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ronburgandy 16th Feb 2012 23:08

Did anyone save/copy changingbases very useful post about recent selection? Was planning on looking at it again and it has vanished! Please PM me if you did as have interview coming up and would very much appreciate another look! Thanks.

mrcbell 16th Feb 2012 23:50

Which standard of Logbook is acceptable by Qatar? (FAA, EASA, both...)
I must have one in english.


gdukkoq 17th Feb 2012 03:38

To study Ace, use the questions but search for the answers in your ATPL notes.
For the latest pilot jobs questions HR very useful, for the rest a few hints, but the test is not very difficult, a passing rate of 90% I would say. Review your ATPL a little if you are dusty, all from the JAA ATPL question bank 100%.

RK303 17th Feb 2012 06:36

If I understood previous posts, you know before to join your date of joining of course and the class date.

How much time do you have between both?
Is it the time given for you to cope with the new environnement? What people use to do during this time? will you be able to start study to warm up before the training begin?

gdukkoq, you mentionned earlier 4 months after you landed in Doha, is it the common time for everybody?

blusky75 17th Feb 2012 07:24

Who is joining on the 18th of March? pm

F14 17th Feb 2012 07:43

Next Steps
After the good news,

1) You wait for authorisation to hire you. (6 weeks)
2) They make the offer and send the contract (2 weeks to sign and return)
3) You sign, scan and return the contract, with indication of 1st available date
4) They reply to say thank you and give planned start date. (1hour later). Also
the pre arrival documentation you must prepare and FAQ's

5) Hand in your notice and prepare for departure.

note: these were roughly my times. It does seem a bit complicated, but I'm sure it's worth it to get in. :O

Twinotterguy 17th Feb 2012 08:32


Yes he had some 2000hrs on the 767

dc10fr8k9 17th Feb 2012 10:19

what kind of wide body is out there that is not Boeing or Airbus?
Douglas! They were the best. Congrats Fogrunner from another former colleague!

upwhereIbelong 18th Feb 2012 08:52

Whats wrong Gents?
Weekend in Doha?

Soooooooo,today18th ....4 weeks aft Interview ...No Mail :}:\

Is that ;) ? or :{?


whatelse 18th Feb 2012 10:24

Dear colleagues,

Can you explain me what is a Second Officer at Qatar Airways? Is it like a normal copilot that can take off and land the aircraft or is that a cruise pilot like in Cathay Pacific? Can a SO log his hours as a normal FO or not?

Another question, please, I read here on this forum that total SO salary is 10000 QR/Month (that's 2000 euros ish), is that correct?

Thanks for you information :ok:

777-Aviator 18th Feb 2012 11:09


Thanks...I guess people forget about the DC10 and MD11
Oh Yeah, you are right mate... We almost forgot them! But me thinks it would have been way less puzzling if you have just said from the start DC10 or MD11 , don't you think? :ok:

Congrats again.

ITO 18th Feb 2012 11:24

@ Whatelse,
SO for QR is different than Cathay. You are SO just during the periode of your training where you will have to follow a training program upon a certain number of sectors. After you are line checked, you are released as a normal First Officer.

The salary you mentionned will be again yours just during the periode of your training. After what, you will be having a normal FO salary.

whatelse 19th Feb 2012 09:00

Thanks ITO :ok:

Leboeuf 19th Feb 2012 09:47

10 days ?
Sorry it was 2 weeks.

Leboeuf 19th Feb 2012 09:50

offer of employment
Sorry answering you so late.
Well, I don't know why should you doubt if someone turn down the offer.
Some even don't show off at the airport.

Just to take away any doubt from your mind I will tell you what they sent me (because you asked me):

- Offer of employment : 2 pages / 13 points term/condition (including Job designation/job grade (FD.06) as point number 1)
-Nondisclosure Agreement (2 pages/ 11 points term/condition)
On one thing I said something untrue: I got the Offer after 2 weeks (not 10 days).
The main reason I turned down the offer was because I was assigned on the A320 and I am flying on this aircraft already(5000h).
Maybe I was not so brilliant during the interview, that's why I was offered this fleet.

Black Pudding 19th Feb 2012 12:55


You say, Maybe I was not so brilliant during the interview, that's why I was offered this fleet.

I can understand if you already fly the 320, then why would you want to come here. Please do not think that because you got offered the 320, means you did bad in your interview. Its simple, you either pass or fail. Fleet allocation is in the lap of the Gods.

I fly the 320 fleet here in Qatar, are you saying I must have not done very well at my interview ?

Maybe, with your views, it was a good decision that you did not come here.

safelife 19th Feb 2012 13:25

Some years ago QR put applicants with extensive A320 experience on A330, but it seems nowadays the need for pilots on this fleet is minimal, while the A320 fleet is screaming for pilots... I guess that's why.

Black Pudding 19th Feb 2012 14:34

Supply and demand, right place right time and most important of all, what the policy is today may not be the policy tomorrow.

Who cares, does it really matter, a jobs a job and if you're not happy, do something about it. No point in dwelling on it.

You've got to understand, its their herd of camels and they will have whoever they want riding which ever camels they want, and if you don't like it, find another herd or wait your time here for fleet transfer which may take a while.

I would have said train set, but not sure many would have understood me.

Massi27 19th Feb 2012 14:43

I agree with you Black Pudding.
I'm waiting more than 10 weeks the contract and i don't care about the fleet. I hope only to receive it and join QR as soon as possible.

Black Pudding 19th Feb 2012 15:17


Send them and e-mail or call them to see what is happening

You going to be FO or FTSO ?

What hours and type you been flying

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