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speedhold 14th Nov 2012 02:16

Any updates from Qatar F/O
Hi has anyone got any updates from HR . My last email was in july regarding the talent pool.
interviewed Feb 29th 2012 First officer position
Contract signed May 2012 assigned A320
Talent pool email July 31 2012
no news since then

woodman29 14th Nov 2012 06:05

Talent Pool
Hi everyone,

Same situation here, done the assessment in mid January 2012
A320 FO (NTR), swimming since July.
Nothing since then.
Any info would be good really.
Thank God I dind´t quit my current job....


ContinueApproach 14th Nov 2012 12:08

Other way around?
Hey there guys! So apparently most of you the guys here are either in the "talent pool" or are already flying. My question can sound a little innocent but I need to know how to apply. I have a couple of Middle Eastern friends who got in but they had some pretty good connections, something that I do not have. What I do have is an ICAO fATP, MCC and Type rating on the A320 family but with no experience on it. The thing is, I see people being interviewed without satisfying the minimum requirements stated on their website so quite frankly, what am I missing? Only a connection?

iQatar 14th Nov 2012 15:16

The thing is, I see people being interviewed without satisfying the minimum requirements stated on their website so quite frankly, what am I missing?
What do you mean by that?
Qatar Airways interview NTSO's, which basically is pilot's straight out of flight school. FTSO have little bit more experience and then you get the rated or non rated FO's. So I don't know how you can say people do not satisfy minimum requirements. If you have a type rating with no time on it i.e. you have bought it or got made redundant or sacked, QR will probably made you redo the type rating.
A lot of people attended open days and got invited for interviews after that.

ContinueApproach 14th Nov 2012 16:15

Well, I mean whenever I check the minimum requirements stated on their website, it says:
First Officers

  • Minimum of 1,000 hours in one of the following categories:
    - Multi Crew, Multi Engine Jet Aircraft
    - Command Turbo-Prop above 20,000kg MTOW
    - High Performance Military Jets
Second Officers - Fast TrackMeet
atleast one category of the flying experience listed below:
  • o A Minimum of 1000 hrs on a modern multi pilot, multi engine, turboprop aircraft greater than 12,000 kg MTOW
    o A Minimum of 300 hours on a multi engine, multi crew jet aircraft
    o A Minimum of 1500 hours on a multi crew multi engine helicopter
    o A Minimum of 2000 hours Pilot in Command on single engine, single crew turboprop aircraft (Multi Crew Co-operation Certificate required).
I think that a lot of people have not fulfilled these requirements but were interviewed, what I wanted to ask was what was the appropriate channel to do so from? Cause clearly, online is not the way to go. And when they have an open day here, the representatives always say that the min is +-1000 hours TT with appropriate ratings....Yet still, I know this is the "formal, official" way. I am not saying I want to do something illegal or out of the standard just for me but what I want to know is how can I let them get a hold of my documents, read them and give me an interview like all the other people doing so.

jibba_jabba 14th Nov 2012 17:40

iQatar says:
Qatar Airways interview NTSO's, which basically is pilot's straight out of flight school. FTSO have little bit more experience and then you get the rated or non rated FO's.
Let me clarify a slightly insulting definition of FTSO's:
NTSO's = Zero real world experience; probably young and ignorant; will accept all manner of BS given too them so they can have or keep a jet job; Less than 300Hrs total!

FTSO = 3 - 8years exp; most likely a person who busted ther arse working in G.A/RPT; highly likely they didnt have the A/C weight requirement to be called an F.O; 10 to 20 times the experience of cadets(NTSO)

F.O = 3 - 8 years exp; jet time (most likely) and/or A/C weight over threshold limit. 10 to 20 times the experience of cadets(NTSO)

iQatar says:
So I don't know how you can say people do not satisfy minimum requirements. If you have a type rating with no time on it i.e. you have bought it or got made redundant or sacked, QR will probably made you redo the type rating.
A lot of people attended open days and got invited for interviews after that.
I think there is some people that gained entry to QR that didnt have the requirements that you maybe refering too? either way, thats connections for you.

