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RK303 10th Oct 2012 11:59

Itís ok, there is no drama, I took it as a bet, you win or you loose. But at least l can say that I tried, so no regrets!
But my message is to always keep in mind to get a decent job, having a life and family projects. Which are other interesting tasks to complete ,that may balance the frustration of not being a pilot.

It is normal for experienced pilots to fight for their job because they are already professionals in their discipline. But for a very young guy with 250 hours, you never been a professional and all you know is your dream and passion. You have to try but You have to think about your life if it not happen! Do not wait 30years old to ask yourself questions.

Good luck to everyone! Hope your wishes come true INSHALLAH!

BANANASBANANAS 11th Oct 2012 09:19

If any kind soul would care to email me with any of the Technical questions or other info useful for interview I really would be most grateful.


millerscourt 12th Oct 2012 13:16


On the move again then? Had enough of the Far East.?

A friend of mine who was a F/O in same company as me some years ago on the B767 when I was in Lauda Air has just joined QR as B777 Captain.He joined as a current B767/757 Captain. Currently line training. If you like I can give you his E Mail address.

OXOGEKAS340 12th Oct 2012 14:44

DOG named TOGA, needs a house in Doha, with his boss....
Is it difficult to find an apartment which allows one small dog? (beagle)...
Difficult, even impossible to leave my best friend back home....

zawillif 12th Oct 2012 15:18

Hey all long time lurker.. I'm wondering if anyone knows about the application site being down. I've looked back through the past few previous pages and seen nothing on this. The site I'm trying to apply through is Flight Deck Crew | Qatar Airways. Every time I click on apply now it says the page no longer exists. This has been for several weeks on both Macs and Windows machines. Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks for the info.

stop, stop, stop 12th Oct 2012 19:15

New online application form due early Nov.

freddi16 12th Oct 2012 20:57

Sounds good!!

zawillif 14th Oct 2012 04:34

Thanks for the updates guys. I will keep checking back for the updated form.

Iver 14th Oct 2012 14:56

Not being disrepectful, but are senior 777 FOs not also offered 787 Captain slots as those airplanes begin to arrive? We have heard from several posters on this thread that 787 slots will be given to the A320 pilots - but I assume senior 777 FOs will also be offered Captain slots on those airplanes as they arrive - no? Not sure how that works in terms of pecking order and who gets offered what.

No doubt the DEC scheme would be maddening and super-frustrating for anyone on the edge of upgrade at any non-western, non-seniority-secured airline like QR or EK. But with significant upcoming fleet growth at QR, can a Senior 777 FO bid open slots in other fleets like an open A330 Captain slot - or are those slots reserved primarily for senior A330/320 FOs?

If you are hired into the 777 fleet today, is the expectation that you will remain in that fleet and not move to another at any point? Or can you bid/request another fleet after a certain amount of time?

This fleet transfer question has always been a bit vague. Cheers for any clarification.

simmatch 17th Oct 2012 14:37

Yeah, We are all waiting. Last lime they said Updates in November. Keeping fingers crossed!

luvly jubbly 17th Oct 2012 18:12

I hear some people have been given DOJs in November & December.
No idea of their fleet or ranks though. It seems they interviewed in Feb/ March, so there is some movement within the pool..... :ok:


jeanpaul172 17th Oct 2012 18:55


Do you know when these DOJ's were given?
I know some NTSO's who received contracts / DOJ's in July.. they're joining in Sept/ Oct / Nov and December on the A330.

robusto 18th Oct 2012 10:57

Disappointment is obvious, I guess..

FL123 18th Oct 2012 14:30

The DOJs given to the SOs for NOV and DEC was sometime back (3 months ago or so).

casablanca 18th Oct 2012 16:55

Does Qatar have a limit on how long someone is in the pool before they are no longer accepted? It seems from reading the threads that some have went more than a year and were successful?

disagreeable 19th Oct 2012 01:58

Generally qr don't have there act together in the office, and u will never know if they have a time limit cause nobody knows and the rules change constantly anyways. Just be patient and look and take other jobs if they arise first. QR is not a safe bet

cccc 19th Oct 2012 19:38

Waiting is the message...
Hi All,
Just a small update... but I guess you know all this by now.
I talked to one of the engineers who is working for the current company I am flying for, and he has a friend working for QR as a line training captain and also in the recruitment department. The ones who passed the selection are indeed in a hold pool for an unknown period of time, due the to the fact that the B787 are being delayed. This is apparently the only reason why everything is on a hold. And nobody knows for how long. :(
The fact is that those B787 are coming, and when they start to arrive as planned, then QR will start calling people. Most people from the A320 are going on the B787.
But I am not telling anything new here.
And again... waiting is the key here and keep on looking elsewhere.

Iver 20th Oct 2012 02:37


Thank you for the updated information. I understand you do not work for QR, but I still am trying to understand the crewing for the 777. It has been stated numerous times that 787 slots will be filled by current A320 pilots. Does that mean that senior 777 FOs are not offered 787 Captain slots? Can a senior 777 FO bid an open A320 Captain slot if desired? Are 777 pilots expected to stay on that fleet and not move elsewhere?

With DECs entering the 777 fleet, are senior FOs on the 777s relegated to slower upgrade prospects or can they bid other fleets like the 787 and A330 fleets as slots open?

Appreciate any insight from anyone in the know.

luvly jubbly 20th Oct 2012 09:18


I asked that question at interview.
I was told that B777 FOs are offered upgrades on A320. Or, they can choose to wait (quite a bit) longer for upgrade on B777.

No idea about B787 though.

Keep swimming!


cccc 20th Oct 2012 15:20

I have no idea about fleet transfer/upgrade.
First get there as a FTSO, and when time arrives, then I will worry about upgrade/fleet transfer.

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