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dash8pilotCanada 14th Aug 2012 22:01

I would go with with which ever airline can put a contract letter in your hands first.
No point in closing your doors with Fly Dubai just to find out that QR wont be taking you after July, Nov or whenever they say they will.

agesage 14th Aug 2012 23:11

Fly Dubai
Of Course,You should choose Fly Dubai.

You may be removed from Qr deep pools.
Nobady knows what will occur on Qatar's holding pools.
They easily changes their minds,so if I werw you,I will go to Fly Dubai.

I envy you so much.

Capt Aviator 15th Aug 2012 15:55

A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.

Do not throw away surety for unsurety.

Capt Aviator.

Black Pudding 15th Aug 2012 17:22

I would wait until you get a start date with FD, then I would call Q and tell them and ask for a def start date. I would much rather work for Q than FD without a shadow of doubt. On the other hand, can you not apply to Emirates or Etihad ?

upwhereIbelong 15th Aug 2012 22:13

i dont get this anymore ...
how can people getting a DOJ which were
1.) interviewed aft me
2.)rewcieved good news ,LOE aft me
3.)less hours
4.)same fleet

Is it just a everyday quiz or any system ...

Sorry but Im getting little now unrelaxed ...


khnzore 16th Aug 2012 00:09

Maybe Qr is starting to do what Emirates does, call poolies based on their performance on their interview, and not based on the date that they received their good news or interview date.

Tritzo 16th Aug 2012 06:44

anyone else waiting since last november? im still in the pool as far as i know, but im waiting for like 10 months now. ntso.

ADY 16th Aug 2012 06:46

They have just removed the vacancies for captains and FOs from their site.....

Comm 16th Aug 2012 11:38

Yes i have seen that too on their careers webpage.

And the 40 years old max age when joining.

Seems strange they would only advertise for fast track SO's.......


Hope they are not too strict on the age either......

groundtoflightdeck 16th Aug 2012 12:04

I'm still showing SFI, wide/narrow capt, FO and SO- Fast Track on the jobs page....

South Prince 16th Aug 2012 12:30

From Qatar airways website 5 min ago:

This list includes all jobs currently available within our organization.
Jobs per page:

Sort by

Synthetic Flight Instructor
Requisition ID - FLI00062
Job Posting - 25/Mar/2012


Captain - Narrow Body
Requisition ID - AIR000M9
Job Posting - 04/Jun/2012


First Officer
Requisition ID - AIR000MB
Job Posting - 05/Jun/2012


Second Officer - Fast Track
Requisition ID - AIR000MD
Job Posting - 05/Jun/2012


Captain - Wide Body
Requisition ID - AIR000LW
Job Posting - 10/Jul/2012


Comm 16th Aug 2012 12:49

Very true- just on their first page it only mentions SFI's and SO's.

Not sure why that is.....

Anyway i will continue swimming in the pool.

Hope to turn up one day in sunny Doha. :)

speedhold 16th Aug 2012 12:52

Hi guys ,
Quick question I interviewed in FEB got my pass email 2 weeks after that and then returned and signed the contract in MAY asking for a DOJ of OCT 2012. I did not get any pool email and I have been able to confirm this from HR that my name is not in the talent pool. Is there anyone in the same situation as me.
Applied F/O direct entry
Fleet A320 assigned .


MAVERICK42 17th Aug 2012 01:04

Hi all.

From QR global website. 2 minutes ago, careers section, flight deck section :

Only FTSO and SFI request.

From QR Malaysia website : all positions available.

What else !

Gear down.

ArmApp 20th Aug 2012 19:02

Anyone has the interview soon?

jeanpaul172 21st Aug 2012 11:09

Hi guys,

Any idea if recruitement for FO's and FTSO's / NTSO is still going on (on a very low frequency). What numbers are needed for 2013?? Again 700 pilots or much less? Hope all talent pool guys will be placed.

groundtoflightdeck 21st Aug 2012 17:30

Is there a flow through of pilots from Qatar Executive to Qatar Airways at all?

datdude 22nd Aug 2012 03:00

Good friend that joined early june on the A320 tells me DOJ assignments will resume towards the end of the year. Hang in there fellas cause I'm in the same boat.

datdude 24th Aug 2012 13:41

From my understanding you either get hired to the Exec side or airline side. Benefits are almost identical and but I'm not sure if guys go back and forth.

FMSPEED 25th Aug 2012 22:04

How about time to upgrade to the wide body fleet from the 320 FO seat... Does anyone have any idea about how long ?

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