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perritopiloto 18th Jul 2012 08:49

Nice to hear that you are better pilot than me (for sure you are) only because you were trained in USA.
To be honest, I've met some spanish who trained in the USA and their english level...... Sure it was 't you
Be happy

archer_737 18th Jul 2012 09:35

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

What about the spanish that made it to EK?

Stop talking rubbish, I'm spanish and passed EK assessment with 5 more spanish. Same week that a UK F/O with his native english failed. Same for a US 747 captain again native english (btw he did it as a DEC in QR)

Flying skills? Send me PM, if you are spanish we can meet here and you can show me your above the standard level (apparently mine flying the 777-200 sim was not that bad) but hey! I trained in Spain so sure I'm wrong!

Wind Shear Ahead 18th Jul 2012 10:35

Seasexsun (I am spanish, btw, but I trained in the USA)

Tu eres gilipo*las y te expresas tan bien en Ingles como para que ahora nadie tenga dudas al respecto.
In English now... You are a dumb a*s and you express yourself so well in english that nobody now has any doubts about it.

And a "little" aside for the "HOW THESE JKK GUYS MADE IT THRU?" people in here

JKKs pilots went thru a regular full assessment in MADRID and DOHA (Tech questions, Interview with 2 Captains plus HR people and regular sim assessment). By the way, tech questions were SOOOOO EASY (Standard QR Questions and not JKK tailored) that some of you guys should really think about bragging about having been tech tested by QR.

Just a couple of guys failed the interview because of their lack of commadn of English (not hundreds as someone pointed out). Will some others have English problems during training?... maybe!. An Interview in English is one thing. Having to survive on a Level 4 in a full English Airline is a different ball game. Most non English native speakers will fully understand what I am saying.

Fail rate during training because of non language issues... consistent with the fail rate in any other group of 150 individuals. So, pls, donīt go about making an issue of something which is purely statistical.

And give the guys a Break... I fully understand how annoyed some of you guys might be as many of you are very eager and even in need to join QR. After months of waiting (lengthy process) it seems very unfair to be put in the "Pool of Talent" to give way to JKK but just keep in mind who runs the show. We all deserve respect so, pls, think before typing.

Regards and may all your wishes come true

JKK myself? yes... but not in QR.

Redline 18th Jul 2012 11:51

We're in for a wait...
Well.. I managed to speak to HR.. I've never had a particular problem getting through.. and they are always polite..

Today saw a noticeable shift in demeanor.. I was told that for the A320 the wait would be 'quite some time'.. when I gently pressed for that to be quantified.. it was 'I'm terribly sorry.. it will be quite some time.. and we hope for news from operations in the next week or so'...

Previously.. the responses had been somewhat more upbeat..

Sooo.. for me.. I'm going to get on with my life (I'm working).. and stop staring at my email account like a doe eyed puppy waiting for it's master to return..

It wasn't what I wanted to hear.. and I'm sure it's not what you wanted to hear..

upwhereIbelong 18th Jul 2012 16:14

its just really annoying ,ifyou have to wait for bunch of guys and then aft training they fail:
I mean didnt they fly the Bus ?
Is it so much different down at Qatar ?
not judging just a opinion :*
my 50 cents ...


Iver 18th Jul 2012 23:52

What do you expect when QR's HR function has been outsourced to Somalia?

Who knows, maybe the delay is due to the opening of 787 FO slots? Of course we have heard otherwise, but things seem to change quickly at QR... You never know...:}

ironbutt57 19th Jul 2012 09:40

@ wind shear ahead....

'What did he say?' Brazilian pilots need crash course in English | SBS World News


Royal Enfield 19th Jul 2012 10:18

Does anybody know the direct email of the HR personnel in QR,.

PepeCRK 20th Jul 2012 10:23

I,m sure you are very proffesional
First thing I,d like to know is your age, the second thing is your total flight hours, and finally the company in wich you are flying now.
I can see that this post was written by a stupid teen-aged "pilot".
Perhaps if you had a normal averaged common sense you would not have written so many stupid things.
Make a phone call to your biological father and try to have an appointment with the nearest child psychologist in your neigbourhood or company.
If you don,t understand my written english I can tell it to you via phone call.


