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RSaltre 24th Feb 2012 12:59

Qatar vs Emirates
There is a lot of negatives in regards to employment at Qatar Airways; is Emirates any better?
Thanks for the feedback...

blusky75 24th Feb 2012 13:03

QR vs Emirates
Don't believe to all what you read on the Forums. In QR there are thousand of pilots, personally I know at least 10 of them and they are very happy to work there. Someone has family and someone is single. In every Company there are good and bad sides and in QR there are pilots with different background and culture. What is bad/good to you maybe is good/bad to me.... :ok:

mtr 24th Feb 2012 13:20

I totally agree with you!!

king320 25th Feb 2012 06:42

You will be given your visa and ticket about a week before.
Study Ace Technical Pilot for interview exam and you will have no problems.
Good luck.
Sim is on 787 so study the cockpit layout.

maddog37 26th Feb 2012 01:11

Hi valKilmer! King320 gave you the answer... all the trip arrangements will be give you a week-5 days before; and about the interview, make a research on the previous pages, study the ACE and check out www.latestpilotjobs.com. I did my sim on the 320 but, as far as it said, the check would be the same but on the 787.
Good luck!

upwhereIbelong 26th Feb 2012 02:56

Hopefully this will be a week with results_

5 weeks no result :sad:

Can someone enlighten me what can take sooo long?

Sit it out , or call?
Any help appreciated.


RK303 26th Feb 2012 10:55

Hi upwhereIbelong,

One week remaining before I hit the 3 months with no results since the interview:rolleyes: but I applied as SO.
Fortunetly I'm not in a rush. Huge backlog, specially if your logbook is not heavy :E

If your current life busy enough to enjoy, then enjoy:ok: otherwise it can be quite challenging to wait while thinking too much about QR.

At least, lot of very useful info to pick every week end on pprume during this time.:)

upwhereIbelong 26th Feb 2012 11:29

Cheers mate, well yeah I have a Job , but too plan ahead this waiting is bad. Anyways may its different fo or so . I dont know. Patience

StephanK 26th Feb 2012 12:19

787 , what a joy it was !
nowhere near the airbus though ! :D

postern 26th Feb 2012 12:25

....Last Sunday somebody posted they had received good news from a Jan 10 interview. Does anybody know of anyone who has had good news from interviews after Jan 10???? This may give us some idea where they are up to in the processing......

upwhereIbelong 26th Feb 2012 13:45

Well i know about a friend who was mid january there and got good news 1 week ago. F/o

Iver 26th Feb 2012 14:12


Care to share more about your 787 sim experience? Must have been interesting and nervewracking at the same time. How is it "nowhere near the Airbus"? Just curious.

Any idea what proportion of interview sims are done on the 787 vs. the A320? I imagine it is based on availability... Any mention from the instructors on when newhires could be placed into the 787 (fleet allocation)? :cool::D 787 would certainly would be an upgrade over what I am flying...

Photos: Boeing 787-881 Dreamliner Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

StephanK 26th Feb 2012 16:09

No worries.
Been on the Feb, Second Officer interv in Doha.
787 basic flying, briefings, t/o, clean up, chk list, follow heading, altitudes and in a few minuites you are abeam Rwy center line for a radar vector ILS ! :)
You could find it "quite easy" as it flies more or less as a normal a/c and has more or less same indications on instruments, although you have 2x 15" Screens in front of you !
You will be briefed from the ground about the flap speeds and you can take notes. Not as simple as the airbus proceedures (F1 F2 Gear Down F3 F-Full LDG Chk Lst:)) The 787 has 1 5 15 25 whatever it was cant recall now.
At the begging i was a bit confused about the trimming as i am A-320 Type rated. Push down to bring the a/c nose up etc. As the a320 has auto trim. But nothing too serious as you can control your altitude with the controls.
When they turned us on the final heading for ILS interception it was a bit short turn around 9-10 nm for 27R heathrow (as far as my eye caught from the screens) so you had to be a little bit fast and very accurate to capture the localizer, maintain it, then G/S and start your descent with a/c configured !
2 Landings , instuctor gets the controls, puts toga , Pos. Climb -> Gear Up and you have CTRL again ! :)

Iver 26th Feb 2012 18:58

Cheers StephanK! I wish you luck in the process. It is great that you had exposure to such an advanced aircraft (even if only the sim). Look forward to seeing those 787s in Qatar colours starting this summer. :cool::}

jibba_jabba 26th Feb 2012 21:31

For all those who have not heard bad news after a few Weeks, chances are you are in.

Once you get your offer letter and sign and return the contact, then it still may take a couple months at least before you get a start date. BUT, I would strongly suggest that you stay to prepare for the move either once you get an offer letter or for more security (and less time) shewn you get a start date.

Selling things you don't need, getting rid of clothes you never wear, booking storage space, selling car, gaining advice from your tax department, packing up rooms, canceling services (internet (do this last), utilities, etc), insurance (personal, kids, health, licence, house).

There are plenty of moving checklists on the internet, they are a good template to start with.

But definitely start as early as you can. I did all this in a small amount of time and it was a nightmare. That will teach me to be nice to the company I used to work for and work my holidays before I left! And give yourself at least two Weeks off before you start! You well need it to tidy up little things and communicate with QR/HR.

The hardest part for me is working out what to take and getting it to aQR port !
Excess baggage charges will sting you. But in my experience I will nearly be hiring the 50kg mark with two large bags and carry on.

Can anyone who just joined give some advice on what they would suggest to bring to survive the first week in style?


OXOGEKAS340 26th Feb 2012 22:47

Got the email a few days ago, (6 weeks after interview), saying all OK, and wait 6 more weeks for contract and fleet allocation.
Anyone knows......I must inform my present employer 2 months before I am allowed to leave..( 2months prior notice...). Does this time start AFTER signing contract, or should I notice now..?
And something else....i can leave my wife home....but not my beagle dogie.
Are pets allowed ????:)

StephanK 27th Feb 2012 03:07

Thanks a lot Iver

Jibba_Jabba - Contact Bear Grylls ! :ok: :ugh:(not easy changing country for sure !)

KBC 27th Feb 2012 03:13

Applied 16 Jan 2012. 6 weeks and nothing as of yet. Anyone else within the same timeframes??

inner 27th Feb 2012 07:46

@kbc i applied in the beginning of dec as FO. So far nothing heard yet.

OXOGEKAS340 27th Feb 2012 09:08

21-LANCER...it was the 14th of January. Rotana Oryx hotel.

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