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jibba_jabba 4th Dec 2012 13:30

Personnaly I do live in Qatar, I'm from the region and I feel it's really quite and nice.
I lived also in Europ Dublin London and Paris but I do prefer Doha
Clearly a biased opinion.
Plus it sounds like your not short of cash to have been privlidged to lived in other countries and your applying for SO' position..

Your ability to give Doha a huge thumbs up states you have the luxury of accomodation, time and money, which I dont think others have.

No ment to be insulting, but nationals are looked after very well here and this is alot different to expats!

Hiring issue:
there is still some hiring but still a huge backlog in training. expect trickling in of new hires, which may pick up when they have cleared alot of the training list (which will take fair amount of time!)! its a manual system and takes a while for anything to get done.

I dont like saying 'be patient' but that is your only answer; and no, posting about "no answer yet" really clogs up the thread, so consider posting when you have good news/heard something from QR!

I think if you get an answer and somebody has "helped you" get that good news you should also explain that, because that "help" is not allowing others with the "no help" understand if QR is actually getting through the hold pool list.

good luck.

Comm 4th Dec 2012 15:20

Still swimming...... Interview was April 2012...

Fast track SO.....

No update yet....... Swimmers please keep
updating if any news.....

TripleCOP 4th Dec 2012 19:56

Hello to all swimmers,

I got my update today verified and absolutely clear.

Next update in June 2013, new regulation! If screening successfully passed you have from the date of received " goog news" mail 12 month.

Thereafter new assessment required!

SFO 777, TT 7600 Asia Area.

That's the end for me to wait for more "good news" from QR and I will definitely stay in my current company for the next years.

Good luck for all swimmers

SIUYA 4th Dec 2012 20:13

Who told you that evrybody is rich overthere ?
The World Bank, that's who. :rolleyes:

Population: 1,870,041 (2011) World Bank
GDP: 173 billion USD (2011) World Bank

Population: 28,082,541 (2011) World Bank
GDP: 576.8 billion USD (2011) World Bank

Population: 5,183,700 (2011) World Bank
GDP: 239.7 billion USD (2011) World Bank

Population: 311,591,917 (2011)
GDP: 15.09 trillion USD (2011) World Bank

Population: 62,641,000 (2011) World Bank
GDP: 2.432 trillion USD (2011) World Bank

Population: 65,436,552 (2011) World Bank
GDP: 2.773 trillion USD (2011) World Bank

Taking the US definitions of Billion = 9 x 0's and Trillion = 12 x 0's, here's the per head of population figures PilotofDoha:

QATAR USD$92,511
USA USD$48,428
UK USD$38,824

You'd have to agree PilotofDoha that those figures show that Qataris seem to be doing pretty well for themselves.

So maybe you'll understand why jibba_jabba was perhaps being a bit 'sceptical' of your statement when he observed:

it sounds like your not short of cash

cccc 4th Dec 2012 20:31

Not really promising...
It's not really promising what TripleCOP wrote.
As it's not really going smooth with new recruitment, as it takes a very long time to train. Thus people getting called to join is not that much I would guess.
If they use the 1 year limit, it's an easy way to empty that pool if people aren't getting called in time (1 year).
So the expression "be patient" might not be the case for everybody. :(

Tritzo 5th Dec 2012 01:35

so in order to clear a backlog they start doing reassessments for 80% of people in the pool, whilst still holding DEC interviews etc? What about blocked training capacities? they are gonna block them even more.
by the time you get a reassessment after june, many people will be over the age limit as well...
in case this rumour is true, it is a very bad treatment and discrepancy to what people have been told during the selection.

Tritzo 5th Dec 2012 01:39

@ PilotofDoha, SO will only be treated different if local or you know someone with real influence. You should know if you live there.

jeanpaul172 5th Dec 2012 03:36

This is something I always have been afraid of. The fact that one has to do a reassesment is one thing, but it is highly likely that we also have to 're-apply' ie fill in the application on the website etc. Meaning that for a lot of us (me, SO) there wont be a possibility to re-apply/ re-asses anymore. Lets see what our update has to say.

disagreeable 5th Dec 2012 05:40

Proof is in front of your eyes.
Probably a perfect time to tell you all:

"I told you so".

next time you wont shoot down my posts so quickly.

