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Gregling 12th Apr 2012 15:24

Happy for you !

Where you applying FO/NTSO/FTSO ?

What do you mean by "not the contract", did you give them a start date ? Did they give you your fleet allocation ?

Normally, given the previous posts, it takes 2 weeks for them to call you back and confirm the start date.

For those still waiting like me, a friend of mine told me NTSO were in a "Holding Pool" for the moment. They'll contact us when they'll need us, obviously.

gdukkoq 12th Apr 2012 15:25

Flyer79 did they told you they received your documents yet? And next will be your date of joining, should receive it in the next 15 days, and your date of joining should be around july.

FL123 12th Apr 2012 15:27


For those still waiting like me, a friend of mine told me NTSO were in a "Holding Pool" for the moment. They'll contact us when they'll need us, obviously

flyer79 12th Apr 2012 16:29

Hi Guys,

Thanx for your answers.

To Gregoireoger: I applied for FO position.

To Gdukkok: I received an email from crew coordinator after signing and submitting my documents, acknowledging that they ve received them.
But I put on my joining date, late july, because i have 3 month notice with my airline.
Hope it won t delay my process, that so far has been very fast and I feel sorry for people waiting longer than me.

So I' ll wait AGAIN 2 weeks and see.....


upwhereIbelong 12th Apr 2012 16:35

mhhhh frustrated ?
well ..my 50 cents to this CTC Guys ,I dont support people buying their Typerating .Is a Slap for all us which served our duties in turboprops small jets etc ...in my eyes this needs to stop :

Now for the waiting ...its again weekend down in the Desert....for my Result "FO yes or no " another week no reply .

So all you Guys waitning ,have a good one .Next "Pilot Wave " will arrive soon after BMI says they cut the Workforce .....

Its a endless Story ,I just want now a response !

...my 50 cents


iQatar 12th Apr 2012 16:46

Next "Pilot Wave " will arrive soon after BMI says they cut the Workforce .....
BMI has over 400 airbus rated pilots, British Airways will take almost all of them, the redundacies will be mainly in other parts of the airline i.e. management. I don't think it will effect Qatar recruitement waiting time for those already in the system.

Flyingstig 14th Apr 2012 06:40

Just out of interest. Has anyone had an initial yes, but had approval for offer denied?

upwhereIbelong 14th Apr 2012 15:37

Hi val,
My sim wasnt either georgeous.did it on 320.
Now week 12 coming , no news.
Also GA jockey here.

victor75 15th Apr 2012 10:31

Hi all!
Hope I'm gonna have some news this week after more than 2months after the good news!! But what will be the next step exactly?

onefoursix 15th Apr 2012 13:28

hey all,
so again ım askin
anybody is comin 25th april interview?

inner 15th Apr 2012 14:37

Onefoursix, can i ask you when you applied?


onefoursix 15th Apr 2012 15:24

hey inner
middle of february i applied for Fo position

goran75 15th Apr 2012 17:51

Do you have Airbus time because you got invitation so soon? I applied early Feb, 3000 TT, but no Airbus.

onefoursix 15th Apr 2012 18:26

yep i fly a320 thats why maybe i dont know

hope you get invitation soon

Gregling 15th Apr 2012 23:03

@ Victor75
According to the previous threads, you'll receive an email with some paper for you to sign, and you'll have to give them a start date. You send it back to them and a few days/weeks, you receive a response with a confirmation of a start date, and your fleet allocation.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

potatowings 16th Apr 2012 08:38



1. You get an email saying if you passed selection or not

2. You get a formal offer of employment with fleet allocation. This you sign and return with your requested start date

3. You get your start date

ITO 16th Apr 2012 10:41

Dreaming of the day will have all these emails. But for now the truth is 3 month after interview abd nothing going on...its a Cargo of patience that is needed !

flugzeug 16th Apr 2012 19:50

Hi there,

Probably the answer to my question is way back in this forum but I dont seem to find it.
I just got the Offer of Employment, I understand that we are entitled with ID Tickets (Industry Discount Tickets).

Are those ONLY for family (wife and children), or we can get a defined amount of tickets for other relatives like many other airlines? I am moving to Doha, but my GF is not, so I am thinking about how to arrange the visits.

Thx in advance!


Applied: Nov 11
Interview: Jan 12
Good news: March 12
Offer: April 12
Start date: hopefully soon

potatowings 16th Apr 2012 20:37


Sorry, ONLY for family... wife, kids, parents and 1 sibling

flugzeug 17th Apr 2012 06:29

Thank you Potatowings!!! Thats not very good news.

See you in Doha!

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