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Jack330 3rd Nov 2014 12:30

B787 screening
Hi there, any body with fresh news concerning the assessment ? Somebody told me that the process changed again... Someone has been there recently ? Only serious reply please...
And also, for what I know, the preparation package at latestpilotjobs is outdated and almost useless so please don't waste money there.

Shooting_Star 5th Nov 2014 20:27

Anyone working for QR as an FO would want to share some more recent experiences working for them? Are things improving? How are the rosters these days on A320/B787? Anyone would mind to share to example rosters (or PM).
I am aware that unmarried you can't live together in Qatar, if you join and move over, how easy is it to arrange with the airline your spouse visa's etc if you decide to marry your significant other after joining ? Thanks !

tonyflaire 5th Nov 2014 23:03

DEC 330 or 787
Anyone with info on assessment and interview pls email direct . Many thanks.

manchestermonarch 6th Nov 2014 17:00

I have just returned from Doha, having completed the assessment. 8 of us started and 8 of us finished.
Day 1:
1.0 Hand over supporting documentation. Ensure your logbook is signed and STAMPED. Doesn't matter by whom, just make sure it is stamped.
1.1 HR presentation, including all the latest pay scales
1.3 ATPL theory quiz. 50 Q's, 1 Hr. Some of the HPL questions require a bit of prior study, but the rest are relatively ok. Ace will not answer all the flight ops questions. Study METAR codes and ensure you understand all Perf A stuff. Question bank is 2000. PASS/FAIL notified within 2 minutes of the end of the exam.
1.4 No further academic or Technical assessments. Next stage is a standard competency based interview with 2 pilots. Use the S.T.A.R. method of answering and think of a handful of situations through which you can demonstrate the professional skill sets that a pilot should have.
If the Interview goes well you will be invited to fly a sim assessment the following evening. they give you a PASS/FAIL answer within a few minutes.
Day 2:
2.0 Sims are booked between 18:45 and 22:45. The profile is sent to you 5 days before you go out to Doha. It is usually flown on the 320. You can expect to have no automation and no bird. You will fly a couple of radar vectored approaches and have an emergency to TDODAR on the second.
That's it! HR will contact you after a couple of weeks to either invite you to start or reapply in 6 months.
The assessment is valid for 12 months so can be done ahead of having to resign your current position.

If you want a single source study tool then I would recommend investing in the Airline Preparation for Pilot Jobs iPAD App. It gave me everything I needed to attend the assessment with confidence.

Good Luck

a318319320 6th Nov 2014 23:58

Thanks for the info. I just checked latestpilotjobs.com and it says the same (it was updated yesterday).
Do you know if their databank regarding the atpl questions is updated?

Azzurri 7th Nov 2014 07:01

Hey manchestermonarch,...

Thanks for sharing that information; it's much appreciated.
And by the by, what do you mean by 'HPL' questions?
(Human Performance?)


freddi16 7th Nov 2014 08:32

Thanks for your post about the assesment,the online personality test is still in the assesment?

manchestermonarch 7th Nov 2014 11:10

Hi All

HPL = Human Performance and Limitations

On line Psychometric/Personality tests are still used at the screening stage before the Invite to Interview. These tests are the Hogan series and consist of 3 tests each of 200 questions.

mamad 7th Nov 2014 16:56

Star ?
thanks a lot for the comprehensive post manchester...

Just one question what do you mean by S.T.A.R


zack777 8th Nov 2014 03:18

Situation Task Action Result
The STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format is a job interview technique used by interviewers to gather all the relevant information about a specific capability that the job requires. This interview format is to have a higher degree of predictability of future on-the-job performance than the traditional interview. This technique is a behavioral interview technique.

Situation: The interviewer wants you to present a recent challenge and situation in which you found yourself.
Task: What did you have to achieve? The interviewer will be looking to see what you were trying to achieve from the situation.
Action: What did you do? The interviewer will be looking for information on what you did, why you did it and what the alternatives were.
Results: What was the outcome of your actions? What did you achieve through your actions and did you meet your objectives? What did you learn from this experience and have you used this learning since?.

http://careerservices.wayne.edu/beha...erviewinfo.pdf for more details

mamad 8th Nov 2014 03:48

Thanks a lot zack777

nosegears 8th Nov 2014 14:06

Very nice tips manchester

Thanks a lot

Lets wait for the result

Best of luck

330airbus 9th Nov 2014 16:40

Any news on who gets offered the 350?
Sure the meeting stated 320 would be offered it too, but does anyone personally know of anybody?
For now, I have know of some senior 340 FOs/Captains, along with 320/330 TRE's who will be going to Toulouse(some already there).

Any news? :E

dieana 10th Nov 2014 21:47

What about education level in Doha
Hi guys, Im looking for some information about education level in Doha. In private schools are what can you find? Are they good? With the education Fee Qatar gives you is enough to pay school for two kids? What do you think are the best schools in Doha?

Thanks in advance

320goat 11th Nov 2014 10:54

Non existent!..........

Oh sorry, I didn't read enough of your question....

light and variable 11th Nov 2014 11:24

I think the workload is evenly balanced across the fleets at the moment. That is to say that everybody works a lot. Short haul doing lots of short, and long haul doing lots of long. Some might argue that 787 is the best but still in its infancy.

To get married after joining would be no problem; provided you could find the time! Just provide the company with a certificate.

ItsMeFromEarth 11th Nov 2014 13:17

To get married after joining would be no problem; provided you could find the time!
and if you find someone :}

Jungle pilot 12th Nov 2014 11:47

Hire Right
How long does it take for Hire right to contact you after receiving positive news from Qatar?

Che Xindamail 22nd Nov 2014 14:17

About 2-4 weeks. Most administrative things here take their time.

pilotdreamer2 24th Nov 2014 11:59

Cognitive Test!

Could someone confirm if qatar airways is using the cognitive test again? It seems they are back:ugh::ugh:


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