I think I am done with this thread:
I have passed on info that most have read, and few have really understood. And, I dont expect you to understand entirely, thats why I posted things so you can see the frustration revealed, not only what I see, but relayed to me by many others here (Doha/QR)

Although I am ok here in QR/Doha, there are much better places in the world, For every spoonfull of sugar here, there is 2 spoonfulls of salt.

So I could not say it better myself so I will quote from somebody here that gets it:

what Disagreable is saying is correct in many ways. what he is not saying is he hates the country, thats what you interperate it to be!

Dont be foolish in your pride and ego and condem Disagreable for giving us a rather good insight into what is happening in QR!

I find it hard to believe you can spout out your judgement against all the info Disagreable and others have posted, that unfortunately YOU dont like because it does not help YOU. notice that word, YOU.

If you want to be a "swimmer", then fine, but stop posting ignorant posts about what you dont know, in a company you dont work for, and then put another poster down because you want work for a company and ignore every shed of evidence that suggests it may be different to what you think.

I must say, Disa's posts (and others) are concerning, and unfortunately correct. The place is frustrating beyond belief, especially for alot of people who are being given the run around, and that happens to ALOT of people!
Thanks jj and others who validate things.

another good point:

I must say, even though it is a forum, and now (by mods admissions) possibly not an annonomous one now, then it takes guts to post something about a company that can get you sacked, your bank accounts frozen, thrown in jail at any time or held in the country! Dont take it for granted you "swimmers". http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...milies/eek.gif
Here is the reason I posted many things to open your eyes:

pilotofDoha says:
Qatar Airways is amazing even if there are many problems in the HR department ...
Really, what do you base your knoweledge on? Friends, internet, aircraft orders, hope for low-time pilots, economic issues?????
You have nothing but hope and secondhand information not from a relevent source. All I can say is the proof is in front of your eyes.... lets just leave it at the total lack of communication "hold pool" gets let alone the people that actually work in this "airline" shall we.

Another post to make me do this: :ugh:

If Disagreeable wants to help the guys waiting he could do it on the relevant point regarding the new contract for the SO. My best suggestion is to please those SO actually in Doha to come share their life experience with the new contract signed in the Second officer section and tell us if they are dieing or living decently.
Why dont you read my post RK303 instead of crying for help with no effort!
There is an entire thread for this topic alone and I have posted an answer to this (with links) as well as others! its attitudes like this which are insulting to anyones effort to reveal insights into this place.
Actually, the negative portrayal of the QR situation comes from SO's as well as my own knowings. so re-read. You can survive but you will just survive.

Good luck to those who actually need it and have worked hard for it; :ok:

I may PM some of you with details but from this point on will generally leave you all with this fanboy thread with many posts about no communications; You have no reason to say you were not told.


Tritzo 5th Dec 2012 06:01

Thank you for your honesty and previous inside information on QR disagreeable.
Sad to hear you go.

flyforfood1 5th Dec 2012 07:35

QR are taking 3 x RR powered A330 Freighters in January (brand new!). This has come a little out of left field, I would think the 330 fleet is going to be short of guys pretty quickly - good news for those waiting!! :cool:

jibba_jabba 5th Dec 2012 08:58

QR are taking 3 x RR powered A330 Freighters in January (brand new!). This has come a little out of left field, I would think the 330 fleet is going to be short of guys pretty quickly - good news for those waiting!! http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ilies/cool.gif
Can you sight sources/links?

I think its false hope, considering the huge backlog of people waiting here already.... but then again?

Thanks for trying to help/advise!

flyforfood1 5th Dec 2012 09:01

Sure can, company email sent this morning. :ok:

iQatar 5th Dec 2012 10:56

I got my interview in DOHA the 10th of September ! 2 months later, the 11th of Nov 2012 I got my good news ! So now Heading to Talent pool, and have to wait til end of February for new news !

