov 2012 15:51

Guys one question

As per qatar standard , would Fokker-27 be considered as : a modern multi pilot, multi engine, turboprop aircraft greater than 12,000 kg MTOW (the weight is around 20T)

And also what is Command Turbo-Prop above 20,000kg MTOW ? would PIC under supervision time qualify ?

Please somebody in the know


potatowings 6th Nov 2012 18:03


PIC Under Supervision is not accepted as PIC by almost any airline. I don't believe that QR do either. As for the F27, I don't believe it's EFIS at all. Also I don't think this would be considered modern, but give it a shot anyway!

chrislikesblue 7th Nov 2012 04:50

Karioca congratulations for getting your DOJ. Also my recommendation is that you should join Qatar without a doubt. May I ask you when they told you to start? This can be enlightening for all of us staying in the pool to have a guess when we could be called to start. And how long you have been waiting since your assessment?

disagreeable 7th Nov 2012 05:24

Too all just giving Karioca reccomendations because you are wanting a job here are giving this person bad advice. Just because you have QR diamonds in your eyes is not addressing the issues that he/you will face here.
  • Your financial status: can you survive 10months of training wage if your not an F/O or DEC? Rent here is very high and you will have to take out of your wage if you opt for more "wife" friendly accomodation.
  • Family status: Is your partner used to outgoing environments? free and capable of more than hanging around in shopping malls?
  • Your children status: will you be away from them if your partner does not come? Will that play a major problem for your relashionship with partner and children if you are not capable of coming back to see them..... probably less than once a month!
  • Bad communication and support from QR staff? no real open and fair communication..... sometimes no choice with holiday removals or days off in a row.... and many other posts here explaining the realistic life here.
  • The money here is ok, but not overly great when you consider reduction in lifestyle, cost of normal drinking (if you do that), 8 days off a month(MAX).
    It should not be the only reason you come here! Because it wont be the reason you leave!
  • Its not a 5 star airline unfortunately for the people working here..... unless your Qatari or in management.
  • If you are not trained in a reasonable time frame (ie 6months) you have to realise that people are getting placed in front of you and that means your FLC (final line check) number is reducing and means that your fleet transfer and/or CMD upgrade is getting pushed back by the day. Sad but true.
  • Potential for movement to other fleets is present.... at this time. BUT is NOT set in stone..... you could be stuck on the 320 for a long time. It swings both ways and your never in the loop as to why or if it will happen. Dont count on it.....make the decision on being on fleet allocation for your whole time here.
  • Consider going for other corporate positions in countries your used too. OR if you really want to come and breath in dust all year, try around the M.E..... not only QR.
Dont fall for the hype of the young peps here or the desparate people that want to just say they fly jets or join an airline because of the $$...:ugh:

good luck.... if you do come I wish you the best.

Wings23 7th Nov 2012 05:56

Hi All,

Interviewed in May - Good news July. Next update this month. FTSO.

Does anybody know what sort of order QR will start calling crew?

Also - how long from the next email (contract i'm assuming)does it take to actually arrive in Doha?

I have been sitting unemployed since July and am desperate to start working again.



Echo_Romeo 7th Nov 2012 08:07

I am in the same position, without work since january this year. Is there any information available when they will start to call FTSO again? I need to work very urgently...

Greetings ER.

karioca 7th Nov 2012 12:23

Dear All,

First I want to thank you for every advise, opinions and comments, they are all welcomed, I appreciate your help. Second, for the people interested, here is my experience...Im a CRJ FO 1300 jet time, worked for a regional airline 5years and started on the corporate a year and a half ago. Qatar interview january 2012, offer letter on may, then placed on the pool and got my DOJ 25th nov a month ago for A320 FO. Once again, thank you all for your useful replies.



Echo_Romeo 7th Nov 2012 14:53

Dear lil_blueberry

Concerning your answer to my post:
"You will be on about 50% less salary than an F/O..... and on the new contract they will offer your desparate FTSO ass, you will be sweating as you basically go broke waiting to be trained! lol..... :ugh: http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/boohoo.gif
And then you realise the handcuffs are on tight! Be careful what u wish for!"

Just my opinion:
Where I come from you first have to work for the $$$ you want to get, means that you have to sweat... And second if you are without work and you have to feed two kids, it's better to take the "poor" SO salary which is as far as I know way better than what you get from the most social security systems around the world. You can be sure that I know what I wish and I am also willed to work for the future of my kids!!!

Greetings ER

upwhereIbelong 7th Nov 2012 16:07

To end up a long Story .
Im about to leave for Qatar (few more weeks).

Dont have to tell you how excited I am ,I really wanted this and now its time for me to pack my stuff .
I wanna Thank you all ,for help and advise .

My Timeframe :
Interview Doha (mid January)
Good News (Begin of May)
Letter of Empl. (End of May )
Doj ( december )
FO ...non rated ..A320

See u there soon ...UP:ok:

Tritzo 7th Nov 2012 20:08

congrats! i just hope they will start pushing ntso again soon as well

jeanpaul172 7th Nov 2012 21:28

Agreed Tritzo, especially for those guys waiting 1 year+ (like yourself). Im afraid we have to wait a little more though, but you never know.. Let us know if you hear anything from them. I will do the same.
Goodluck guys

upwhereIbelong 7th Nov 2012 22:40

I'm sure with first arrivals of 787 things will go faster again :O
Its tough I know but hang in there its worth it ,I have this feeling :O

sudani555 8th Nov 2012 07:15

Hey Karioca ,
how long have you been waiting after the Interview till u rcvd the Answer,that u Passed the selection Program?
am interviewed on 24th of SEP .till now NO answer regarding the RESULT !!!
Your quick reply is highly appreciated?

FL123 8th Nov 2012 10:47

@Echo_Romeo - Well said!!!!! :ok:

@Sudani555 - Mate, IA you will be getting the e-mail soon. Dont panic! There are people who have waited 10 months or MORE and still waiting. You should thank that your timeline is quite less than most of the individuals -- Alhamdulillah! You need to remember that this is """QR""" --- Patience is the key!!! Now that the things are improving it shouldn't be long though. Just keep doing things/work to make yourself busy. I am doing the same thing :)

@UP - Congrats man!!!! Your wait is finally over... :ok:

Tritzo 8th Nov 2012 15:17

i guess it is all right to congratulate. and okay for someone to say that they got the contract.

it lets people on hold or in the process know that things are moving again.

and exactly those people felt a little bit left out in the past, because dates have been pushed further out for months.

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