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Iver 20th Oct 2012 17:12

Cheers LJ and CCCC,

Appreciate the update. With many DECs coming into the different fleets, it is good to know that senior FOs will have some other options for Command.

smg19 22nd Oct 2012 12:21

Any idea how much time does it normally take to know the result after the interview?

luvly jubbly 22nd Oct 2012 17:34

6-8weeks normally

upwhereIbelong 22nd Oct 2012 17:40

4 1/2 months ...:\

smg19 22nd Oct 2012 19:38

So does it mean the longer it takes its going to be a positive result?
Thank you

casablanca 22nd Oct 2012 20:32

I think a good rule of thumb is if it takes longer than 2 weeks it will most likely be good news.

smg19 22nd Oct 2012 20:33

Thank you very much

fishbath21 23rd Oct 2012 09:15

Thats true....I fly for QR for a year now and most of my friends and me had the same experience....longer you wait better news you get.

vwm737 23rd Oct 2012 09:24

hello, are u happy to live in Doha, how is live, what about ur family ?

fishbath21 23rd Oct 2012 14:19

Well I'm a single guy in Doha....and its pretty nice to be around. The living standards are expensive so are the house accommodations. The company is not giving accommodation for now, but the money is enough to get an apartment outside.

If you every get board Dubai is next door and there is 10 flights a day.

vwm737 23rd Oct 2012 16:51

ah ok, so they don't give u accommodation, but they give u a extra money for it right ?

there is so many cabin craw single, how comes u are single ? ;-)
ps: tks for ur reply

sudani555 23rd Oct 2012 18:03

QR Interview
Hii there...
i invited to QR interview on July ..and the interview is done on the End of Sep ...till now no news and no one contaced me.
Am applied for S/O Fast track position /3000 Hrs Turbo-P) .The selcetion proccess as following.:
50 questions -MCQ's
Paned interview-face to face with assessors and HR officer.
Finaly Simulator assessment on A320 -New arrived-Class-D ../Amazing !!

That set...

disagreeable 24th Oct 2012 08:07

If you are a single guy, there is girls around.... but you will have to pay to go to alot of clubs on the nights girls may go there.

so if you get caught or even rumored to have "screwed the crew" you may as well pack your bags as you will be sacked no questions asked.

Its certainly no Dubai, but no Saudi Arabia either.

Its a mostly boring place entertainment wise.... generally, but its tolerable mostly.

Echo_Romeo 24th Oct 2012 13:00

Hi all,

just wanted to ask if anybody could send me via PM some numbers of the HR department agent which is responsible for the hiring process. I interviewed as FT S/O in April, got good news in June and the FD Talent Pool mail the end of June. Since then nothing new. Even on emails via the fdtalent adress no response.

Greetings and thanks a lot in advance,


upwhereIbelong 24th Oct 2012 14:26

they have said update end of November ....soooooo we stil have 4 weeks to go ...


disagreeable 24th Oct 2012 19:00

so if you get caught or even rumored to have "screwed the crew" you may as well pack your bags as you will be sacked no questions asked.

But... Do you have to pay the bond in this case if u are still bonded?
YES !!!
Even if you think your a smarty pants, you wont interpret it the same as "they" will (managment and/or legal system); and it wont come out in your favour :ugh:

captain.weird 26th Oct 2012 15:53

Is EK (still) a closed door for Qatar Airways pilots?

jacekgfly 27th Oct 2012 10:26

What I have heard, NO!

jayjay340 27th Oct 2012 14:20

Looking at the thread with QR putting on 3 more routes to the US next year, it is almost inevitable for the pilots that are in the pool to get call.....more routes=more planes, more pilots.:ok:

Non Zero 27th Oct 2012 19:24

More routes, more planes, 'soon' a new airport ... will be a shortage of pilots for the next decade at least!

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