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777-Aviator 15th Feb 2012 23:16



Last 7 years wide-body international pilot. non Boeing or Airbus.
Very interesting!! What type of aircraft you used to fly mate?


Iver 15th Feb 2012 23:45

Space Shuttle!!!!! :ok::}

LeNautilus 16th Feb 2012 10:03

Visa for spouse
Hi there,

I am joining soon and my wife is not eligible for a Tourist Visa on Arrival in Doha Airport.
The joining pack says I must obtain a Resident Permit and then apply for a Family Entry Visa for Residency which should take 5-6 weeks I guess.
Does that mean my wife won't be able to travel to Qatar at the same time as me? Or is it possible for her to get a tourist visa before flying to Doha and then we would later apply for this Family Visa?
It is a bit confusing.

Sorry if this question has already been answered but this thread has so many pages that it is difficult to find information.

Thanks in advance.

eirewings 16th Feb 2012 10:26

would worry about it barry,smuggle her in,in the boot of the z4

Black Pudding 16th Feb 2012 10:45


From what you have posted, I am guessing she would not be allowed in until you have your RP and your Family Entry Visa.

I suggest you call your joining coordinator and ask.

My wife entered on a tourist visa and then had to stay in the country until she got her RP which took about a month to get.

Is the a Qatar Embassy in the country you are coming from ? can you not get in touch with them and ask.

gjln 16th Feb 2012 10:47

Hi everyone,
Just received the contract (FO 320)
7 weeks

mtr 16th Feb 2012 10:53

Just one question my friends!
Received and signed official job offer two weeks ago. Since then no news. Does anyone know who long it takes them to send you joining date?? I need to send my resignation to my present employer since I have 4 months notice!Your help is very much appreciated!!!!!

pilotcpb 16th Feb 2012 11:00

it took me about 3 weeks to get a joining date.

as for the resignation, i didn't send mine in until about 2 weeks before my join date and explained to them in an email it would take a bit to receive it. basically i didn't want to get fired from my job months in advance and be homeless :}

mtr 16th Feb 2012 11:27

This is my thought also but in no case I want to leave my present employer without tthe agreed notice period. They have treated me very well all these years! Also, if I don't give the notice period I don;t think they will give the release letter:ugh:!! Complicated situation!! Any suggestions?

Iver 16th Feb 2012 14:26


Great job! Certainly will enjoy more warmth in the Gulf vs. chilly Brighton! :cool::ok:

gdukkoq 16th Feb 2012 14:50

Got my date of joining, so basically 8 months from interview to DOJ. FTSO.

pilotillo 16th Feb 2012 16:40

Congratulations gdukkoq!!!

Check PM.

upwhereIbelong 16th Feb 2012 16:52

sooooooo ...am i right negative stuff goes faster then positive ?

anyone experiences with spam filter `?


TALAL-KUW 16th Feb 2012 17:16

Ace technical pilot interview
Anyone have any idea whether the Medical is done upon arrival, or once current JAA Medical 1 expires?

Regard the test any one have any idea if there is multiple question for Ace technical pilot interview
Lastly wish the best for allllllllll

captain.weird 16th Feb 2012 17:39

gdukkoq, when will you join?

gdukkoq 16th Feb 2012 18:44

in May, Inch'Allah !!!

TALAL-KUW 16th Feb 2012 18:48

Was the "ace the technical pilot interview" book was useful

upwhereIbelong 16th Feb 2012 19:28

its InshaŽAllah .....:ok:

come on HR sent me my email !!!
The good one of course .plz!

Airb 16th Feb 2012 21:12

Same question
I have the same question. Was the Ace pilot interview usefull?

potatowings 16th Feb 2012 21:27

On that note, anyone using the latestpilotjobs study gouge? If so how useful was it?

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