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Grum 29th Jan 2012 15:34

When do you start getting paid?
I'm hearing all sorts of times to wait for a contract. Once you have signed a contract how long do you wait to start getting paid? Is it after commencing training and if so how long can you wait to begin training?

Presently unemployed :ouch:, so trying to calculate how many months I could go without pay.


Sephore 29th Jan 2012 18:14

From date of join

jibba_jabba 29th Jan 2012 23:16

Any Current QR pilot can give some direction to what to study before you get to QR to make the flying transitions easier? E.g. Air-law? etc
I have been flying around Oz.


porksword 30th Jan 2012 05:42

Same here. See you then....think its the hotel for a month!

porksword 30th Jan 2012 16:49

Training schedule
Starting on the 320 next month as an FO. Just wondering how long the training lasts roughly?

safelife 30th Jan 2012 17:57

Could be as long as six months.

skier17 31st Jan 2012 00:57

A friend of mine was telling me about a law in the USA that states if you take an over-seas job, when you return to the USA you are not allowed to work for an operator that carries US Mail for something like 4 or 5 years. Can anybody confirm this or have any details about this law? It would be great to make some money over-seas for a few years, but I would hate to come back and not be able to get a job.

stud7094 31st Jan 2012 01:51

I think it's 2 years. So FedEx and ups are out...u still have the majors if anything is left of them.:yuk:

skier17 31st Jan 2012 02:07

Don't the majors haul mail sometimes as well?? Wouldn't that also exclude an expat from working for one of the pax airlines that occasionally hauls mail?

mamad 31st Jan 2012 11:00

just out of curiosity

what would be the reasoning behind this law ?

a little of topic i know

stud7094 31st Jan 2012 11:33

I have to go back to my college books but if I recal it gets back to the 1930/40's when the CAA was running things and they used to put out united states postal contracts out for bid. Same thing today, most USPS contracts are done by FedEx or UPS. the majors do carry some but as a third party member so the rule does not apply. It makes no sense but we still operate under the RLA FROM 1936 which gives us no rights to strike.

SCATANA 31st Jan 2012 21:34


Can a Bahraini FO (a friend of mine) joining QR bring his German live-in girlfriend with him to Doha ?

Would they be violating any Qatari or QR rules ?

I remember checking into a hotel in Doha in the 90s with my wife and they demanded proof of marriage before giving us a room.


flyforfood1 1st Feb 2012 06:49

In a word yes, you would be breaking the law, either she may be deported or both of you if you are caught, although I know many who have done it and gotten away with it....I don't really know how its policed tbh....

WELCO 1st Feb 2012 10:02

Cohabitation is not allowed in all of the GCC countries.

SCATANA 1st Feb 2012 10:58

Thanks for the info guys, I'll warn him about it.

The Dominican 1st Feb 2012 20:40

stud7094 I think it's 2 years. So FedEx and ups are out...u still have the majors if anything is left of them.
Only FedEx has this restriction, the reason why none of the other companies including UPS has this restriction is because they carry mail on the lower deck where it is out reach to anyone in flight. There are guys working at UPS that were flying abroad before joining

skier17 2nd Feb 2012 01:54

Sounds Great! Thanks for the info. Don't plan on being able to get hired by FedEx or UPS, but at least the Legacies would still be an option.

mtr 2nd Feb 2012 12:34

Contract receipt
Hi to all!!
I am very pleased to inform you I received contract today!! Hope to see some of you in Doha soon!

330airbus 2nd Feb 2012 13:27


What position did you apply as? And what fleet did you get?
Hope you get your contract and join us soon..


Where you at?
Contract yet?

Good luck to the rest..

inner 2nd Feb 2012 13:57

Mtr, congrats. :ok:When did you do your interview?

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