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potatowings 21st Feb 2012 21:41

Thanks MTR.

Best of luck!

mtr 22nd Feb 2012 07:32

Airb, I applied beginning of June 2011

Airb 22nd Feb 2012 09:30

Thanks MTR.
Good luck buddy

upwhereIbelong 22nd Feb 2012 11:40

..another gdukkoq!!!!!
Guys I know its annoying ,specially for those who already have a reply .
well Issue I have , today its exactly 4 weeks aft my Interview.
One friend recieved a NO 2 weeks ago ,the other one a yes 4 days ago ....myself Nothing !!

I wrote an email ,no reply .
I bet we all know the situation when you really want something and you have to wait and wait and wait ...

any suggestions ....?

Samolin 22nd Feb 2012 13:06

just relax....
4 weeks is a norm right now! no reason to call, email, tweet, or whatever everyone does these days...

As long as you have a stable job for now, just focus on what you have and let the cards fall where they may, you just might come across the wrong way if you keep bugging hr!
If you don't have a stable job, then I suggest going to a gum to take out your frestrations and anxiety!

depending on what you applied for (FTSO, FO, CAPT), you will have a wait time from 4 weeks to 2 months in between each response and the joiniong date could be 6 -10 months from the time of your interview.

good luck, but as a rule, good news travels slow, so you probably did good in the selection process!

upwhereIbelong 22nd Feb 2012 13:10

im on various Relaxation teas already ...thanks .

inner 22nd Feb 2012 14:52

Well i'm waiting almost 90 days.:ugh: Time to get an invitation because i'm fed up doing the atpl database. Pffff
Lucky guy, at least u already did an interview.

upwhereIbelong 22nd Feb 2012 23:38

Both situations nervwrecking !

RoyHudd 23rd Feb 2012 05:03

Is there much to do on days off in Doha?

blusky75 23rd Feb 2012 09:41

To sleep?!

gottofly 23rd Feb 2012 10:34

Is there any agreement of NO POACHING between EK and QR?
what can a guy who has total of 9000hrs and 6000 hrs 737NG time,4000command expect regards fleet?
Is the 330 fleet being converted to cargo and most destinations going to the 787?
any info appreciated.

blusky75 23rd Feb 2012 11:05

Most likely you can get the T7, dunno about DEC position....

Sephore 23rd Feb 2012 13:30

For DEC on the T7 you need wide body experience as far as I know.

gottofly 23rd Feb 2012 13:47

QR320 roster
happen to know of a Captain who only had B737 time and got selected on A330 DEC .He worked as A330 Captain for 5 yrs and has left QR since 18 mnths back,just wondering what the current scenario is if anyone has heard of anyone who has been selected on a widebody DEC with similar exp.
A little worried due to another thread with QR A320 roster issue...seems to be a very trying one.

safelife 23rd Feb 2012 13:58

Currently QR's rule is: no widebody without widebody experience.

av8r76 23rd Feb 2012 14:22

Refer to the EK DEC thread currently running. Looks like you might not meet the requirements here, but EK might be worth a look with DEC recruitment. Good luck.

blusky75 23rd Feb 2012 14:42

I got the T7 without having widebody experience but only 3000 tot hours of wich 1300 on B737

gottofly 23rd Feb 2012 14:45

Thanks av8r76 but EK website doesnt have anything yet ...will definitely consider if they advertise.
anyone know whats QR planning for crewing the B787?present crew from 320 or external drivers?they will need quite a few considering 5 B787 in 2012 itself?

ITO 23rd Feb 2012 17:08

waiting is killing !!!! another week end where nothing will happen :ugh:

Redline 23rd Feb 2012 21:05

I've been this year... If you read 'Ace' twice... Then re-read the performance & instruments sections... Ignore all the light twin nonsense .. The exam will not be a significant ordeal...

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