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Aviator29a 4th Mar 2012 10:11

Open day
Hi guys
Applied 6months ago,no response l wonder why because l have 4100TT and most of it on B732.:ugh:
Is there any benefit at all attending open day in terms of expediting the application process.

perritopiloto 4th Mar 2012 10:16

I know some people waiting for their contracts for long time.
Just wondering if I should phone them.
Take care

gdukkoq 4th Mar 2012 10:24

Of course you can call, email, fax, mail, send flowers... They will tell you "processing" but unless you talk to the person who got your file on his desk, you will never know if there is a hold due to a missing document. It was my case, and they never told me. Until a friend from QR went there and look at my file. I lost at least 3 months in the process because of that.

perritopiloto 4th Mar 2012 10:46

Thanks, Gdukkoq

upwhereIbelong 4th Mar 2012 11:33

Who is that friend? May he can look for mine too? :*

gdukkoq 4th Mar 2012 12:34

If I waited that long before asking him, is because I don't want to bother him. Sorry mate but either you are lucky and all steps are 4 weeks apart, or you wait unless you know someone to Check your file directly. Waiting can take very very long.

upwhereIbelong 4th Mar 2012 13:34

Back to grinding my teeth! :}

Air Pains 5th Mar 2012 03:28

I interviewed February 5th. No word. It was a long day but everyone was very pleasant. My original application was in October.

ITO 5th Mar 2012 06:58

Well we are all waiting I guess ! In a week it will be 2 months for me...its frustrating like hell to do not know what's going on, and this is only a starter, an apetizer. Any one received any good news yesterday or even today ?

upwhereIbelong 5th Mar 2012 18:23

Executive only typerated pilots!
Well first you need to pass , then be happy getting a reply of result. Then u may lucky to get the other stuff. I would say approx 8-10 months.
Interview very very fair!
Good luck

TOGA737 5th Mar 2012 21:20

Executive only typerated pilots.....

This is not true, they sending pilot to Canada to do type rating on CL605, and they are x-falcon 100/2000 pilots.

good luck

TOGA737 5th Mar 2012 21:27

.............Executive only typerated pilots!.............

This is not true, they sending pilots to Canada to do type rating on the CL605, and they are x-falcon 100

upwhereIbelong 5th Mar 2012 22:37

Well this is was we were told january! Maybe changed

unprettyangel 6th Mar 2012 13:42

What to expect in the interview
I am going on my 1st interview with QA on Sunday for a flight attendant position an i am completely lost. Anything i am suppose to know? anything i can study? any suggestions? what are they looking for? what kinda questions do they ask in this initial interview?
i need this job. Please i need some advice on what to do? how to ace this interview

tdk90 6th Mar 2012 14:41

They look for substantial business/corporate aircraft experience, that's more important than the type rated, that's what I was told.

upwhereIbelong 6th Mar 2012 14:51

Im anyway more interested in the mainline. But its again like everywherein bizav no captain no worth !

subria023 6th Mar 2012 23:08


Try cabin crew wannabe forum. You should get more answers there.

vuelomd 6th Mar 2012 23:59

Hiring process
For those of you waiting a response from QR about your inteview or hiring process, be aware that Qatar has been, and still is, in Madrid screening pretty much all the Spanair pilots who have recetly applied s few weeks ago. They are conducting the entire selection process here, written+interview+sim. They are getting as many A320 CPTs and FOs as they can.

Just be patient. Your time will come soon.

inner 7th Mar 2012 05:37

In that case, i give up. There might be a huge demand for pilots overthere but it is still limited.

Good luck to everyone.

perritopiloto 7th Mar 2012 05:44

Looks like I was right a few weeks ago when I talked about special treatment for Spanair pilots. It happened the same a few years back when AirMadrid ceased ops.

Just hope this doesn't delay my contract.
Take care

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