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jacekgfly 28th Aug 2013 13:34

Why are some people in the pool waiting for DOJ have to do the ADAPT and other in the pool are getting DOJ without ADAPT??

RK303 28th Aug 2013 17:01


I was wondering what’s new here and I’ve read previous recent posts regarding the famous PAT.
I always though that those horrible brain test were used by airlines to filter ab-initio and get a reason to select a wanabe vs another one,trying to find some kind of natural skills or something…
So just for curiosity, why those test are use on experienced pilots already flying? Should a professionnal pilot having a full time flying job remain sharp on a PAT at any time??

rhmj 29th Aug 2013 02:46

Good evening guys, any A320 Type Rated FO who passed the screening on the last couple months, already receipt the DOJ? How long it usually takes after received the good news email until DOJ email?
Anyone in the same situation willing to share info PM me.

kazu3 30th Aug 2013 03:13

About PAT
Hi all

I want to know about detail of PAT.

If you finish your interview, Please give me infomation about PAT.

I will have interview on Nov for A320 F/O.


Wings23 30th Aug 2013 08:03

Hi All,

So - Interviewed in May 2012 - good news July 2012. Holding pool since. Is it time to give up??? Fast Track Second Officer.

Anybody in the know - please shed some light. I have tried emailing and calling and that proves pointless.


from BG2CT 30th Aug 2013 11:12

Wings check PM

upwhereIbelong 30th Aug 2013 23:49

Visa,Tickets,Information for Join normally will be sent short before your join date.

hawk99 31st Aug 2013 08:42

Yup and if u pass the sselection process then keep waiting for more then a year even if u are experienced type rated pilot

Global01 2nd Sep 2013 12:07


Any news about Second officer's recruitment ? The latest News is that no recruitment till end of 2014..

Means, September update with say "Dear Candidate, Please wait till the next update in December.......etc)

Very Sad, some ppl been waiting for more than 2 years... its killing.

Narrow Runway 2nd Sep 2013 13:40

"Hi folks,
can anyone tell me info about the medical in QR? I mean, Is allowed a slight color blindness? I know China is a country that doesn't allow any kind of color blind but not sure about QR. Apreciate if one can shed me some light about the medical sight test"

I wouldn't expect to get a job with them if you have even a slight headache.

I, in the past, had a rare but treatable form of Leukaemia (Blood Cancer). I am in total and complete remission. Have been for 5 years, which is in reality the "all clear" stage.

I was asked to provide comprehensive doctor letters, which I did. These letters go into my disease in some depth and are from the world experts. They say I should have a normal life expectancy.

Within 24 hours, a depersonalised generic email says no. Even though I was involved in a personal email process with the charming Brazilian lady.

I'm a type rated, current captain with well in excess of 3,000 on type and multiple other types flown as well.

The woman from recruitment made me feel pretty bad about myself, but of course they won't discuss anything with you. They are above that - or perhaps they realise they are so thick that you'd wipe the floor with their argument.

Anyway, it is their train set and they can keep it.

Good luck, but expect rejection.

Obbie 2nd Sep 2013 14:03

They are not looking for reasons to hire you.

They are looking for reasons NOT to hire you,
and you gave them one.

What else needs to be said.

Narrow Runway 2nd Sep 2013 14:50


What reason did I give them "not to hire me"?

Your answer is as discriminatory as is theirs. Even if you didn't mean it to be.

I understand it is their choice and it clearly remains so, but be careful how you sound, lest one day you befall something like this.

It isn't a nice feeling.

Airmann 2nd Sep 2013 14:50

It's because fully trained robots only know how to say yes or no and not to have an opinion.

That's why the capitalists are trying to automate everything these days.

But to be honest people around these parts don't know anything about courtesy. Most of the people in the GCC are from the 3rd world and life in these parts is basically like living in a Jungle. You just put your head down and try to get to the top, nothing here to do but to make and spend money. Quite sad. Hopefully we'll see better days

hawk99 3rd Sep 2013 11:41

just came to know that yet another update is ready for us who are waiting in pool. regardless of type rated or not. pilots like Bahrain air etc who applied after us have been given joining and preferred over us. cheers

vinouche33 3rd Sep 2013 11:42

we are september !! Soon, we will get some news ! last time it was the 2nd of May ...let's hope in the week ! inchallah :suspect:

vinouche33 3rd Sep 2013 11:44


For information, I come from BAHRAIN AIR, and some of us are still in the holding pool, same for captains positions !:ouch:

vinouche33 3rd Sep 2013 12:23

Fly Dubai no, only 2 or 3 were interested by Fly Dubai as none of us are rated on 737 !

Ethiopia 3rd Sep 2013 13:37


So... are you saying the next 'update' will be similar to previous ones?

Inno 3rd Sep 2013 15:46

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
Hi guys i think at this time we will receive an update like the last... Wait 3 months more...
Something start to change in QR...
From what I heard next year will be good...
Cross fingers

hawk99 3rd Sep 2013 16:32

@ vinouche33 , there are few from bahrain air whom I know personally , they ARE joining this year. Maybe they didnt take you along And maybe they knew some bahraini finance guy who is qatar CEO's buddy , any bells rringing ? Best of luck. And ethopia yes today I spoke to senior guy and he said that those who have not received joining by the time update mail is generated, they all will receive the delay mail. According to him joinings for FOs have been dished out already. Best of luck to all of us.

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