You dont have connections, you have no time on type, and your total time is nothing to influence. You will have to do type rating again, and be bonded. You most likely not get called any sooner (but may be lucke).
You have wasted your $$$ on A320 rating!!
Try Cebu Air in Indonesia (get a few years exp) and then apply here or EK.
good luck:ok:

flying apple 14th Nov 2012 21:08

I know that this has been asked before, even in a separate thread but nobody answered

i got interviewed as an NTSO but by now i met the requirements to be an FTSO.
Is it possible to join as fast track?
Its not going to make a lot of difference, I still need do be type rated, only the linetraining requires less sectors.

Any thoughts on this?

ContinueApproach 15th Nov 2012 01:56

I'm an NTSO :)
So yea, I do fit as an NTSO! I am young, not ignorant, and have almost non-existent experience, that is cause I am young, I DO get them with time and age. All I want is to get a chance just as the other NTSOs, nothing wrong with that I think. What I wanted to know is how to apply for NTSO! Do you know?

Hamid_27 16th Nov 2012 00:49


Few times a year QR hold interviews in Doha for NTSO. They recently updated their recruitment page on their website so it may take some time to appear.

Keep an eye out, you never know.


Check Airman 16th Nov 2012 01:38

Has QR re-opened the pilot recruitment site? I haven't seen it lately, and I just want to make sure I haven't missed it.

freddi16 16th Nov 2012 17:01

No nothing yet on the qr site regarding application for flight deck crew!!!!

Check Airman 16th Nov 2012 19:08


10 characters

Shaggy330 18th Nov 2012 03:16

Holy Camel [email protected]
For all those folks who believe that a "Good News Letter" from Qatar Airways means that a job will eventually happen, you'd better read the following three emails from QR, including the "Good News Letter" on July 16. For all those in the hold pool, keep looking for another job!!!

From: Flight Deck Recruitment <[email protected]>
Subject: Application of employment
Date: 14 November 2012


Thank you for your application for a Flight Deck Crew position with Qatar Airways and for taking the time to attend our selection program.

We regret to advise that, on this occasion, we are not able to progress with your application.

Thank you for your interest in Qatar Airways. We wish you the very best of luck for the future.

Best Regards

Flight Deck Recruitment Team

World’s 5-star airline qatarairways.com

From: Tala Harith Mustafa <[email protected]>
Date: 16 July 2012
Subject: Application for employment

Dear Mr.,
We refer to your application for the position of Captain with Qatar Airways. We are delighted to inform you that you have successfully passed the Qatar Airways Flight Deck selection process.
The next step in the process is for us to gain approval for your appointment. Following this we will issue a formal offer of employment which should take no more than 6 weeks. This letter will be your formal offer of employment and will also contain your fleet allocation.
We will then allocate you a joining date. This joining date will be anywhere from one to six months ahead and is based on your notice period and our operational requirement at the time. Your delayed joining date is to assist us in identifying the appropriate fleet and training schedule for you. Please do not resign from your current position until you have a confirmed joining date from Qatar Airways.
Once again, thank you for your interest in a career with Qatar Airways and we look forward to seeing you in Doha in the near future.

Thank you & kind regards,

Ms. Tala Mustafa

Recruitment Coordinator
Website: www.qatarairways.com


From: Tala Harith Mustafa <[email protected]>
Subject: Interview Invitation for 12 April 2012
Date: 28 February 2012

Dear Mr. ,

Thank you for your interest in Qatar Airways and for applying for a Flight Deck Crew position with us.

Qatar Airways is the national carrier of the State o f Qatar. Currently undergoing rapid expansion, Qatar Airways operates one of the youngest, state of the art fleet of aircraft in the world. Flying to over 100 destinations with close to 100 aircraft, the airline has more than 200 aircraft on order, worth more than US $40 billion.

These are exciting times for us. We would like to invite you to share in our success.

We invite you to attend a selection program for a Captain position with us in Doha, on Thursday, 12 April 2012.

In order to ensure you are fully rested, candidates should arrive in Doha one day prior to the beginning of the selection programme.

Qatar Airways will organize your travel arrangements on Qatar Airways sectors. Connecting travel on non-QR sectors should be arranged by the candidate and will be reimbursed at the time of joining Qatar Airways, on production of original boarding passes and receipts. Please note that the cost of the ticket must be approved by Qatar Airways prior to your purchase of the ticket. In order to ensure that your Non QR sector connection flight timings are well merged with the QR flight, please supply us with flight details as soon as possible.

Please advise the nearest Qatar Airways destination when you respond to this email and attach a copy of your passport in order to apply for your entry visa to Doha.