What can I expect at the end of February ??

Next update in June 2013, new regulation! If screening successfully passed you have from the date of received " goog news" mail 12 month.
@ TripleCOP Nice first post.

Will QR HR contradict themselves on paper??? Not really sure if this is a hoax.
Why would a rapid expanding airline with delay's in their training department put a 12 month holding pool limit on the swimmers? I'm a FTSO. You only become more experienced pilot in 12 months. If you have passed their selection once, you will pass it again.

geronimoapache 5th Dec 2012 11:52

Good question iQatar. I have been wondering the same thing. I believe this system exists in EK, but with no doubt the logic of it initially had to do with the fact that people themselves were postponing indefinitly their DoJ. It would make absolutely no sense to accept pilots, give them offers, make them wait for a year and then telling them to come for a screening again. But then again, it makes no sense to not write a short mail with an update to the poolies neither...

I dont want to be mistrustfull, but this first post from TripleCop reminds me that of the first post from Triple Seven a few pages back. Both have similar name and both just seem to come out of the blue with a very harsh, discouraging and insecuring comment, stating it as a fact.

If it is not the case, I appologise to TripleCop and would kindly ask him to post the entire mail from QR, since he has decided to stay where he is anyway. It would help in a big way to the rest of us, so we could have a clearer picture and move ahead as well. Thanks.

jeanpaul172 5th Dec 2012 12:08

Hmm of course all of us hope this isn't true.
But the fact remains that Triple has been a member of this forum for over a year, I highly doubt that he would dedicate his first post to spreading a rumor that isn't true.. On the other hand, no one else (actively participating on this forum) has received his end of november update yet. Let's wait and see..

Tritzo 5th Dec 2012 12:26

careful, this is only a rumour, but i have been told on the telephone one month ago something similar.

i remember about it because the 1-year-assessment-rule (which didnt really exist at the time of the call) was mentioned as well.

*it was a high ranked training captain, who works hand in hand with recruitment department and he said that usually there is only a problem, if (as geronimo already mentioned) one delays an offered DOJ. if you accept straight away, then everything should be okay. the worst thing that could happen would be a reassessment in case you got delayed too far, but in general the recruitment doesnt do that. if you delay yourself another time, youre out of the application.

this information is first hand but also that guy was not making the rules. so dont take it literally. take it or leave it.

*as well - but i think we will all get that in the "november" update anyways- "the required manpower next year will be significantly lower than this year". this is however the latest information i have got, just a few days ago first hand by someone else in a responsible position at the recruitment.

*additionally appx. 30 first officers will have their end of contract end of december and will join the carrier across the sea which shall not be mentioned.
(according to a friends information)

we are all in the same boat.

as its only a rumours network - you can make out of this information whatever you like.
it can mean everything, but most likely doesnt mean anything.

as disagreeable already said - he told us so before...

simmatch 5th Dec 2012 12:50

Still no updates, fella's. assessment march. Non type. F/O. In the damned pool.
Guess there's nothing you can do but wait. I am sure by now everyone's wise enough not to depend on these guys and put all the eggs in the Qatar basket. But this glimmer of hope is very hard to die.

geronimoapache 5th Dec 2012 13:43

Qatar was last month in Tunisia and they recruted something like 100 pilots SO Fo and Cptn
Presuming of course that we dont get screwed over by this group like with this years Spanairs recruitement...:ouch:

the required manpower next year will be significantly lower than this year
Hopefully it is meant those that were interviewed and "pre-offered" a job, because frankly I dont think that that many have actually started this year, certainly not in the 700s we were told about. Anyone has the actual numbers?

Someone also wrote previously about some present 400 poolies, I had an info from the inside a few days ago about 700, and supposedly they will start getting called progressively beginning january.

Can we get the update, PLS?

Jmodel 5th Dec 2012 15:42

tunisia recruitment
Guys i've been searching for some info about this recruitment in tunisia, all i found on the net it's about cabin crew and some ground jobs nothing about pilots....

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