Iver 20th Jul 2012 12:13

Informative post AV8whore! Similar to what we have read on many QR roster posts. Expect to work hard when you come to QR. :eek::}

THRidle 20th Jul 2012 14:09

Hey pepeCRK, back off a bit mate. By all means address the points the guy made, but there is no need for a personal attack:=

And if you're wondering, this post was posted by a guy whose been flying far too long with a sh!t load of widebody command hours.

Airmann 20th Jul 2012 14:39

@THRidle, i dont think pepeCRKs remarks were at AV8whore. I think they were at the poster who was bashing his countrymen.

@pepeCRK, please mention who your comments were addressed to, otherwise its assumed that they are addressed to the post directly before yours.

Global01 20th Jul 2012 21:19

I flew with lot of spanish guys plus i have a house in south of spain.. They are ok, some of them very professional, but i say that they are very lazy and they don't want to make any effort with their language or ..... it's just theirs nature..

I had to fly with some examiners many time that even slept before t/o ... and never could understand the language ... No effort, lot of mistake even from senior capts....

I was upset previously because of the delay they have made, i don't judge theirs skills but the language YES !!

Easy guys, any one can give his opinion, that's why it's called a forum...


archer_737 20th Jul 2012 22:28

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Last time you were saying you met "a lot of pilots" while in their jumpseat as a extracrew. Now you "have flown" with A LOT of them.

That's my favorite: "plus I have a house in the south of Spain". Then you'll be a good spanish speaker right? Come on, answer me in spanish, or are you as lazy as ALL the spanish pilots?

Global01 20th Jul 2012 22:49

''Last time you were saying you met "a lot of pilots" while in their jumpseat as a extracrew''

heheheh when ? were you drunk ?

shut you stupid, i saw your stupid posts in every forum...

yes i have a house in alicancte and for the same reason as all the expats there.

No i don't speak spanish, but my girls in spain does ;)

shut up next time .... enough of ur shit

archer_737 20th Jul 2012 23:19

Originally Posted by Global01 (Post 7306758)
''Last time you were saying you met "a lot of pilots" while in their jumpseat as a extracrew''

heheheh when ? were you drunk ?

shut you stupid, i saw your stupid posts in every forum...

yes i have a house in alicancte and for the same reason as all the expats there.

No i don't speak spanish, but my girls in spain does ;)

shut up next time .... enough of ur shit


My god... Sure there was psychometrical testing in QR?

Global01 20th Jul 2012 23:27

cant you shut up, you just know how to say psychometric, is it the only word you can pronounce ?

Enough is enough............ you getting every one nervous even the honest spanish lads in here ....

Mr. R 21st Jul 2012 00:02

Hey guys just a question here is it possible for a pilot with 1500 to 2000 hours on A320 to join as wide body or does he have to do another 3 years to be even considered for line training on desired fleet? (assuming he has been given a join date by QR)

salamalikum2 21st Jul 2012 02:49

Mr R,
Everything is possible here since even second officers join the 330 fleet straight!
But it's not in your hand, they will decide for you.

Check Airman 21st Jul 2012 07:37

also, the 42 days annual leave they offer in the contract are used to fulfill the companies "suggested" 24 days off in any 3 month period, so your contractually-agreed annual leave days off are going to be much less than 42! example; I took 2 weeks of leave, and got 3 days off the rest of that month, 7 the next, and 6 the next. That's 16 days off in 3 months!

also, your seniority for monthly bidding and vacation bidding ie your "fleet seniority" is based on your check out on that equipment, not your company seniority. so after putting in 5 years as FO with the company, and getting command, you go to the bottom of the bidding list for your fleet, giving way to DEC who joined the company on your fleet, 3 months ago!
I'm having a hard time making sense of your vacation example. You took 2 weeks vacation in month 1. Shouldn't that go on top of you normally scheduled days off for that month? Also, you describe 7 and 6 days off for months 2 and 3. Don't you have a minimum number of days off per month?

The seniority example you gave seems absurd. How can a new hire be senior to somebody who's been there for years? What then, does company seniority count for? I've never heard of a system where you lose seniority when you change equipment.

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