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cccc 2nd Nov 2012 08:55

Which order...?
Hi All,

I was wondering...

Those of us who are in the holding pool... And apparently there are about 500 of us.
Does anyone have an idea in which order they will start to call us? Those who did the assessment first? Those who are type rated with experience? Order of captains, FO, FTSO, NTSO? Those who had a god result of the assessment (ATPL questions, interview and sim)? Or will pilots be called based on something else? Any idea?
I did the assessment in February this year, but I know there are guys/girls who did it even before me and are also in the holding pool.

I heard QR will start calling people starting from December.


chrislikesblue 2nd Nov 2012 09:42

You are sure they start calling from December? Is it from a confirmed source?

flying apple 2nd Nov 2012 09:45

hellow ccccc

i also did the interview in feb this year and i think they will call (or probably mail) with these questions
Type rated?
what do we need? (capt of FO)
who has the best experience/ who has the best availability

but that are just my thoughts

cccc 2nd Nov 2012 10:42

A friend of mine who recently started with QR on the A320... he told me that the company most probably would start mailing people with a joining date in December. Wait and see what the update mail at the end of November will reveal.

Tritzo 2nd Nov 2012 12:05

also still waiting. passed as ntso november '11. i have lived in doha before and dont intend to leave straight after joining. i know what will come accross me and i really want to go. i hope they will start calling people soon again.

chrislikesblue 2nd Nov 2012 13:03

That is good news,lets hope it happens ! But I doubt they will call people end of November to give them start date in December (2 months notice period is common in most contracts),my guess is if they start calling people end of November they will ask them to start January in the best case or February.

ironbutt57 2nd Nov 2012 13:49

When they contact you, they will inquire as to your possible start date and plan your joining date/course accordingly...

F14 2nd Nov 2012 14:08

Seems to be a trickle of people joining. But I heard that they have the numbers for the current year. Seems to be 3-4 months of hanging around waiting for the Type Rating once you get to Doha. :zzz:

JOB HUNTER 2nd Nov 2012 17:27

Qr career website
Hi everybody,

I tried to uptodated my profile on the qr website but i did not find anymore my application .
It recognise my mail and my password but it said I did never applied .
Any ideas ?

I still have the reference number of my application sent by qr HR to me on April.

Any advice is more than welcome

paddy in the east 3rd Nov 2012 12:16

Have applied for a SFI position with QR. Went to Doha and jumped through the hoops. Have not heard a word, supposedly no news is good news.

Anyone have any insight to the SFI position as I was told it is a newly created position.

Thanks in advance.

disagreeable 4th Nov 2012 07:40

Not quite sure how many times things have to be repeated for them to sink in here:

  • No news most likely is good news for applicants.
    Dont do anything stupid with your current jobs or future jobs unless you have a QRcontract and a start date in your hand! Chances could also mean that the organisational chaos that is QR office may have also lost your paperwork.
  • If you are wondering why no one replies to your emails at QR or even answers the phone....... is the same thing 'we' wonder and 'we' are in QR!!!
    The organisation here is a mess.... bad systems/templates for office tasks makes for a confusing and often requires "monk like patience" in getting answers to anything.
    Expect to be misdirected, lied too or even just ignored..... Thats the indian/QR way.
  • Yes there will be opportunities for pilots and other staff for a long time.
    but that is not the only thing you need to think of before you come here!
  • Training for FTSO's and S/O's is extremely slow.
    Expect to be told nothing and live frugally untill your done....whenever that is!
    Also note: Capt's anf F/O's (especially type rated ones) are pushing/jumping the que with the training slots..... I understand why, but its a :mad: way of treating people and the worst bit about it is your seniority number is getting less and less every time they push someone in front of you! So your fleet transfer and capt upgrade are all being pushed back.
  • Come here if its the ONLY option you have. Its still an o.k place but you will need large amounts of flexibility and patience..... oh expect fatigue.... lots of it.

Tritzo 6th Nov 2012 07:45

Id be happy to get a call soon! Always stay positive. Waiting since 12.5 months now.

transport jock 6th Nov 2012 08:36

Will there be any kind of preferance for those of us who have applied/registered a while back but havent been invited for an interview yet? I applied in April and meet all the requirements etc, but will be rather dissapointed if I have to reapply again from scratch and then wait another 12 months before any interview possibility..

cccc 6th Nov 2012 08:58

Thank you for the info and update.
Can you tell us in what order QR will call us to join? On what will the order of joining be based?
Can I assume that the new joiners will join the A320 fleet, as those A320 pilots are going on to the B787?

Tritzo 6th Nov 2012 09:57

Thank you again for sharing with us startright.

Capt Aviator 6th Nov 2012 10:41

Your information is highly appreciated. Thank you:ok:ok:


Capt Aviator

karioca 6th Nov 2012 11:38

Hello All,

Asking for opinions, Would you leave your current employment as FO on Cl850 on bussiness aviation based in Moscow, 15th off 15th on, salary ok but not QR salary, to go to Qr on Fo's basis and 320 assigned? taking into account is a good opportunity to be upgraded to 320.
Got my DOJ, still some doubts, appreciatte open opinions


Baron328 6th Nov 2012 12:03

Hello karioca
Well I would go, but this is a very personal decision. If you see benefits for you career, go. If not, stay.
How long did you wait for your DOJ? Did you get it recently? I think there are quite a lot of pilots hoping for a DOJ for QR on this forum.

Good luck to All!

karioca 6th Nov 2012 13:39

Thank you Baron328, been waiting since jan 12 and got my DOJ few days ago.


jeanpaul172 6th Nov 2012 13:55

Karioca, Congratulations on getting your DOJ! Seems like things are rolling again :)
I would go for Qatar, but that's my opinion.
I guess your life / work in Moscow has a lot of pro's as well.
When are you joining? I did my interview in january as well (NTSO though).. Haven't got a contract yet. Hope to get some good news too, but I realise there are others waiting even longer (Tritzo 12,5 months..). Let's hope for the best.

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