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Flyingmachine01 4th Oct 2012 03:50


It Starts off at 8am with an Intro to the Company and Its Objectives (45mins)

Then it's the Tech Quiz... I think it was 60 questions. I found it a little challenging but this because i don't like people watching do my Exam (1hr)

Then if you pass you are given an interview.. Again around 1Hr. It's purely behavioural. Gives a time when you did this......???

Then if you pass you are are given a Sim assessment. Mine was in A320.. 2 ccts and on the second an APU fire.. Deal with it and land...

Oh i missed the Buffett for lunch.. All you can eat and a sleep between Interview and Sim..Because we got back to the hotel at 11pm at night..:cool:

Flyingmachine01 4th Oct 2012 03:56

Interviews are still being done.. I was there 3 weeks ago....:hmm:

Saam-85 4th Oct 2012 05:13

@ Freddi16
Hi Freddi

Yes, you are right, it shows no vacancies for the flight deck crew in their website, but keep in mind that their career section in the website changed approx 40 days ago but there are still many applicants whom submitted their application way before this change. Hope you are one of them anyway.

Best of luck to you all:)

ADY 4th Oct 2012 06:26

thanks flyingmachine01

freddi16 4th Oct 2012 08:09

Hi saam unfortunately no,i Was almost at the end Of my application form,i think the,application form Will come up again at hotel end Of the year

iQatar 4th Oct 2012 08:53

During the 45 minute company presentation before the multiple choice exam, did the speaker give any indication about how many pilots their going to need next year? (700 in 2013 and another 700 in 2014 etc. etc...)
Also with aircraft deliveries, are they still expecting to get a new one delivered every 15 - 18 days? I was there in the begining of the year and thats what they told us. Thanks.( Hopefully they have updated their power point.)

High'n Fast 5th Oct 2012 10:59

Has anyone had any news on start dates, either by phone or email ....

It will be 1 year at the end of October since interview. No word about being in the 'Talent Pool' either. Nothing, apart from the standard acknowledgement for receipt of paperwork.


High'n Fast

Flyingmachine01 5th Oct 2012 12:02


They never actually mentioned an exact number of pilots needed..
But the aircraft orders were very consistent with what is mentioned on their website.. New aircraft arriving every 3 weeks.. It's absolutely crazy...

There biggest order is still the A350's range. Totalling around 80..

Flyingmachine01 5th Oct 2012 12:06

The we're also hoping for the new airport to open 12/12/2012...
But that date has no been squashed

FL123 5th Oct 2012 19:32

New airport now shifted to Apr-May 2013...!!!

Tritzo 7th Oct 2012 07:45

Thank you for your response startright. But if I remember right, there are people with almost no experience, that can perform very well in the sim too! Its a matter of preparation and chair flying.

Do you have a clue when the hiring out of the talent pool might continue again?

iQatar 7th Oct 2012 11:20


Thanks for all your post on pprune and the info that you supply. But the big question all of us in the holding pool are: Will we all be given a contract and start date at some stage?

priest 7th Oct 2012 12:36

Qatar's talent pool

Thanks for the info.:ok:
I would like to repeat three major questions from all of us who have been waiting in the pool since last June (or more?)
1. Will we all be given a contract and start date at some stage?
2. Any estimate about when QR will start to give DOJs again?
3. Is this pool working as a "first come first serve", or TR guys have priority to be given a DOJ?

...your answers will be well appreciated...

chrislikesblue 8th Oct 2012 05:40

I find it hard to believe that while hundreds of people waiting for crucial questions to be answered because their career is on hold at the moment (some of them without income and not knowing if they will be able to survive next month! ) there is an interruption in their posts from someone who is very worried if he will be able to 'get a wave' or not. This shows selfishness which is a very common attitude these days especially amongst pilots or might be some kind of humour that I did not understand.

transport jock 8th Oct 2012 09:18

well, i am just glad that there is someone like starright who is going out of his way to give us information on what is happening at the moment. I applied 6 months ago and havent heard anything yet but more than meet the minimum requirements.

Like a few people have said, everyone has their own reasons for wanting to go and lets try to be supportive of each other here rather than making some personal attacks.. who knows, you might end up flying with the guy you attack here someday!

Flyingmachine01 8th Oct 2012 09:20

Go back to your Basic ATPL subjects.
Just the base of them and don't go to deep in any particular subject..
That's the best way to describe it. You just need to study the basics again. I hope that makes sense...

RK303 9th Oct 2012 23:05

I remember you as NTSO right? So you’re still waiting…no other NTSO had DOJ since this summer ? I was curious to know on which fleet NTSO waiting will be sent.
But for the NTSO waiting be careful guys. I think that due to the low importance of NTSO in the recruitment process they won’t have time to give you information regarding your case. But I would like to advise NTSO to try to contact QR by all mean to get information on your file if you didn’t have any.It paid off for me like an other guy who had reach the age limit previously.Our requirements is different from other qualified pilots candidate.
After 9 months of wait, I find out myself disqualified this summer for a very specific reason that’s surprised me a bit.(no family relation with a QR pilot…so game over)
Only those who received an e-mail with an update expected soon should wait. For others…well … I hope that you have something else than pilot licences to get a life just in case of…You can have one outside aviation too.

jeanpaul172 10th Oct 2012 06:38

RK303, you did your assesment and you passed but finally you were disqualified because you didnt have family working for QR? I find that very hard to believe. I think 95% of those NTSO's waiting has no family in Qatar..

RK303 10th Oct 2012 07:21

JeanPaul, What I told is exactly what I've been asked by phone by the QR RH. And I've been informed that I have to be a QR pilot relative otherwise no slot available for me.

Since the begining I tried to get the results of my assessment.I don't have a reason to lie about it,this was just an interview and some people in this forum kindly helped me to contact the RH due to lack of information regarding my case. For the rest of NTSO I don't know.I can only talk about what I've been told regarding family connection.Perhaps there is something else but this is all about the conversation I had with the person who hold my file.

upwhereIbelong 10th Oct 2012 09:54

sorry to hear,man .
Is there a age Limit for FO´S? :E


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