Hotel accommodation will be arranged for the duration of your stay in Doha. Qatar Airways will be responsible for the room only. All other expenses will be borne by the candidate.

We encourage you to bring your spouse (if applicable), as we recognize that success in the programme will mean a lifestyle change for you and your family. All costs and arrangements for spouse travel must be borne by the candidate.

Our selection programme is a multiple stage process, consisting of a technical quiz, a competency-based interview and finally a simulator assessment. To move to the next stage of the selection process, candidates must successfully pass the previous stage.

Please confirm your attendance within 10 days of receipt of this email. Whilst we endeavour to maintain flexibility to accommodate your schedule, failure to attend a confirmed selection date without advising us in advance will result in your application not being considered in the future.

Further details regarding the arrangements will be forwarded once your confirmation has been received.

We look forward to hearing back from you and to meeting you soon!

Warm Regards
Tala Mustafa
For : Flight Deck Recruitment Team
World's 5 - star airline qatarairways.com

flycheaper 18th Nov 2012 03:37

Hey Shaggy,

Why in your post in this threat the good news letter is dated 16 of July...and in the threat you started the good news letter is dated may...what are you trying to achieved or to hide, tell us the truth, what has happen...have you harassed the recruitment department? Where you impolite with some body? Looks like some emails or clues are missing here mate;)

menikos 18th Nov 2012 04:29

The next step in the process is for us to gain approval for your appointment.

It seems that you didn't make it but you can try still to call them who knows.

Capt Aviator 18th Nov 2012 04:53


Were you ever put in the pool or the emails posted are the only communications between yourself and QR?


Shaggy330 18th Nov 2012 06:09

These were the only communications with QR. I listed them in reverse order. Nov - July - Feb (Not successful - Successful - Invitation). Other than the interview itself and responding to an email where they requested a contact phone number for a reference (which was a very favourable reference), I have not even tried to contact QR what-so-ever.

Several months ago someone posted something to the effect of "...nobody who ever received "good news" has not eventually received a fleet assignment and DOJ...". The only point behind my post is to enlighten those who believe that if they get the "good news" that they are assured of a DOJ. Obviously, they are not.

Regarding "May". Yes, when I began writing I couldn't recall exactly when the letter came. I had "May" in my head because that was when it was originally expected if the interview had been successful ( 3-4 weeks later). When I started finding, copying and pasting the actual emails, I forgot to change it until I pushed the submit button. Then, I immediately edited it.

Nothing left out or hidden, nor any covert or otherwise misleading or dishonest activity going on here mate. I sure am disappointed though, as I took them at their word and made life changing decisions because of it.

chrislikesblue 18th Nov 2012 06:40

What you are telling us is really scary ! I thought that good news means that you are guaranteed of getting employment with them.Obviously you are not. I am not sure if it is correct for a company to do this from a legal point of view,but certainly from an ethical point of view it is not right,especially knowing that you have waited for them for such a long period.

disagreeable 18th Nov 2012 07:03

Sorry to hear that didnt work out for you. This is typical behaviour and it sadly is generally unexplainable. Why I hear you ask? Its because of the chaotic nature of the office, and the managers and staff in there.

To all you other QR wannabe's!
The rapid expansion of QR does not mean a dam thing; it does not and should not guarentee anybody a job . Including you! So dont quit your jobs in hope, and if I were you, take other suitable employment if its offered before QR.

Unfortunately I must say that a reasonable amount of less than competant people have slipped through the pilot selection process, but sadly most managers and staff in the office are the major problem not being delt with in QR.

Unfortunately it produces results like this, unexplained rejections, hiring of incompetant people and a general mess of paperwork and inefficient systems.

I remember one person in the "talent pool", that rejected a FTSO slot on the A320, then only about 2 months later they recieved a DOJ/start date letter for the 320!! :D

There is no explination for alot of things that happen; No real communication and certainly no real empathy for anyone called an employee (especially pilots).

There is a legal system in this country, however, good luck getting any legal representation that actually helps you!!! And about that dirty word called Ethics.......that doesnt exist here! lol.

vfenext 18th Nov 2012 07:07

Shaggy, it looks like you didn't pass the security check. After passing a selection you have to wait a couple of weeks for a security background check before you will get a final offer. I suggest in your case this is what brought it to a stop.

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